6 Yoga Poses to De-Stress

November 18, 2015 — by Griffin Thall



6 Yoga Poses to De-Stress

November 18, 2015 — by Griffin Thall

The holiday season is coming up and during this time, it can get pretty hectic with balancing work, exams, school, family, friends and also finding time for yourself. Here are 6 yoga poses you can practice whenever you can spare a few minutes that will automatically lower your stress levels:

1) Child’s Pose


The calming child’s pose is a resting posture that can help quiet the mind, easing stress and anxiety while gently stretching the back.

2) Seated Forward Bend


This pose provides a complete stretch of the entire backside of the body from the back of the head through the heels. Slowly breathe into the pose and lower towards your knees. If your nose can touch your legs great! If not, even better!

3) Eagle Pose


The active and empowering eagle pose can help ward off stress by improving concentration and balance and also by opening up the shoulders, upper back and hips.

4) Corpse Pose


Most yoga practices end with several minutes spent in savasana, and it can easily be the most calming part of the whole thing. The pose puts the body completely at ease and emphasizes total relaxation. Savasana can trigger the body’s “relaxation response,” a state of deep rest that slows the breathing and lowers the blood pressure while quieting the nervous system.

5) Cat Pose


The cat pose soothes and stretches the lower back, relieving stress while gently massaging the spine. Try arching and rounding the back 10 times in a row while focusing on deep inhaling and exhaling.

6) Downward Dog


This popular pose is common for a reason: it stretches your entire body from your neck to your toes. Also, being inverted has great benefits. Any pose where the heart is above the head is a good one for the circulatory system because it encourages blood flow throughout the body. An active circulatory system helps flush toxins from our body, keep our immune system in tip-top shape, and helps regulate blood pressure.

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