Be a Cactus: Halloween Costume DIY

October 1, 2016 — by Griffin Thall



Be a Cactus: Halloween Costume DIY

October 1, 2016 — by Griffin Thall

Be a cactus this Halloween! This week on the blog we will be giving you a few different costume ideas for halloween this year! Keep your eye out this week for the other fun costumes we have coming your way. Have you seen a cactus costume yet? You might very well be the first one around your town if you chose to do this easy DIY. Click on to see how it is done.

img_5155What you will need:
-Green shirt, sweater, or tee shirt.
-White Yarn
-Fake flowers (red, yellow or pink)
-Tacky glue
-Hot glue gun
-Hair clips

Step 1) Cut several yarn pieces about 3-4 inch long

img_5028Step 2) Take four of your yarn pieces. Use one to tie three others together

img_5045Step 3) After making several yarn pieces, these will be used for the “spikes” of your cactus costume. Place where you want them to be on your green shirt.

img_5056Step 4) Place a few flowers on your cactus costume to add to the aesthetics.

img_5061Step 5) Glue everything down with a hot glue gun or tacky glue. Flowers and yarn pieces.

img_5065Step 6) To add to the costume, you can make yourself a flower piece to go in your hair. All you need in clips, and your fake flowers

img_5070Step 7) Hot glue your flower to the hair clip

img_5077Step 8) Don’t forget to accessorize with any of our new cactus charms!!


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