Here’s to summer!

May 31, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Surf’s up! Summer is finally here and we are SO excited! Time to book those trips and explore new places. Where is your dream destination? Currently dreaming of the Hawaiian coast. Pack a bag, grab your friends and get going! SO many places to see, and much to experience. Take Pura Vida Bracelets everywhere! Don’t forget to share your adventures and tag us: #puravidabracelets #livefree

Aloha, ocean!

Most importantly, stay hydrated!

Can you do anything but cheese in the summer sun?

Palm tree paradise!! All the heart eyes for these guys.

Can’t travel without your favorite outfits. Essential, amiright?

Lastly, bracelet game on point!! #armcandy is most important. What is your summer stack?

Never quit being curious. Always explore and learn new things!


Wave Cuff

March 16, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Introducing our newest arm candy! We are so excited to finally get these wave cuffs available to you. With summer just around the corner, we know you are sure to make this a go-to accessory! Find it in silver or gold. With it’s adjustable fit, lightweight and daintiness you can wear it with anything and everything. And trust us– we have been! Both colors are available on the website:

Which one will you choose?

Simplicity is never a bad idea– less is more!

OR, stack them with your other island charms!

How cute are all these charms looking combined with the gold wave cuff?

You can even wear them together!

Order one today. Happy shopping!


Rings on Rings on Rings

August 23, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


I’m sure by now you have had to hear about all the brand new rings.  If there is one thing we can’t get enough of, this is it! You have so many to pick from, there is bound to be one that is just your style. Choose one, choose all! From the brand new rose gold wave, to the delicate touches of turquoise and geometric patterns. You can even buy them together with your bestie to match! Which ones will you be rocking this up coming school year? We can’t wait to see how you style yours! Take a look at some of our stacks:

Sweet summer moments accompanied by only the cutest rings.

Style guide and a bit out outfit inspo:

Simplify it by just adding a few here and there. Keep in mind that sometimes, minimal is better!

Don’t forget to pair them with your favorite PV bracelet arm candy as well!

Mix and match!

SO may ways to pair these rings. The options are endless. Have fun, be creative and more importantly always be you.

So have we made you obsessed yet?!

Find all of these on the website and more:


Summer Clutches

July 27, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


So, I’m sure you’ve heard all the rave about our NEW Summer Clutches. These are one of my all time favorite Pura Vida products. Not only do they style well with all my summer PV bracelet stacks, they go with everything! I have been on the search all summer long trying to find the perfect bag to easily carry around with me… and BOOM Pura Vida Bracelets obviously answered my prayers! With the perfect size and shape, I can fit everything important in there plus more! If you haven’t gotten yours yet… what are you waiting for? After this blog, Im sure youll be making your way over to the site to grab a few of your own. 😉

Featuring two out of a few of my favorite summer clutches. One being: Havana Clutch!

And the next being: Aloha Beaches Clutch!

Aloha Beaches Clutch! Find it on the website.

Havana Clutch! Find it on the website.


Paradise Beach Tote

July 11, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Who else is flipping over the new beach tote?! I have been searching for the perfect beach bag to throw all my things in when I’m on the go. Let me tell ya, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The beautiful shade of coral, accompanied with navy really made for such a cute beachy look. This has totally become my new go-to bag!

Take a closer look below!

I mean c’mon, There’s no denying how adorable this is. The fringe that flows down along the front of the bag is my absolute favorite part!

What do you like to bring along with you on your island adventuring?

It’s also plenty spacious enough for even the bulkier items you may have.

Make sure to pair it with your favorite Pura Vida bracelets as well!

Have you shopped yours yet? Find it on the website NOW! Your new perfect Paradise Beach Tote is waiting for you!


What’s in my beach bag?

May 23, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


If you are anything like me, you are a total beach bum. I get out in the sun to play in the waves as many chances as I can get! I mean, who wouldn’t in a little beach town? It’s only my most favorite thing to do–duh! Being prepared to spend the day near the shore is important though. And has a mermaid myself, (wink wink) I thought I would show you what I bring along with me! Let’s get started.

First off, having a happy tummy is always important! I make sure to bring along my all time favorite snack. I like to fuel up with smoothie bowls. They are a fresh, light snack perfect for a hot summers day. Now, I walk to the beach so it’s easy for me to grab and go. However, feel free to pour a smoothie in a to-go thermos and bring it along!

Besides bringing along my favorite wrist stack, here are the essentials to a successful beach day!

-My Shibori round towel (Shop it on the website)

-I keep all my little items such as: my favorite pair of sun glasses, tanning lotion to keep my skin hydrated, chap stick and beach accessories in my Ocean Child Clutch! (Coming to the website SOON!)

I always infuse my water with a few frozen berries! This is a must on a hot beach day.

Who else is exited for all the new summer clutches? How cute is my Ocean Child Clutch??


New Round Beach Towel

May 22, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Have you heard?? Your new favorite beach accessory is here! We are ooh’ing and ah’ing over these things! Get ready to up your beach game. I don’t go anywhere without my towel. It’s always the first thing packed in my beach bag. And this is only one style! Pick from all three! Get the perfect one that goes with your personality.

Here I have my total beach babe Shibori Round Beach Towel.

Pick between these two other styles as well:

Beach Mandala Round Towel

Geometric Round Towel

Which one will you choose!?


The Perfect Beach Stacks

May 2, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Ah, summer is back and live in action! We can’t wait to hit the beaches and bask in the summer sun! Who else is ready for school to be officially over? Relaxing in the sand is something I never get tired of. I am always, always wearing a beachy wrist and I am here today to share a few of my FAVORITE stacks and bracelets. Follow along as I guide you with the perfect beach wrists.

Firstly, what better bracelet to wear than the wave? This one is my all time favorite especially for this time of year. Wear it alone, together or stack with others.

Here are a few other bracelets and charms that I LOVE pairing with the wave bracelets.

Moving right along, the mini anchors are always a classic pick! Nothing says “beach babe” more than this super cute charm! My favorite color it comes in is the seafoam green.

Okay, so maybe I wear too much blue? But who doesn’t in the summer months? Here, I’m wearing my favorite original bracelet.

Last but not least! You guys always ask what my favorite bracelets are. Well here you have it! The Gold Hammered Flat Bar Cream + the Seed Bead Blush.

Find them in the Coco Ho Pack!


Mood Boards

January 21, 2017 — by Courtney Steeves


Needing a little inspiration? Get creative with a mood board! Not only will it brighten up your space, but mood boards feed your creative vibes and keep you happily daydreaming.

What You’ll Need:
1) A magazine or any images that you love
2) Scissors
3) Paint
4) Paint brush
5) Tape
6) Anything else that inspires you

img_4457Step 1: Find a magazine you loveimg_4501Step 2: Cut the magazine upimg_4454


img_4462Step 3: Add textureimg_4464

img_4471Step 4: Start creatingimg_4473

img_4487Step 5: Enjoy!img_4477What would your mood board look like!?


2017 Happy Jar

January 6, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


New year, new memories! We wanted to get 2017 started the right way. Today, we made a “Happy Jar.” The purpose of this jar is to basically document the positives in your year by writing something good that happened at the end of each day. It could be anything. We want to dedicate this year to positivity and happiness! You will write your happy moment on a little piece of paper and place it in the jar.


-recycled jar

-paper, scissors, glue

-metallic pen

-ribbon and jute, metallic string confetti

Let’s get started!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWe stuffed the metallic string confetti in the bottom for an extra little layer for looks.Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetFor this next step you can get totally creative. We glued the ribbon around the rim of the jar. With the same ribbon you can make a bow to put on the front. We then added a layer of the jute and made a tassel for an extra little detail. Feel free to do whatevaaa ya like!Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetNow, cut some pieces of paper to have on hand as the days go by to write your happy moments on!Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetWrite down your positive moment, and get ready to fold it up and put it in the jar!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetPositive vibes only in 2017!img_3074


Stacking Guide

November 29, 2016 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Having trouble matching the season with your Pura Vida Bracelets? Sometimes it can seem tricky to match your PV arm candy away from the beachy air. Do not be fooled. Although your bracelets totally rep the summer vibes, you can find all sorts of ways to wear them even in the chiller days ahead. We have put a few stacks together to help guide and inspire you in styling your Fall stacks.Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWarm reds and burgundies are the perfect color to rock this time of year.Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetHere’s a closer look at the pretty bracelets we selected to stack all together.img_1803A few highlights from this stack:

The Solid Coral bracelet

solid-solid-coral-1The Seed Bead Daydreamer braceletseedbeaddaydreamerWe have put together one of our favorite stacks that pairs too well with this go-to Fall day look.Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWe have mixed a few Seed Bead bracelets in with a flat braided bracelet, along with some platinum beaded bracelets. Not to mention the cute charms thrown in to complete the look.Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThis dainty Seed Bead bracelet can be paired with almost any color scheme thanks to it’s neutral color.

Lastly, we have a vibrant, yet cooler toned stack. Wear this combination out any time, any place. Perfect for the sunny day out on the town.Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetSolid Pacific Blue is so dreamy! We love how the color pops in this stack. Pair any charms of your choice. We selected the cactus and arrowheads! What are your favorite stacks? Snap a pic and tag us on instagram!solid-solid-pacific-blue-1




Good Morning Yoga!

November 4, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Good Morning Yoga! Yoga has so many health benefits!  We believe it’s super important to start your morning off right. So today we wanted to show you some of the best Yoga stretches to start your day off feeling inspired, refreshed, rejuvenated,  and ready to take on your day. These moves will help wake you up, get your blood flowing, and help your stay mind alert. As the remainder of 2016 winds down, taking these practices into the new year can help us create healthy new habits.

img_0900Childs Pose — regular or wide legged. Start with widening your knees and lowering your bottom down between or resting on your feet.  Extend your torso and your arms forward, and rest your forehead on the bed. Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds and breathe.

*This pose can relieve lower back and neck pain. It gently stretches your hips and thighs, ankles, all while normalizing circulation throughout your body.

img_0902Cat Pose — Put your hands and knees on the bed, and make your wrists in-line with your shoulders, and your knees under your hips. Take a deep inhale, and as you exhale, slowly round your back, allow your chin to drop to your chest. This warms up your spine and neck. When you exhale, face your head to the ceiling, rounding your back. Repeat.

img_0904Happy Baby Pose — Start by lying on your back, bring your knees into your chest, and grab the edges of your feet making sure your ankles stretch over your knees. Breath and hold for one minute.

*This pose opens up your hips, inner thighs, and groin. Stretches your hamstrings, all while releasing lower back tension.

img_0911Fish pose — To start this pose, begin by lying on your back with your legs together and your arms close to your side. Bend your elbows in and lift your palms to the ceiling. Keep a consistent breathe, exhale, push into your elbows, and bend your head back down to the bed. Keep your legs active and squeeze your shoulder blades as you continue to breath, Hold for 30 seconds.

*This pose stretches the front of your body, parts such as abdominal, throat, chest, upper back muscles, neck and also improves spine flexibility and posture.

img_0918Spine twist — Lie on your back, and bring your left knee into your chest and gently lower it over the left side of your body. Gaze to the opposite side. Hold 5-10 deep breathes.

*Benefits of this pose include: Stretches back muscles and glutes. Massages back and hip muscles, lengthens, relaxes, and realigns the spine.

img_0912Repeat on the other side now using your right knee, and gazing to your left side.

img_0915Seated forward fold — From a seated position, extend your legs forward in front of you and flex your feet toward the ceiling. Lift your arms up and reach for your feet or ankles. Whatever gives you the best stretch. Breath and bend forward as much as you can, keeping a flat back and relaxed shoulders. Hold 30- 60 seconds.

*Benefits: Stretches hips, hamstrings and calves.  Relieves tension. Calms the mind and soothes your nerves.

img_0907Thanks for checking out this post! Be sure to practice these every day to maintain healthy muscles and relieve tension!