PV Takes Punta de Mita!

January 29, 2020 — by Samantha Paul


To celebrate Pura Vida’s 2020 Spring Collection Launch, our fave PV Babes packed up and headed to Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico for the first #PuraVidaGoesGlobal trip of 2020! Set sail with the PV Crew, explore the streets of Sayulita, and start planning your own trip to Punta de Mita!


On Day One of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, the girls settled in to Casa Escondida and got an exclusive look at the 2020 Spring Collection! Check out the photos below for a sneak peek!


On Day Two of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, we explored the local scenery of Punta de Mita to find the perfect place to shoot our newest collection! We stumbled across a dreamy meadow – a perfect setting for Spring! Check out some of our favorite pics below!


On Day Three of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, the PV Babes set sail for an epic day on the Pacific! We snorkeled and swam, and even spotted a pod of humpback whales migrating – thanks to resident marine life expert @alettrich! If you’re heading to Punta de Mita – setting sail with a group of friends is a MUST!


On Day Four of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, the PV Babes spent the day on the beach! From surfing & swimming to tanning & chillin’ on the beach – it was a perfect taste of spring!


On the final day of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, we headed to the colorful town of Sayulita! We spent the afternoon browsing markets full of handmade blankets, one-of-a-kind dreamcatchers, and the rainbow colored pom-poms that Sayulita is known for. It was the perfect way to end our first #PuraVidaGoesGlobal trip of the year!

Where should #PuraVidaGoesGlobal go next?! Tell us in the comments below!

Models: @stacieelmer, @dreaming_outloud, @chelseybishoff, @carolinareyes_, @alettrich

Photos: @slimshayedy


PV Takes Banff!

December 2, 2019 — by Samantha Paul


This November, our fave Pura Vida babes headed up to Canada for another epic #PVGoesGlobal trip! Explore the streets of Canmore, check out Banff’s beautiful natural landscapes, and start planning your own trip to Canada!


We kicked off our #PVTakesBanff trip with a visit to Lake Minnewanka! It was a genuine winter wonderland – we felt like we had been transported to the inside of a snow globe! Check out some of the pics from day one!


We started our second day in Canada grabbing hot coffee in Canmore! The town had the cutest souvenir shops, an authentic candy store, handmade gifts and MORE! Set amongst the most beautiful mountains we had ever seen – Canmore is a must see on your next trip to Banff!


On day three of #PVTakesBanff we snuggled up for some cozy cabin time! We baked holiday cookies, hung decorations, & had a festive movie night! We even had a popcorn fight! Check out some of the pics below!


We headed to Downtown Banff on our fourth day in Canada! Downtown Banff had the cutest shops and a ton of yummy food! We got to try poutine – a classic Canadian dish with french fries, cheese curds, & gravy! We also tried beaver tails – a Canadian pastry with delicious sweet toppings!


On day five, we drove out to Lake Louise! We weren’t sure what to expect, but as soon as we arrived we realized that the lake was FROZEN! People were standing ankle deep in snow on the frozen lake – it was like a scene out of a movie! Check out our fave pics from the day below!

Where should #PVGoesGlobal go next?! Tell us in the comments below!

Models:@stacieelmer @courtneysteeves @steffieeffie @dreaming_outloud @kaitlinmarianelli

Photos: @jeffisy


PV Takes Barcelona!

April 1, 2019 — by Chelsey Bishoff


As we keep taking on the world one city at a time, we want to continue to bring you along with us! On this trip to Spain we were able to explore the beautiful streets of Barcelona and eat all the yummy tapas! Here’s a few highlights from yet another epic trip of #PVgoesGlobal. Where should we go next?

We shared countless meals and lots of juice during our stay. Did you know that Spain is known for their freshly squeezed OJ? So naturally we had a glass for every… single… meal. And let me tell ya, it lived up to all the big talk!

Arc de Triomf was for sure a landmark we had to see with our own eyes! From the breathtaking architecture, to the street art there was so much to see!

We took strolls down by the coast of Barcelona too. We even were able to take a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea with a few friends. It was magical!

More coffee please! Due to some obvious jet lag, we made sure to keep the caffeine pumpin’.

How amazing is the Cathedral of Barcelona?! The closer we got to it, the more breathtaking it was! Musicians were playing outside of it creating the most beautiful sounds. It was definitely a surreal moment for all of us. We all just kinda starred in amazement.

It’s always dancing time in Barcelona! We went out to snap a few photos before heading to dinner one evening. Running through the streets of Barca was exhilarating to say the absolute least.

This place is called Bunkers. It over looks the whole city! People go up here at sunset to watch the pretty colors that are painted in the sky as the day comes to an end. It’s tradition to bring a nice picnic along to enjoy– so we did just that!

Goodnight, Barcelona! Thank you for all the amazing sight seeing and new memories.

Photos: @Jeffisy / Models: @Stacieelmer, @Chelseybishoff, @The_wandering_raven

Giving BackTravel

Meet our (Original!) Artisans: Jorge & Joaquín

February 1, 2019 — by Kristy Ryan


In the summer of 2010, a college graduation trip to Costa Rica turned into a life-changing business venture for two Southern California friends, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman.

While traveling through Costa Rica, Griffin and Paul crossed paths with two bracelet artisans named Jorge and Joaquín. The colorful handmade bracelets they were selling seemed to capture the essence of their journey. No one would have expected for this casual encounter to grow into the successful partnership that it is today, and we’re so proud to say that Jorge and Joaquín are still an integral part of our growth!

Pura Vida’s original artisans, Jorge and Joaquín, on the beach in Costa Rica where they first met Paul and Griffin, selling bracelets on their original table, 8 years later!

We could talk all day about how amazing our partnership has been with these two, but we thought it would be more fun to hear the story directly from Jorge and Joaquín, while also getting to know our friends that truly started it all!

Meet Jorge!

Where were you born and raised?
Born in San Jose Costa Rica. And raised in San José and Heredia.

How long have you and Joaquín known each other?
About 15 years.

Before Pura Vida Bracelets, what did you do for a living?
Travel through Central America selling crafts…

Where did you meet Paul and Griffin?
In Playa Dominical, in Costa Rica…we were selling on the beach when they embarked with a classic bracelet in his hand and asked to us 300 of them but in many colors.

How exactly are the bracelets made?
100% with your hands. A knot for here, a knot for there. You use the chain to make, but the limit is the imagination. You can make an infinite number of designs….

How long have you been making the bracelets?
Actually 15 years….

Where did you learn to make them?
Joaquin teach me, hahahaha. Joaquín and other friends teach me. But above all Joaquín.

Favorite bracelet?
Undoubtedly, the black anchor with gray thread….

How has working with Pura Vida impacted your life?
Certainly, changed all my life and all the life that surrounds me, family and friends, everything is completely different. Pura Vida helps many people and it is good to know. And it feels so good to be totally involved in that support.

What is your favorite part about working with Pura Vida?
Freedom. Working with Pura Vida is different, it’s like the phrase, It’s Pure Life. Sometimes work is hard, but you can feeling good.

What does “Pura Vida” mean to you?
Basically everything. It’s not just a job, It’s something that involves everything, not just your family and friends, also all your time, your spaces and even thoughts in day to day.

Favorite vacation spot? Or the best place to visit off the beaten track?
I like Montezuma beach…but the best place will always be Cahuita in Limón.


Meet Joaquín!

Where were you born and raised? What was that like?
I was born in Heredia, Costa Rica which is a lay back place with fresh climate. I was always surrounded by family, friends, music and skateboards.

How long have you two known each other?
We’ve known each other for 15 years, we used to get together and talk about books, music and crafting.

Before Pura Vida Bracelets, what did you do for a living? 
I used to travel all over Central America with Jorge and other friends selling handicrafts.

Where did you meet Paul and Griffin?
I met them in Playa Dominical (Dominical beach), we used to visit this place and sell handicrafts, they came up to us with an idea and a proposal and we accepted the challenge.

How exactly are the bracelets made? 
The bracelets are made with raw material on hand, string, scissors, fire and with creativity.

How long have you been making them? 
Hmmm… lots of time.

Where did you learn to make them? 
I used to hang out with friends that are artisans outside the National University and they transmitted the knowledge of crafting. With what I learned I created my own style.

Favorite bracelet?
My favorite style will always be the classic bracelet, since it was the beginning of all.

How has working for Pura Vida impacted your life? 
The jump has been huge, a lot of responsibilities but most of all the pride of knowing that many people are benefit by this family, friends and artisans.

What’s your favorite part about working with Pura Vida?
Pura Vida is a company run by two incredible people. It is a pleasure to be able to work with them.

What does “Pura Vida” mean to you? 
Pura Vida is a source of opportunities, it is the smile and pleasure of seeing the artisan take home the results of their effort and the pleasure of knowing that the bracelet makes the bearer smile.

Favorite vacation spot?
My favorite place is Monteverde, I like places with biodiversity with fresh weather, rain and wild animals.



COmment your favorite bracelet style below, and Check back next week to get to know some of our artisans in Costa Rica!


New York City

October 6, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff


#PVtakesNYC! We were so excited to get the gang together in New York City this Fall season. There are too many things to see and do. The more we explored, the more we fell in love with this iconic city. You know what they say, “A city so nice, they named it twice!” Have you ever been to New York City? Follow along as we make our way around the Manhattan and Brooklyn and check out all the places we went to!

NOTHING beats a good city view! I mean look at those sparkling lights. Are we dreaming?!

We are living for all the rooftop hangs. Check out this view from the top of the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn! Are you joking? All the heart eyes for this city.

Not to mention all the yummy coffee. Because caffiene breaks are essential, am I right?

What’s your go to drink?

Hanging out down under in the Oculus! This is part of One World Trade Center.

Did you even go to NYC if you didn’t walk across the Brooklyn Bridge?! One of our favorite landmarks we visited!

Any FRIENDS fans out there?! We took a stop to check out the apartment featured in the show. It doesn’t get more iconic than this! Everyone say cheeeese!

DUMBO! The classic Brooklyn shot featuring the Manhattan Bridge in the background.

Models: Chelsey Bishoff, Hailey Miller, Stacie Elmer

Photos: Bryce Miller, Jeff Isy, Chelsey Bishoff


Rocky Mountain

November 14, 2016 — by Courtney Steeves


Last weekend we explored Rocky Mountain National Park. IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. Sun was shining at the base of the mountains, snow was flying at the top. We experienced two of our favorite seasons in one day. Unforgetable! We styled our Pura Vida Bracelets to match the golden fields that surrounded the mountains.  Check out our little adventure below.

img_9551Model @courtneysteeves
Photographer @carolinefriedman_
What is your favorite Pura Vida Bracelet to adventure in?!


How to pack the perfect “Carry on” bag

October 16, 2016 — by Rachelle Minyard


Hey PV fans! Today on the blog we bring you some travel tips on how to pack the best “carry on” bag! If you have any fall/holiday travel plans, be sure to save this blog and read it again when you are getting ready to pack. All of these things are great to have on your next plane ride. All of them can fit perfectly in a tote bag or backpack. Safe Travels!

img_7358Be sure you pack a light jacket for travel. It can get chilly on plane rides so having one packed with you on a carry on is a smart move.

img_7363Reading material and a journal is a must! By packing these items it can help time pass by. Reading is great to keep our brains sharp. And doing it for something other than school/ work can be a great practice. Having a journal you can write down any thoughts that may come to mind, you can practice some drawing, or even document your travels.

img_7367Reading glasses (if you use them), hand sanitizer, and chapstick. Some great essentials to have.

img_7371DO NOT forget a water bottle! This helps you stay hydrated during flights that can be very dry and leave you feeling dehydrated. Just make sure it is empty when going through security, and you can fill it up past security. A lot of airport have filtered water stations where you can fill up.

img_7372Headphones and writing material. Our new Wanderer Pouch makes a perfect holder for any of your carry on supplies. Don’t forget headphones!  Listing to music, or using them to watch a movie is a huge help to pass time on long flights.

img_7377Don’t forget snacks and gum! Usually flights provide you with a small snack of either peanuts or pretzels. Some flights don’t offer any food, and some you will need to pay for a good snack. Pack your own to eat whenever you please throughout your flight, and without paying a high price. Gum is also very helpful to have to help with altitude changes and prevents your ear from being plugging during take off.

img_7381Laptop, laptop charger, iPhone changer, Polaroid camera, small wallet to fit ID and cards, and your phone. Some very important items your don’t want to forget. Now that you have these tips, go pack your best carry on bag!




Exploring the City

September 20, 2016 — by Chelsey Bishoff


One of our bloggers, @chelseybishoff explored New York City this past week, as some of you may know from following along on our insta-story! What better way to take on the city than in your favorite accessories? She brought along a few friends to show off their Pura Vida Bracelets in Manhattan. Take a look at a few shots they captured before hitting the busy streets!






What’s up, New York?


Until next time, sweet city! Thanks for the awesome views.

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Models: @chelseybishoff & @marlee_marissa

Photographer: @wolfuntamed



DIY DORM DECOR PART 3 – Embroidered Map

August 19, 2016 — by Courtney Steeves


DIY dorm decor idea number three! This idea is a great way to reminisce on all of your summer adventures as you start the school year. Check out our embroidered map below. We chose to embroider all of the states we have ever visited. This map will serve as a constant reminder of the places you have been and the places you will go!


What you’ll need:

1) Needle

2) Thread

3) Scissors

4) Pen (we used an embroidery transfer pen)

5) Fabric

6) Embroidery hoop

Get Started:

Step 1: Cut fabric into a square large enough to fit in the embroidery hoop

IMG_6359Step 2: Measure the size of embroidery hoop to determine the best size for the map you will trace

IMG_6368Step 3: Trace map of the United States


IMG_6413Step 4: Place map into embroidery hoop


IMG_6428Step 5: Tighten embroidery hoop to secure map

IMG_6431Step 6: Embroider the states you have adventured!





IMG_6342(the backside does not have to look pretty)





IMG_6468What states would you embroider?


Lake Daze

July 31, 2016 — by Chelsey Bishoff


There’s no better summer adventure like camping out on your favorite lake! The fun never stops here. From hiking, to building fires and eating s’mores, to paddle boarding! We could go on, but we think you get it. 😉 What are your favorite lake activities? We’ll show you a few of ours.

But first, coffee.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Who can resist an open fire prepping to roast all the delicious marshmellows?!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Now for the best part. Can’t take a lake trip without all your paddle boarding gear.

Sandy toes!

And finally to end the day, chillin out lake side. Nothin’ but sunshine on our face!


Road Trip Playlist

July 21, 2016 — by Courtney Steeves


imgres-5 imgres-1imgres-2imgres-4imgres-1imgres-2IMG_4943

Pack your bags, set a destination (or don’t), jump into your car, roll down the windows, and crank up the music!  What is a road trip without the perfect playlist?  We have created a road trip playlist that will have you jamming in your seat to and from your getaway .  Hit ‘play’ on this mix and enjoy your journey.

imgres-5  imgres-1imgres-2imgres-4imgres-2imgres-4

What tracks are on your road trip playlist?