Giving Back

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 1, 2017 — by Jasmin Manzano


Giving Back

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 1, 2017 — by Jasmin Manzano

Our Story

The founders of Project HEAL, Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran, met while undergoing treatment for anorexia nervosa at just 13-years-old. The two girls helped each other to reach full recovery, and decided to help others achieve it as well.

In the spring of 2008, both at the age of 15, they founded Project HEAL to raise money for others suffering with eating disorders who want to recover but are unable to afford treatment. Unfortunately, insurance coverage for eating disorders is severely lacking, leaving many unable to get the help they need.

Supported by 40 chapters of amazing volunteers nationwide (and in Canada, Australia and Mexico), Project HEAL is thrilled to announce that beginning in 2017, we are expanding our program and mission to begin implementing peer-led localized affordable support, mentorship and education groups for eating disorders in our chapters called Communities of HEALing.

The Problem

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of all mental illnesses and are the second lowest funded of all mental health disorders. Over 30 million Americans (one in ten) suffer from an eating disorder.  90% of those stricken do not receive treatment. For those who are treated, it is often not until their symptoms are extreme and entrenched. Left untreated, eating disorders can cause serious medical problems including: cardiac issues, osteoporosis, dehydration, reproductive problems, muscle loss, kidney failure and even death.  Treatment for eating disorders in the United States can cost upwards of $30,000 per month and is often not covered by insurance companies. Given this prohibitive cost, 90% of sufferers do not receive treatment.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This year for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week FEBRUARY 26- MARCH 4, Project HEAL is collaborating with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) and Recovery Spark in a video project exemplifying the importance of support in the recovery of others. The project is called Recovery Heroes.   To join the in the discussion visit Project HEAL’s social channels at


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