Festival Fishtail (Using LuxyHair) Hair Extensions

May 3, 2016 — by Griffin Thall



Festival Fishtail (Using LuxyHair) Hair Extensions

May 3, 2016 — by Griffin Thall

Ever want to achieve a longer, fuller look to your hair? There are a few different options in hair extensions, but we wanted to share with you a brand that we love!

We have teamed up with @luxyhair to bring you a new hair tutorial on creating a longer braid perfect for festival season, using the Luxy Hair extensions! If you want to know more about their products, check out their story here.

We chose to do a traditional fishtail braid to keep the festival theme alive! With the help of hairstylist @hairdesignbytara we will show you a step by step to using Luxy hair and creating a longer, thicker braid.

5 Steps to a longer braid using Luxy Hair:


Step 1) Pick out  your Luxy hair extensions that closely match your hair. Check out their selection of hair here.

Our hair model @arielraee used the bleach blonde shade to match her new balayage done by @hairdesignbytara at the Meleesa Salon in Huntington Beach, California. @meleesathesalon.

Step 2) Section your hair. Put half up, and leave the rest down. Begin to clip in your Luxy extensions to the base of your head.

Step 3) Once one row of extensions are in, let all of your hair down and smooth it out. Then begin braiding your hair as if you are starting a french braid.


Step 4) Start your fishtail braid and make your way to about half way down. You will then grab your other Luxy hair piece extension and clip into the braid, tucking and hiding the clips under your natural hair. (Giving your hair the longer effect)


Step 5) Continue braiding, incorporating the extension hair along with your natural hair. (Optional: pull hair from behind base of the extension and Bobbi pin in place to cover it.)


Complete your new long braid by securing it with a Pura Vida hair tie! Love this easy achievable look thanks to Luxy Hair.


Check out more hair tutorials and ideas on the Luxy Hair blog page! Keep your eyes peeled for an instagram giveaway at @puravidabracelets

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