Tuesday Tunes: Let Go

May 13, 2014 — by Griffin Thall
Some times you just have to get loose, dance like nobody’s watching and just let go! Lincoln Jesser, Little Dragon, Siren, and of course our favorite girl Lana have the perfect sounds to get lost in. Summer will be here before we know it: windows down, a warm breeze, and sweet tunes. Sounds like a blissful escape, right?


Check Out Our Best Sellers

April 30, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Have you checked out our best sellers lately?  Here’s a list of some of our favorite best sellers.  Enjoy!

1. Beach Life– Perfect for all you beach lovers.

2. Yoga Girl Pack– A great accessory to your everyday yoga attire.

3. Solid Black and Silver Infinity Black– They look great together or paired with other styles.

4. Born to be Wild– An awesome accessory for all those wild summer nights.

5. Flat Braided Pacific Blue and the Lost at Sea Anklet– For the inner mermaid in you!

6. Black + White Pack– Hair ties that actually look good in your hair!

7. Pura Vida “Smells Good” Candle– For good vibes and down time at home.

8. Gold Anchor Blue– Sail away in style!

9. East Beach Waves iphone 5 Case– The perfect summer accessory for your phone.

10. Heather Grey Pura Vida Beanie– Keep warm and cozy on those chilly mornings.


10 Fun Things to do in May

April 28, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


May is here! Which means good weather commence. Here are your 10 fun things to do – May Edition. Enjoy!

1. First and foremost, do something fun with your mom.  Whether you take her out for a mani/pedi or you two go get dinner and a movie, do something fun with/for your mother. It is in fact Mothers Day May 11 – so don’t forget!

2. Host a dinner party. Here is a great article on how to design the perfect dinner.  Why not gather your friends and attempt a classy evening together?

3. Try a new cocktail recipe. Ever made a Mango-Raspberry Mimosa? Or what about a cilantro- pineapple margarita? Or even a spicy-soto sangria?

4. Take a painting class. Painting classes like Paint A Dream are fun and cheap ways to get out of the house and explore your creativity.

5. Go to a baseball game. Baseball season is here and tickets are cheap! Teams usually offer college night deals, or you can get a seat at the top. As long as you are with good friends, are drinking cheap beer, and eating yummy hot dogs, you can’t go wrong.

6. Look out for spring/summer sales. Since summer is coming up, new stock is coming in. This means look out for spring and summer sales – save yourself some money and go forth, into the light that is your nearest mall.

7. Mail a postcard or a letter to a friend/relative. Nobody gets snail mail anymore, yet everyone I talk to always says how much they love to receive it. Make some one’s day and write him or her a letter.

8. Do a fun DIY project. Casa & Company has a ton of cute DIY projects you can do. They make perfect gifts for friends, and since mothers day is coming up, you can make your mom something special.

9. Start planting a garden. GardenWeb is the Internet’s largest home and garden community. You can look up any plant name and where to get it, it is the perfect resource for people just looking to get started.

10. Go rollerblading/roller skating. Rollerblading may in fact be one of the most fun things ever. So rent out a pair if you don’t have one and skate on.