Sailing the Seas in Greece

August 5, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


We spent a day sailing around the Aegean Sea exploring the islands on Life Before Work’s Yacht Life Tour (@lbwyachtlife) of Turkey and Greece. Time to get salty ocean lovers!

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Thanks to the beautiful Kelsey Roberts (@k_rob9) and Melissa Troia (@melroseplace22) for the fun photoshoot! 

Kat Gaskin




Wanderlust Wednesday: Greek Islands

May 14, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Known for their extra virgin olive oil, seafood, cheese, wine, and greek yogurt. Okay, not so much the yogurt but they are known for having almost 6,000 islands sprinkled throughout the east Mediterranean. Many of those are no longer inhabited and most of them are petite in size, but all of them are beautiful beyond words to describe. After doing research on a few hidden islands, I have never wanted my own island more than ever before. Avoid the crowds and escape on a Mediterranean paradise with these three hidden Greek Islands gems.

1. Alonissos
The island is about three mile wide and twelve miles long and with less than 3,000 people living on the island. While the beaches are covered in smooth pebbles, the water is crystal clear. You can travel here from Athens by car and then a short ferry over. For more information visit here!

2. Koufonisia

This island is an eight hour ferry ride from Piraeus but once you’re on the island, there’s cliff jumping, nude beaches, and amazing seafood. It was once a well kept secret to tourists and other Greek islands but now August becomes so packed you’re better visiting Mykonos. For more information visit here!

3. Ikaria
This is the ultimate hidden gem! All those pictures you’ve seen of waves with huge well-like openings and crystal clear water is this island right here. There is no concept of time or days when you’re on this island because it’s as if life has been set back to default and you’re stuck in paradise. For more information visit here!