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February 3, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Congratulations! You’ve done it!! After hours of researching which one to buy, innumerable text messages back and forth with your filmmaker friends, and a dozen trips to Best Buy and back…you’ve finally bought yourself a beautiful piece of plastic that fits inside the palm of your hand…you’re officially a proud GoPro owner.

Now it’s time to do something awesome, right?! Jump out of a plane in a wing suit. Dive in the ocean to swim with sharks. Take a climb to the top of Mount Everest?! Or perhaps you just want to simply attach the GoPro to your head and film A Day In My Life video (see my own) showing all that goes on in your not-so-average day.

You’re now wielding the power of a GoPro, and your life is about to get a lot more adventurous! The places to put this tiny little camera are endless, and ways to mount it are infinite. But there is one slight problem….you don’t have any mounts yet. You soon find out that a quick online search for GoPro accessories/mounts can be even more daunting than buying the action camera itself!

With endless mounting possibilities, you feel a bit overwhelmed. This is where I come in.

Hi There! My name’s Jesse!  I’m a photographer, filmmaker, and avid GoPro enthusiast. I’m also part of the GoPro and Pura Vida family. I own just about every GoPro mount and accessory out there! I’m quite familiar with the good, better, and best GoPro items on the market. Today, I’m thrilled to share some of my favorite GoPro accessories!


(MSRP $50)2D2A0956
Hands down, my favorite GoPro mount out there! I use this for everything. You can clamp it on anything from the front of your car to the end of a pencil. It has great strength for holding onto anything it’s clamped to, and you can also remove the gooseneck from the clamp and use it as a small selfie stick. The possibilities with this mount are endless.


(MSRP $20)


A must-have for anyone who plans on bringing their GoPro in deep water. I can’t tell you how many GoPros I’ve lost (and FOUND <– video HERE ) because I’ve chosen not to install the floaty onto the back of my camera. Trust me, you need this one.


(MSRP $20)


This is probably the most popular accessory sold. Everyone buys one of these. It’s a classic, and highly recommended. However, once I bought my Mouth Mount (see lower below) I rarely used the head strap. That being said, it’s still nice to run around with it on your head while getting cool point of view angles.


(MSRP $60)

unnamed2 unnamed3

This mount does exactly what the title says, mounts anywhere on your legs and arms. Perfect for diving, surfing, skiing, skydiving… you know, all the things we all secretly wish we could actually do.


(MSRP $50)

This one isn’t a must-have, I just added it to the list because it’s super rad! It does what it says, completely blacks out your GoPro, making it look even cooler than it already does.

So those are my top 5 favorite GoPro accessories/mounts. All the items above are made by GoPro and you can purchase them on GoPros Website.  If you want to see some of the mounts in action, check out this film I made during summer, featuring just about every GoPro mount I could get my hands on.

I can’t end this blog without mentioning a few of my favorite third-party mounts as well. These also happen to be some of my most used accessories:


(MSRP $55)

By far my most used mount. This is usually the number one thing I mount my GoPro onto no matter what adventure I embark upon. Be warned, the Reach pole doesn’t float, so you might want to have a Floaty attached to your camera if you decide to go swimming!


(MSRP $30)

I really love this mount. It was originally made for surfers. They put it in their mouth and stay hands free while riding waves, however, I use it for everyday life. In fact, during 2015 I took it with me everywhere and filmed one second of my day for a whole year! Check it out here.


(MSRP $300)

This is the stuff for professionals. This will separate you from all the amateurs. The price on this may be a little up there, but it’s worth every penny. Once you take it out into the ocean and start shooting the over/under shots, you’ll be obsessed with it! Trust me. It’s amazing.


And that wraps it up!! This should give you a little push in the right direction on which mounts to purchase! Before you know it, you’ll be gaining more followers and likes on instagram as people view your rad shots! And when all the comments roll in (because they always do) of people asking what camera and mount you used…simply lead them over to this blog post!

Now get out there, start shooting, and don’t forget to tag Pura Vida in all your cool GoPro shots!!

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