Giving Back

Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii

December 12, 2018 — by Jasmin Manzano


On the most recent Pura Vida Goes Global trip to Hawaii, Vanessa and I spent the afternoon volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii in the spirit of giving back this holiday season.

We kicked off the day talking to the kids about Pura Vida Bracelets and our artisans!! They were stoked to learn what “Pura Vida!” means and receive their matching PV original bracelets and sticker packs!

We were partnered up with two of the sweetest girls!

After a round of Aloha Bingo, three-legged races “Around the World” and some crafts, we hit the playground for some outdoor exercise! The kids were super eager to teach all their mentors how to play Avengers!

Read more about Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii and their initiatives to change the lives of Hawaii’s youth here.


Touring a Hawaiian Pineapple Farm

November 21, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


It’s no secret that we love pineapples. Did you know they grow from the ground? And can take up to a few years to fully mature? Take a behind-the-scenes look at how our favorite fruit is grown on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

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PineappleFarm-1 PineappleFarm-2 PineappleFarm-3

PineappleFarm-8 PineappleFarm-4 PineappleFarm-5
PineappleFarm-9 PineappleFarm-10

Thanks to the Bowden’s for having us and showing us their wonderful farm! If you’re ever in Waikiki, make sure you visit the Hawaiian Crown Plantation Cafe and grab a fresh pineapple juice or a few pineapples to take home.


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