Pura Vida’s New HQ in La Jolla, CA!

March 19, 2019 — by Kayla Holmes


Pura Vida’s HQ has moved!

But don’t worry – we’re still in La Jolla! We’ve created a space that’s bigger, better, and the perfect destination for you to visit this summer.

Our brand new headquarters opens up to our new and improved store, where you can shop all of your Pura Vida must-haves, new arrivals, and some unreleased sneak peaks! Not only does the new PV HQ have all the bracelets, jewelry, and clutches that you need, but it’s extremely Insta-worthy due to our incredible Pura Vida mural – designed and painted by our very own graphic designer, Megan Wolfe. Don’t forget to snap a photo and grab yourself an exclusive sticker made of our mural too, which you’ll only find at the Pura Vida HQ!

Step outside of the store and into the work spaces of the creative minds of Pura Vida! You won’t find many concrete walls at the PV HQ – the exterior is strictly windows! Every desk has its own entrance to our wrap around balcony with incredible 180 degree ocean views of La Jolla Cove, Scripps Pier, and Blacks Beach.

Photos from all of our amazing #PuraVidaGoesGlobal adventures taken throughout the years are showcased throughout the office!

In the Pura Vida kitchen, you’ll find kombucha and nitro cold brew on tap to refuel the office during the day. During lunch, the PV team all comes together to hang out in the kitchen and common area to eat lunch, hang out, and challenge one another in a round of ping pong!  We pride ourselves in creating a space where everyone can gather and hang out to take a break from the regular work day.

For anyone having meetings, we have 3 areas for them to use! The Think Tank is our conference room, which is perfect for giving presentations through the TV or bigger meetings. Our 2 quiet rooms are not only beautiful, but well suited for smaller meetings, or when someone from the PV team needs to make a phone call and block out the noise.

Every desk in the office has incredible ocean views, but nothing can top our founders’ offices, with their wrap around sunset viewing and warm ocean breezes.

This is where all the behind the scenes of Pura Vida happens, and we can’t wait to see you here at the new store at our brand new PV HQ!


4 Ways to Make your Space your Sanctuary

April 21, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


You want to live in more than just a house. It should be a home filled with love, happiness and peace. The outside world can get pretty hectic, so here are a few ways to turn your space into a soothing sanctuary:

1) Create coziness. Find a quiet corner in your bedroom and setup a place to sit and unwind. This could be a desk with a comfy chair or a bunch of pillows and blankets laid out on a plush carpet — the more the merrier!


2) Add your personal touch. Hang up wall prints from artists you love, frame photos of happy memories and display items that make you smile (travel souvenirs, awards, handwritten quotes).

3) Green is good. Plants are a great addition to any sanctuary. They bring the beauty of nature indoors and also freshen the air with more oxygen.

4) Indulge your senses and set the mood. Add lavender scented candles for a calm setting, vibrant artwork for inspiration or a small set of speakers to play music for any mood!

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Must-Have: Travel & Beach-Inspired Pencil Sets

April 2, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


I never thought I would relate so well to a bunch of pencils, but how freakin’ cute are these beach and travel-inspired pencil sets from Modern Palm Boutique? Great as presents or to add some bright color to your office space. In love!

A Day at the Beach Pencil Set ($9)
Wanderlust Pencil Set ($9)

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