DIY Bookmarks

August 30, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Keeping up with all your classes can be a huge challenge. I know for me, my mind is always all over the place and it’s hard to remember where I left off in one of my books, verses the other one. And with this school year back in full swing, making sure you are organized is priority. Today on the blog, I want to show you how you can make being a book warm cute! Say goodbye to folded over page corners and boring bookmarks. I have just the thing!

What you’ll need:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Decorative cardstock
  3. Yarn
  4. Hole puncher
  5. Mod Podge

Start by cutting out rectangular pieces long enough to be a book mark out of the cardboard. Once you have the length you prefer, trace the same dimensions onto the card stock. This will later be glued on top of the cardboard.

This is what you should have.

Next: mod podge the decorative card stock onto the cardboard.

Let the mod podge dry before moving forward.

Now that the glue has dried, hole punch a single hole at the top of the bookmarks.

Take about 5 strands of yarn and tie them through the hole for the final decoration.

And there ya have it, 3 totally cute new bookmarks! How simple was that?


Back To School Style Guide

August 26, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


It’s that time of the year to strap on your new shoes and dust off that calculator you haven’t used since last spring.  Going back to school means trading in your flip flops for notebooks and abandoning the beach for the library.  The school year is a time to grow and learn and we value nothing more than a good education but it also means one more very important thing – BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!  🙂




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