12 #relationshipgoals That Actually Matter

November 20, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


We all have an ideal mate and maybe even a list of traits that we’d like our partner to have. It’s always great to set goals, but sometimes we can lose sight of the qualities that can help our relationships go from short to long-term. Here’s 12 #relationshipgoals that actually matter:

1) You and your partner love spending time with one another’s families.
2) You listen to each other and can have endless conversations about everything from which celebrity wore it best to how to solve world hunger.
3) You support one another’s dreams.
4) You have fun doing absolutely nothing together.
5) You call each other your best friend.
6) You enjoy each other’s company whether you’re out for a nice dinner or spending time in front of the TV.
7) You surprise each other with little handmade gifts or handwritten notes just because.
8) You trust each other completely and have no trouble being completely honest.
9) You often show up wearing almost matching outfits without knowing what your partner was going to wear.
10) You respect each other’s personal space and privacy.
11) When you’re together, you don’t feel like you need to check your phones.
12) You inspire one another.


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