Spotlight On: Serena Nava

March 26, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Hey PV fans! We love the feedback that we receive from you guys each and every day and want to share this story with you of a brave young girl and her father who were able to overcome a horrible situation and transform their lives into something positive and truly admirable.

Serena Nava was taken by her mother when she was three years old, leaving John with no idea as to where his daughter had gone. John had no idea where his daughter was for over two years and then one day, he heard from Child Protective Services in Amarillo, Texas, where she had been living in foster care. John had to fight the judicial system in Texas to win back his daughter and was finally reunited with her after all that time. John never lost faith in himself and his love for his daughter through that rough time.

Serena and her father moved to Costa Rica where she just recently became the Open Women’s Champion for theĀ Guanacaste Surfing CircuitĀ at age 11! John is so proud of her daughter’s resilience and positive attitude and we were so touched by this story! Serena and her father exemplify the Pura Vida lifestyle by living life to the fullest, cherishing those you love, and always believing in yourself.