Top 5 Coolest Hostels Around the World

November 14, 2015 — by Griffin Thall



Top 5 Coolest Hostels Around the World

November 14, 2015 — by Griffin Thall

Trade your regular hotel room for a unique stay in these Top 5 Coolest Hostels Around the World and bring back some awesome travel stories in addition to those fridge magnet souvenirs!

1) Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden


The luxury suite at the Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden will get you a panoramic view of the airport and a bed nestled in the converted cockpit of a real jumbo jet — on the ground. The hostel promises you’ll have plenty of legroom and no annoying passengers to distract you from gazing out the window during your flight to dreamland.

2) Capsule Inn Kanda – Tokyo, Japan


For backpackers on a budget, you can’t visit Tokyo without trying one of their famous capsule hotels. Capsule Value Kanda has capsules stretching across five floors as well as spacious lockers for you to store your belongings. The size of the capsule is just right for an average adult, measuring H:100×W:100×D:200, and each of them is equipped with WiFi, TV, radio and light. There’s even a big bathhouse that doubles as a sauna and relaxing area.

3) Kadir’s Treehouse – Turkey


Quirky and whimsical, Kadir’s Treehouse is just the type of unconventional hostel that many of us look for when we travel. These treehouses, built from scratch, blend perfectly into the natural setting of Olympos along the Mediterranean coast in southern Turkey. Besides staying in the tree bungalows, you can also party at the on-site nightclub and participate in a host of activities like rock climbing and kayaking nearby.

4) Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel – California, USA

Perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific, the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel has some pretty breathtaking panoramic views of the California coast. Just 25 miles south of San Francisco, the hostel is both a relaxing retreat and perfectly located to explore the nearby Half Moon Bay.

5) Houseboat Hostel Alternatief – Amsterdam


Take your trip to the water while staying a few steps away from the city centre of Amsterdam. Super chic and cozy, this houseboat has everything your typical hotel room in addition to the amazing views from the canal.

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