Travel Fund

January 10, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff



Travel Fund

January 10, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff

The New Year is a great time to start fresh and create new goals for yourself. So much opportunity and adventure to be had! However, resolutions can be hard to keep. Sometimes, we need that little extra push. We decided this year would be dedicated to traveling! So, today on the blog we will be showing you our DIY to hold us to our word. If you want something, go get it! We’re going to walk you step by step on our travel fund jar. Now, this jar doesn’t have to be a fund just for traveling, it can be whatever you have chosen to save up money for! Feel free to totally personalize this.


  1. Mason jar
  2. Chalk board
  3. Chalk/chalk pin
  4. Jute/string
  5. Spray paint
  6. Command strips
  7. Heart shaped cut-out

Begin by taking your mason jar and taping on the heart shaped cut out in the center. Make sure it is laying totally flat. Spray paint the entire jar. Once dried, peel off the heart cut out.

Add a heavy duty command strip to the back of the jar and to the bottom center of the chalk board.

Next, take your chalk and label the board with what you are saving up for.

Take the string and cut strands that can be tied around the top of the jar in a bow.

Use the command strips that have already been secured and attach the jar onto the chalk board.

One comment

  • Dolly Krusz

    January 13, 2019 at 12:57 am

    That’s a nice, creative project…
    A+ Idea = Adventure Goals 2019! πŸ€ŸπŸΌπŸŒŠβš“οΈπŸ—Ί
    And bringing Puravida bracelets as gifts to your hosts on your journeys is another A+ idea.
    I also use my Puravida stickers on my black luggage to make it stand out so I can find at the airport carousel 🎠 🧳 … although my nieces enjoy 😊 the stickers, too!!


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