Homemade Unicorn Ice Cream

July 22, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


What’s better than homemade ice cream? Bright, unicorn colored inspired ice cream, of course! This may look crazy and too bright to eat, but believe us… it’s edible, delicious and fun to make! Ice cream is the perfect summer treat. We hope this vanilla flavored sweet treat will cool you down on a hot day.

-Heavy whipping cream (4 cups)
-Sweetened condensed milk (1 8oz can)
-Vanilla (2 tablespoons) (may also use syrup as a substitute!)
-Neon food coloring (any colors that remind you of a unicorn)

From the kitchen:
-Large bowl for mixing
-Hand mixer or stand mixer
-Casserole dish to freeze ice-cream

1) In large mixing bowl, use stand mixer or hand mixer to beat 4 cups heavy whipping cream until soft peaks form.yum-3 yum-4 yum-52)  Mix in 2 tablespoons of vanilla.yum-63) Add in can of sweetened condensed milk, stir.

yum-7 yum-8 yum-94) Separate ice cream batter into separate bowls. This varies depending how many different colors you want (we used four for this recipe).  Add food coloring.

yum-10 yum-11 yum-12 yum-13 yum-14 yum-155) Layer colorful ice cream batter one at a time into a glass casserole dish. Layer according to how you want it to look. Does not need to be perfect!

yum-16 yum-17 yum-18 yum-196) Put desired amount of sprinkles on top. Freeze 4-6 hours before serving. Enjoy with friends! This recipe makes a good amount of ice cream!

yum-20 yum-21 yum-24


DIY Pineapple Sugar Scrub

July 19, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


I think it’s safe to say pineapples are one of our favorite fruits, so why not use them as much as we possibly can? This summer fruit is not just for eating anymore. We have come up with a simple, three ingredient pineapple scrub for you to enjoy. Use this scrub on your hands, feet, or anywhere that needs a touch of softness and a sweet pineapple sent.

The Three Ingredients: 
-A pineapple
-Coconut oil (1/2 cup)
-Sugar (1 1/2 cup)

From the Kitchen: 
-Mason jar glass to hold your scrub
-Cutting board
-Mixing bowl

M+J-1Step 1) Cut pineapple, you will only need a little bit to blend into a puree (about 1/2 cup). Cut up the rest of your pineapple and enjoy for eating!

M+J-3 M+J-4 M+J-5Step 2) Mix coconut oil (1/2 cup) with cane sugar (1 1/2 cups).

M+J-6Step 3) Blend a few chucks of pineapple to make about 1/2 cup of the puree. Mix it in with coconut oil + sugar.

M+J-7 M+J-8Step 4) Stir until mixed well. If you wish to have a thicker scrub, add more sugar (to your liking).

M+J-9Step 5) Store in a glass container and keep refrigerated in between uses. ENJOY!

M+J-10 M+J-11M+J-3


Summer Digi Downloads

July 15, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


What’s up Pura Vida fans?

Summer is our favorite season! We love everything from the gracefully waving palm trees to the mysterious swimming jellyfish and everything in between. Whether you are collecting seashells or simply soaking up the sun in your favorite bikini, you cannot deny that carefree summer days are the best. Stay cool all summer long and enjoy our new digi downloads today!








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Top 10 Poolside “Must Haves”

July 12, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Next time you go to the pool this summer don’t forget to check out this list of must haves!

We live for long summer days, why not crank up your poolside vibes with some of our Pura Vida favorites? A pool day isn’t complete without one of Pura Vida’s vibrant bathing suits, some colorful bracelets and hair ties, and the Live Free water bottle. Check out more below!

1) Don’t forget your towel! Pool-32) Stay hydrated! Our “Live Free” water bottles are perfect for staying cool under the hot sun.
Pool-63)  A polaroid camera is an essential for capturing those fun moments and creating memories of you and your friends.
Pool-44) Portable speaker. What’s a pool day without some tunes?
Pool-105) Tanning Oil. We love this brand from Hawaii called “Maui Babe” that brings out that sun kissed look we all adore.
Pool-56) Sunnies are a MUST.
Pool-117) Avoid chapped lips by bringing along some moisturizing chapstick!
Pool-138) Can’t forget some of our Pura Vida colorful hair ties! The bright elastic keeps your wrists pretty and your hair secure.
Pool-14Pool-159) A good pair of headphones.  For those times when you’re working on your tan alone a good pair of head phones are perfect!
Pool-1610) Last but not least, Pura Vida’s new Boho Bikini.  Go take a dip in that refreshing pool water!
Pool-20Check out our bracelets on our website to see which stack you would rock this summer poolside!


Chocolate Pineapple Bites Dessert

July 6, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Get ready for a delicious summer sweet treat! These frozen chocolate pineapple bites are perfect for a warm summer night. Pineapple + chocolate, what would be better? This yummy combo is great for after a long day out in the sun. They can be combined with other candy choices, but we chose almond joy and mounds to have the sweet coconut flavor incorporated into this bite size dessert.  Make as many as you want and keep them in your freezer to enjoy at any time!

-Dark chocolate chips
-Sliced almonds
-Almond Joy or Mounds candy bar
-Plate, bowl, spoon, knife

Step 1)  Cut your pineapple into bite size pieces, melt dark chocolate chips.

pineappledessert-1pineappledessert-3pineappledessert-2Step 2) Drizzle melted chocolate on top of your pineapple pieces.

pineappledessert-5Step 3) Cut Almond Joy pieces into small bite size squares. Put into bowl with almond slices.pineappledessert-6pineappledessert-4Step 4) Place Almond Joy candy piece onto pineapple bite. The melted chocolate will make it stick.

pineappledessert-8Step 5) Drizzle more melted chocolate on top half of the pineapple pieces. *Optional* Cover the other half entirely with chocolate (whichever you like).  See images below. Place an almond sliver on top!

pineappledessert-9pineappledessert-10Step 6) Place your bites on a clean plate. Stick in the freezer and enjoy them when the chocolate becomes frozen!



DIY Pura Vida Bracelet Holder

July 5, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Dear Pura Vida fans,

No need to fret any longer about your bracelets being all jumbled up in a bunch. With this easy, three item supply list you can make your very own Pura Vida bracelet holder! Feel free to color coordinate, arrange by charm type, or group your favorites!  This is easily customizable for you to make to your own liking. All you need is a cute knob from your local craft or hardware store, a jewelry chain link, and some “S” hooks! Have fun creating!

– 1 Pretty little knob
– “S” hooks (can be found at a hardware store)
– Long jewlery chain

diybraceletholder-1diybraceletholder-2Step 1) Screw your knob into the wall where you want your bracelet holder to hang. Attach your jewelry chain to the back of it before screwing into the wall.
diybraceletholder-3Step 2) Take your “S” hooks and place your selection of bracelets onto one end.
diybraceletholder-4diybraceletholder-6Step 3) Arrange your “S” hooks on the chain link according to how you want them to lay. Skip a few links each time to create a good amount of space between each one.
diybraceletholder-7diybraceletholder-8diybraceletholder-10Enjoy your new bracelet holder that you created yourself! Tag us in your photos #puravidabracelets


Amazing Avocado Toast Recipe + OJ

June 28, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Who doesn’t love a good healthy breakfast? Fresh squeezed Orange Juice and the best avocado toast recipe can be found in the steps below. Perfect for a weekend breakfast at home. Avocado toast has so many different variations. In this post, you will find a recipe we created using delicious garlic hummus! ENJOY!


Orange Juice: 
-Fresh Oranges
-Citrus Squeezer

Avocado Toast:
-A few slices of your favorite bread (we used sourdough)
-1-2 Avocados
-Garlic Hummus
-Salt + Pepper

To make the Orange Juice:

Step 1) Cut Fresh oranges with a knife

avao-2 avao-3 avao-4Step 2) Use citrus juicer to squeeze all the juice out of the orange. Can we done a few times.

avao-5Step 3) Put into a glass pitcher, and refrigerate.

avao-6Step 1) Toast your bread.

avao-7 avao-8 avao-9Step 2) Spread Garlic hummus on your toasted bread.

avao-11Step 3) Mash 1-2 avocados depending on how many slices of bread you will be covering. Squeeze lemon juice into your mashed avocado bowl.

avao-10Step 4) Spread avocado mash onto your sliced bread on top of hummus spread, and add salt and pepper.

avao-12Step 5) Top off your toast with arugula.

avao-13 avao-14Step 6) Enjoy your avocado toast with your freshly squeezed OJ!

avao-15 avao-16


FRENDS Headphones

June 28, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


They say opposites attract right? Well to put this to the test, we teamed up with the awesome headphones company @FRENDS to test out some of their trendy headphones with some of our stylish bracelets. With Layla headphone being small and rose gold in color, we thought they would pair perfectly with some of our white and rose gold charmed bracelets. The cool thing about these head phones is you can purchase cap sets to go over top, and we chose mother of pearl set for the Layla pair. The mother of pearl caps complemented our bracelets perfectly! We also tried the opposite of white and gold: black and sleek. The Taylor Gunmetal rose gold headphones are larger in size, black in color, and give off a totally different style! Which one would you choose?! When pairing our bracelets, what is more your style? White, or Black?




DIY Sunglasses Holder

June 24, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Summer time is in full swing!  If you love all things summer then you probably own a few different bathing suits, several options of shorts and tank tops, and a few pairs of flip flops. Most importantly of all…sunglasses! Sunglasses can accumuate if you love to have options for different outfits.  Instead of having them all jumbled on your dresser, why not create something to uniquely store them on the wall? Below are instructions to creating your very own holder to store your sunnies.


-Piece of plywood
-Two knobs
-Wire Cutters
-Screw Driver
-Spray Paint of choice (optional)

sunnyholder-2 Step 1) Spray Paint your plywood piece, leave to dry.

sunnyholder-4 Step 2) Measure where you want to place your knobs, mark evenly using a ruler, and screw a hole on each end with a screw driver.

sunnyholder-5Step 3) Place knobs in holes and screw tight.


Step 4) Get your wire and wrap it on each knob, creating a line of wire from one knob to the next.



Step 5) Use your wire cutters and cut the excess wire.


Step 6) Hang the plywood on your wall and place all your sunglasses on the wire. Enjoy!



DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

June 21, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Hey PV fans! Today we bring you our first DIY with succulents. Create your own mason jar terrarium for any room in your home. It is very simple to make and most supplies can be found in your own backyard! With these terrariums, we used colored sand and rocks to make them a little extra pretty. We also spray painted the rocks gold to make them stand out even more! We hope you get a chance to make your very own.

-large mason jar
-small succulents plants
-dirt or sand
-colored sand
-colored decorative rocks
-gold spray paint (to color rocks)

Step 1) Gather your supplies , add first layer of dirt.

succulentjar-2Step 2) Add colorful rocks layer

succulentjar-3Step 3) Add colored sand

succulentjar-4Step 4) Add another layer of dirt and colorful rocks

succulentjar-5Step 5) Add succulent plants to the last dirt layer, and add spray painted rocks to the top.

succulentjar-8We hope you enjoyed this mason jar succulent DIY! Post and tag us in pictures if you get to recreate this blog.


Pura Vida + 12th Tribe Collaboration

June 16, 2016 — by Griffin Thall



Pura Vida Bracelets make the perfect accessory with ANY outfit, especially with the new tie die dresses from our friends over at 12th tribe! The cool colored bracelets paired with the brightness of the new summer tie dye trends make for a great summer look.

Model @lindsay_foster wearing one of 12th tribes new arrivals, the “Green Escape Dress” with some of our new Summer Seed Beads! We took on the streets of Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach to show off these latest threads. 12th Tribe is offering 10% off to all of you Pura Vida fans reading this blog!

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