See Summer Better! (Warby Parker)

June 16, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


With summer in full swing, we are constantly keeping our eyes on cool brands to team up with that fit the Pura Vida vibe. Summer wouldn’t be complete without a great pair of sunglass! In collaboration with the #SeeSummerBetter campaign by Warby Parker, we wanted to share some of the awesome things they are offering to kick off the summer heat. Warby Parker has various locations ranging from California, New York, Arizona to Florida, just to name a few!

IMG_7723Something awesome that Warby Parker offers is their “Home Try-On” program! Need help choosing the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses? The home try on is perfect for that! You can pick up to 5 pairs and have a week to test them out. We had the chance to try this program out!

IMG_7720We picked 5 pairs of sunglasses. This works out perfectly because you get to see which pair fits you best, and you have 5 days to try them out and decide! With Warby Parkers home try on program, you can even send snapshots to their customer service team and they will help you decide on the perfect pair!

Check out some of the photos below from their summer look book.



DIY Seashell Candles

June 13, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


With this DIY you can bring the joy of summer and the beach into your home! We encourage you to take a trip to the beach and go shell hunting! If you do not live near the beach, shells from your local craft store will work just as well to bring the feel of the beach to any room in your home. We hope you enjoy this simple DIY and get a chance to make your very own seashell candles!


-tea light candles
-shells from the beach or craft store
-a pan and glass bowl for melting
-an oven mit + spoon

Step 1)

Gather your shells and tea lights. Pick shells that lay nice and flat.


Step 2)

Put water in a pan and a glass bowl inside the pan to double boil. Using the glass bowl will allow you to melt the wax safely.


Step 3)

Remove foil from tea light candles.


Step 4)

Break a tea light in half, removing the wick.


Step 5)

Place wax in glass bowl to melt. Medium boil, stir with a wooden spoon.


Step 6)

Place wicks at the bottom of each seashell.


Step 7)

Use your oven mitt to grab the glass bowl of melted wax, begin filling each seashell with the melted wax.


Step 8)

Let the wax set a few minutes and enjoy your new seashell candles!



5 Best International Destinations for Music Lovers

June 10, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


If you’re a true music lover, you know that you can’t stick to just one genre to truly appreciate the art. In fact, you probably have dabbled in several genres and love them each for their own uniqueness. It’s possible you even play an instrument or two yourself, were in a band (or desperately wanted to be), have obsessed over a drummer or two and definitely are a big concert-goer. Like big. So you’ve checked out all the best venues around, have done a few stops at Lollapalooza or Coachella, and dropped by a good open mic night for some local talent. So where to next? Here are five of the best (trust me there are loads) international destinations for music lovers.

Vienna, Austria

As a music lover, you know that Vienna is the City of Music. And if you didn’t, well it might be time to go “Bach” to the classics and be “Schubert” to trek on over to this stunning city. Vienna is home to some of the biggest giants of classical music, from Beethoven to Brahms, Mozart, Strauss, and Haydn. Vienna celebrates each of their legacies annually with a performance season that starts in September and ends in June.

There are also nine different festivals each year along with the famous Vienna Philharmonic. Some music lovers would consider seeing them perform in the Wiener Konzerthaus a definite bucket-list item.

Kingston, Jamaica

For not only some bumping music but also some bumping culture, Jamaica is a sure showstopper. The Caribbean is known as a beautiful travel destination, but don’t make that the main reason why you pick it as your next vacay. Known as the musical heartbeat of the Caribbean, Jamaica’s Reggae is one of the most internationally recognized music genres. Built from Jamaican folk music and calypso with American jazz and blues, Reggae’s rhythm and flows have made it a top pick for many music connoisseurs.

Along with this, Reggae is popular for artists to express their thoughts on political and social conditions and even is used as a mighty tool for “change.” While you’re there, be sure to stop by the Bob Marley Museum. So “get up, stand up” and “lively up yourself” with a little bit of the pioneer of Reggae’s top hits.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The United States is home to a plethora of rockin’ music festivals, but we breezed over the likes of Cleveland and Seattle and Nashville (because, well, it’s country) for New Orleans for its exquisite history and lively music scene. Known as the birthplace of American jazz, New Orleans is famous for the annual New World Rhythms Festival and exploding Mardi Gras festival.

These aside, Congo Square features local music around the clock and be sure to swing by Preservation Hall. Known as the best jazz venue (and a French Quarter institution), this venue isn’t just for its smooth and silky sounds but is also a gallery and photo studio.

So if you want a little bit (okay a lotta bit) of culture with your music, New Orleans is a great destination.


It’s a stunner, that’s for sure, but probably not for what you’re thinking of. Japan has the second largest music market in the world and music has played a huge part in its history and culture. In the Samurai culture, they would listen to Buddhist chanting or orchestral court music during training to become more enlightened. But today, Japan isn’t just the perfect stop for their orchestras. Japanese Pop and even Jazz have boomed and dance groups seem to really find a home in Japan.

Don’t be surprised too, if while on a Japan tour you stop by a few good karaoke bars. Japan is home to the first karaoke machine and travelers the world around never miss an opportunity to drop by a few while on vacation. Oh and guess what? Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray even filmed in one for Lost in Translation. So if you venture that way, take the time to check out Karaoke Kan for some good fun and film worship.

Berlin, Germany


With music comes great flavor, and you better believe that Berlin is on our stop for flavorful music cities. From classically trained musicians to punk rockers and more, Berlin’s Kreuzberg district is known as the historic home of Berlin’s punk rock movement. Today, the city still continues to draw music lovers the world around. Even if you don’t love punk rock or classical music, the SO36 music club in Berlin was a favorite destination for David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

If you’re a house music lover Berlin is also a great destination. With its pulsating beats, the experimental Echtzeitmusik found its home among house lovers all over Berlin. Check out Madame CLAUDE, an underground bar that features live Echtzeitmusik. Berlin is definitely a fun crazed spot for anyone wanting to find something new and exciting.

By: Vincent Strokes


Pineapple Poppin’ Popsicles

June 7, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Summer is here! What better way to embrace the heat than with this delicious new pineapple popsicle recipe. It is super easy to make — all you need is a blender, a pineapple, coconut milk, and honey. The popsicles are refreshing and tasty, perfect to take to your next day at the pool. Can’t wait for you guys to try these three ingredient frozen pineapple treats. Aloha!


-1/2 fresh pineapple
-1 cup coconut milk (vanilla flavor, unsweetened)
-1 tbs. honey (or any natural sweetener)
-Popsicle trays
-Cutting board + knife


1) Cut fresh pineapple
2) Poor all ingredients into the blender: cut pineapple, 1 cup coconut milk, honey
3) Blend until liquid consistency
4) Pour mix from blender into popsicle cups and freeze until solid

Photos by @arielraee + @kaylaaesparza


DIY Mermaid Crown

May 27, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Follow this simple step by step to make your own Mermaid Crown. Use it for a photoshoot, summer music festival, or a beachy wedding head piece!

We love all things mermaid and seashells, and we wanted to make our very own to use for an upcoming Pura Vida Beach shoot (mermaid theme inspired). Tag us this summer in your very own mermaid crown that you created using this DIY!


-Plain plastic or wire crown found at a craft store
-Different size seashells
-Gems, sea glass, beads; anything mermaid-like in texture that you can add to your crown to make it your own
-Hot glue gun

DSC03814DSC03817 DSC03820
Step 1) Gather your supplies, begin to wrap your crown with something that will make it beautiful. We used a shelled string necklace. Ribbon will work as well.

DSC03821 DSC03831 DSC03833
Step 2) Begin to glue your shells onto the front of the crown, arranging them to fit accordingly.

DSC03836 DSC03838 DSC03841 DSC03844
Step 3) Add other gems, sea glass, or beautiful ocean finds to your crown to add texture and color to the shells.

DSC03846 DSC03849 DSC03855
Step 4) Wear your crown, take a pic, and tag us! @puravidabracelets #puravidabracelets #livefree

DSC03861 DSC03864 DSC03866



Desert Drifter Video

May 24, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Hey Pura Vida fans!

We’re excited to introduce our newest desert inspired accessory – the Desert Drifter Backpack!  The perfect size to fit all of your accessories for a quick getaway, you’ll be living out of this bag all summer long!

Carefully crafted in two beautiful fabrics, Neon Indian and Daydream, you’ll never want to leave home without one! Get yours here!


Meet Our Customer Service Team

May 24, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Hey Pura Vida fans! Have you ever visited our website and chatted with one of our customer service reps? If so, you already know just how awesome + helpful they are! Our customer service team puts in long hours to make sure YOU are happy with your order. When you’re happy, they are happy too! This week we want to highlight the team… 🙂




“I grew up in a little beach town in northern Massachusetts and naturally went very far away for school – Boston. After going to school in Boston, I decided to drive cross-country last winter and move out to San Diego. Even though I miss home occasionally, the weather out here reminds me why I stay. I still run my dogs instagram though and he lives back home. Feel free to hit him with a follow @mrmiloman. He’s a real cutie!

I’m happiest at the beach or eating chocolate covered pretzels and watching Game of Thrones. I love hanging out with friends and snapchatting everything. I’m super laid back and am always down for a cool adventure. Anything from hikes to concerts and of course a good margarita – I’m in! I’m so excited to be out here working for such a great company and can’t wait to see where life takes me on the best coast!”




“I was born in Switzerland and moved to San Diego when I was 4 years old. Growing up in San Diego is the best thing ever for a kid – it made me fall in love with the outdoors, especially the ocean. I picked up my first surfboard at 8 years old and have been addicted to the surf lifestyle ever since. This affected my career path as well. I never want to work at a place where I have to wear a suit and tie and be clean-shaven everyday. That is why I love working for Pura Vida! I come into work everyday either salty from surfing in the morning or sweaty from biking to work!

While I am not at work you can catch me around the La Jolla reefs surfing or in the shaping bay making new boards. I also love going on weekend trips to Rosarito with all of my buddies to score at uncrowded breaks and to binge eat tacos and cervesas.

My favorite bracelet is the Black Braided. I wear it everyday! When I feel like wearing two, I put on the Solid Granite or the Surfaid Original bracelet!”




“I spent my childhood growing up in a small town in North Carolina, the kind of place where you find your independence at a young age, climbing fences between houses and exploring barefoot through the muddy creeks that run through the neighborhood. Every fence I climbed led me to some new place that felt uncharted and untouched to me, even if it was only a few houses down from my own. Every tiny creek I explored was an ocean of little fish and frogs to discover and make mine.

When I was older I moved to San Diego—trading in running through muddy creeks for days on the sandy beaches and exploring the wild coasts of Southern California, but I kept that independence, the need for exploration and freedom I’d found when I was a kid in North Carolina.

On the weekends here I find myself seeking those fences to climb over and those creeks to explore, but now those creeks and fences look different.

It looks more like staying up into the early hours of morning listening to wild stories from strangers that eventually turn into amazing friends, or hiking down the cliffs to the get to that perfect place on the beach you have to know about to find.

That’s why I love working at Pura Vida, because of the lifestyle we promote and encourage. A wild life, that’s full and pure no matter where you are in it. I try to mix things up on my wrist using different textures of the seed beads with a bolder braided bracelet and a little glimmer of a gold bitty to keep things exciting.

I can’t wait to hear about what your Pura Vida collection looks like, and help you find the best stack to represent yourself on your wrist. Chat me!”







We love our customer service team!






Top Five Desert Destinations

May 23, 2016 — by Griffin Thall

Having grown up in Oregon, I’m used to…let’s just say…a bit of rain (aka A TON). So naturally, being that the grass is always greener on the other side, I find myself drawn to the exact opposite of what I grew up in: Deserts! Coincidentally, here at the PV headquarters we’ve been obsessed with all things desert lately so I’ve been feeling all kinds of inspired. So in honor of our desert daze, here is a list of my top 5 desert destinations–enjoy PV fans!

Representative manager

1. Jardín Etnobotánico de Oxaca: People from all over the world flock to this botanical garden to check out the unique fusion of exotic plants & local culture.


2. Arizona- Sonora Desert:

Cactus lovers unite at this rad spot but beware, the Arizona-Sonora Desert hits crazy high temperatures in the Spring & Summer!


3. White Sands National Monument: New Mexico is home to this gorgeous spread of gypsum crystals that will leave you wondering how mother nature pulled this one off.

4. Joshua Tree National Park: Contrary to its name, Joshua Tree National Park isn’t home to JUST Joshua Trees- you’ll also find beautiful cactii, pretty wildflowers and gorgeous rock formations that’ll make you want to stay for more than just the day!

5. Namib Desert: Spread across 1,200 miles in Southern Africa, the Namib Desert is unique in that it is a coastal desert AND is widely considered the oldest desert on Earth.



Lotus + Ohm Bracelets

May 18, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Hey Pura Vida fans! Earlier this week we introduced two of our newest yoga charm bracelets, the Hamsa, and the evil eye. Well, we have two more for you to add to your collection! Presenting the Lotus and the Ohm Bracelets.

Meaning of the Lotus Charm:

The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, love, and harmony. The lotus flower starts its life in dirty, muddy water. It then rises out of the water and delicately blooms. Cultures around the world see the lotus flower as a symbol of growth, strength, self-awareness, and beauty. Wearing this symbolic charm can remind us of the ways we can over come the muddy and sometimes dark complications in our lives. Just like the lotus flower, we too can blossom and prevail, despite whatever hardships come our way.

Meaning of the Ohm Charm:

The ohm charm represents the sound you often hear at the end of a yoga class; “Ohmmmmm.” But what does it mean? Some say it is “the sound of the universe to represent all of consciousness.” Others say the sound of “Ohmmm” can calm the nervous system and relieve stress. Everyone agrees that the symbol is an icon of the mental, physical, and spiritual practice of yoga.


Shop our new Boho Collection HERE 


Hamsa Charm + Evil Eye Bracelets

May 17, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Breathe in, breathe out… introducing our new yoga charms! The Hamsa Charm and Evil Eye are now part of the Pura Vida Bracelets collection. For all of you yogis out there, feel free to relax, meditate, and enjoy your practice while wearing these dainty bracelets.

Meaning of the Hamsa Charm:

The Hamsa symbolizes protection. More specifically, it represents protection against evil forces as well as strength and power.

Meaning of the Evil Eye charm:

Have you ever received “the evil eye look” from someone? Let’s hope not because it is supposed to bring bad luck and discomfort. Fortunately, wearing this charm is said to symbolize “no evil eye” which can have a balancing effect and ward off negative looks and thoughts. This charm symbolizes balance and protection from those “bad karma” vibes.


Shop these new charms on our website: New Boho Collection