PV Takes Punta de Mita!

January 29, 2020 — by Samantha Paul


To celebrate Pura Vida’s 2020 Spring Collection Launch, our fave PV Babes packed up and headed to Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico for the first #PuraVidaGoesGlobal trip of 2020! Set sail with the PV Crew, explore the streets of Sayulita, and start planning your own trip to Punta de Mita!


On Day One of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, the girls settled in to Casa Escondida and got an exclusive look at the 2020 Spring Collection! Check out the photos below for a sneak peek!


On Day Two of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, we explored the local scenery of Punta de Mita to find the perfect place to shoot our newest collection! We stumbled across a dreamy meadow – a perfect setting for Spring! Check out some of our favorite pics below!


On Day Three of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, the PV Babes set sail for an epic day on the Pacific! We snorkeled and swam, and even spotted a pod of humpback whales migrating – thanks to resident marine life expert @alettrich! If you’re heading to Punta de Mita – setting sail with a group of friends is a MUST!


On Day Four of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, the PV Babes spent the day on the beach! From surfing & swimming to tanning & chillin’ on the beach – it was a perfect taste of spring!


On the final day of #PVTakesPuntaDeMita, we headed to the colorful town of Sayulita! We spent the afternoon browsing markets full of handmade blankets, one-of-a-kind dreamcatchers, and the rainbow colored pom-poms that Sayulita is known for. It was the perfect way to end our first #PuraVidaGoesGlobal trip of the year!

Where should #PuraVidaGoesGlobal go next?! Tell us in the comments below!

Models: @stacieelmer, @dreaming_outloud, @chelseybishoff, @carolinareyes_, @alettrich

Photos: @slimshayedy


Pura Vida Engravable Collection Launch Brunch!

January 20, 2020 — by Samantha Paul


On Saturday, January 18th, a group of SoCal Pura Vida babes got an EXCLUSIVE look at the new Pura Vida Engravable Collection! They enjoyed a delicious brunch at La Valencia Hotel, tried on their custom Pura Vida pieces, and learned alllll about the new Pura Vida Engravable Collection!

@fashionablysurfed and @thatgemruby enjoying their brunch!

The new, highly anticipated Engravable Collection allows YOU to create unique, custom pieces! With options to include a custom name, symbol, date, or special message, the possibilities are endless!

Check out some of our fave PV babes rocking their new custom pieces!

@alexandran.lee wearing her Engravable Signet Ring!
@danielleebrownn wearing her Engravable Bar Necklace!
@oliviaeyes wearing her new custom Engravable Bar Bracelet!

Make sure to check out our new Engravable Collection to create your own PV ring, necklace, or bracelet with your name, birthday, cute symbol, or even an extra special message!

All photos by @iamsamkimm


PV Takes Banff!

December 2, 2019 — by Samantha Paul


This November, our fave Pura Vida babes headed up to Canada for another epic #PVGoesGlobal trip! Explore the streets of Canmore, check out Banff’s beautiful natural landscapes, and start planning your own trip to Canada!


We kicked off our #PVTakesBanff trip with a visit to Lake Minnewanka! It was a genuine winter wonderland – we felt like we had been transported to the inside of a snow globe! Check out some of the pics from day one!


We started our second day in Canada grabbing hot coffee in Canmore! The town had the cutest souvenir shops, an authentic candy store, handmade gifts and MORE! Set amongst the most beautiful mountains we had ever seen – Canmore is a must see on your next trip to Banff!


On day three of #PVTakesBanff we snuggled up for some cozy cabin time! We baked holiday cookies, hung decorations, & had a festive movie night! We even had a popcorn fight! Check out some of the pics below!


We headed to Downtown Banff on our fourth day in Canada! Downtown Banff had the cutest shops and a ton of yummy food! We got to try poutine – a classic Canadian dish with french fries, cheese curds, & gravy! We also tried beaver tails – a Canadian pastry with delicious sweet toppings!


On day five, we drove out to Lake Louise! We weren’t sure what to expect, but as soon as we arrived we realized that the lake was FROZEN! People were standing ankle deep in snow on the frozen lake – it was like a scene out of a movie! Check out our fave pics from the day below!

Where should #PVGoesGlobal go next?! Tell us in the comments below!

Models:@stacieelmer @courtneysteeves @steffieeffie @dreaming_outloud @kaitlinmarianelli

Photos: @jeffisy


Tips for an Eco-Friendly Travel Experience

September 12, 2019 — by Samantha Paul


When you travel to a beautiful new place, you become partly responsible for keeping it that way! Vacations and time abroad won’t always be so enjoyable unless we do all we can to help the environment thrive and flourish. Every little bit helps, and we all need to do our part. Although it may seem daunting at first, developing sustainable travel habits may not be as difficult as you think! Take a look at these simple tips or maintaining an environmentally friendly travel routine.

When You’re Packing

If you’re looking to become more sustainable in your everyday life, there are a good deal of options available. However, when it comes to eco-friendly travel, there are a few specific items you really can’t do without. 

Minimize the amount of waste you generate by bringing your own water bottle, metal straw, and shopping bags. When it comes to storing food and snacks, opt for reusable plastic containers instead of plastic zip-lock bags. Also, using only organic hair and skin care products are a must if you’re at all concerned with preserving the natural environment both at home and abroad. New reef-safe sunscreens and organic shampoos are helping to keep harmful chemicals out of our oceans and waterways, while still letting you look your best. 

Also keep in mind that the more you bring, the more you weigh. The more you weigh, the more fuel is required by your car, boat, and/or plane to get you where you’re going. So packing light will help you limit your personal carbon footprint. 

When You’re Booking

There are plenty of brands out there actively donating profits to help the environment. The same is true for the travel industry. Even though it’s well-known that this industry contributes heavily to the earth’s high pollution levels, if you do your research you can find companies devoted to offsetting their environmental impact with sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives. 

Worldwide hotel chain Hyatt has been dedicated tackling environmental issues since 2014. They’ve focused on installing environmentally friendly lighting and water fixtures, reducing food waste, and even updating their construction/renovation policies to ensure their hotels are built with sustainability in mind. In the realm of transportation, you have eco-conscious airlines like United that are working to reduce their carbon emissions while increasing fuel efficiency, and luxury cruise lines like Virgin Voyages incorporating new technologies to turn their waste and wastewater into clean energy and purified water. If you do some research, you can make sure you’re booking with companies that are aligned with your environmental ideals. 

Before You Leave

Your carbon footprint doesn’t only follow you wherever you go, you’re also always leaving a little of it behind. When it comes to travelling, one of the most overlooked sources of unnecessary energy emissions is your own home. 

Lights and electronics that remain plugged in are always using energy, even when they’re turned off. Getting in the habit of unplugging these items before you head out the door will help you save on both energy, and your monthly bills. Similarly, you can waste a ton of energy heating or cooling your home when you’re not there. Remember to turn down your thermostat to a minimal setting before you leave.

When You Get Back
Once you’ve become a devotee of eco-friendly travel, there’s only one other thing you need to do: tell everyone you know! Some people may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the changes necessary to lead  a more sustainable life. They need to know that it’s actually achievable, and you can be the inspiration for them to make the change. People are more likely to believe the word of a person over a brand, so it’s up to us to spread the word on environmentally conscious  travel and help change the world, one person at a time.

Giving Back

Gifts that Give Back!

December 5, 2018 — by Samantha Paul


’Tis the season for giving—and that includes giving back! So if you want a gift with major impact that lasts wayyy after the Christmas decorations are put away, look no further than our awesome collection of charity bracelets! Not only do the styles look super cute, but they also do a lot of good: For every bracelet purchased, we donate 10% of net sales directly back to the matching charity partner. Keep reading to pick out the best bracelet and charitable cause for all the loved ones on your list.


To help protect Hawaii’s marine life, sea birds and the ocean/coastal environments from plastic, shop the B.E.A.C.H. Marine Debris Anklet

Our B.E.A.C.H. – Marine Debris Solutions Anklet benefits B.E.A.C.H. Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawai`i (B.E.A.C.H.) is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that brings awareness and solutions to the problem of marine debris through environmental education, plastic reduction/litter prevention campaigns, and marine debris removal and research.


To support the prevention, treatment and cure of anxiety, depression, OCD or PTSD, shop the Anxiety Disorder Awareness Bracelet

Wear this bracelet to show your support for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and their mission to promote the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, and related disorders through education, practice, and research.


To advocate for early breast cancer detection and a healthy, active lifestyle, shop the Boarding 4 Breast Cancer Bracelet

The perfect gift for any snowboarder or girly girl, our Boarding 4 Breast Cancer bracelet benefits Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), a non-profit foundation that advocates early detection and a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention. Founded in 1996, B4BC empowers young people to make positive choices that promote lifelong wellness through outreach, prevention and support programs.


To support the conservation and protection of sea turtle hatchlings, shop the Billion Baby Turtles Bracelet

Six out of seven species of sea turtles around the world are endangered or threatened due to poaching, getting caught in fishing gear, plastic pollution, and many other reasons. 10% of net profits of this bracelet will be donated to SEE Turtles and their Billion Baby Turtles project, which helps get hatchlings get to the sea and provides income for rural communities around Latin America.


To help protect endangered species and expose threats to our oceans, planet and marine life, shop the Save the Dolphins Pack

Perfect for the ocean lover, this style pack supports the Oceanic Preservation Society and their mission to expose complex, global environmental issues and promote advocacy through the use of film, photography, social media, and collaboration.


To support a variety of awesome environmental, social and health related causes, shop the Feel Good Pack

The Feel Good Pack is a custom style pack that is made up of our nine best-selling Charity originals. Wear them all together or mix and match your favorite combinations. A great gift for the humanitarian in your life!


Still not sure which charity piece to piece? We have a ton of best-selling styles coming back in stock in the next few weeks! But heads up: They won’t last long, so make sure to follow us on Instagram or visit our Charity page at to be the first to know when they arrive!

Happy gifting!

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