Best of 2016 — DIY Memory Jar

January 1, 2016 — by Griffin Thall



Best of 2016 — DIY Memory Jar

January 1, 2016 — by Griffin Thall

Welcome to 2016! We hope you had a Happy New Years Celebration! Today, starts a blank page to a New Year. January 1st, 2016. What will you do with the days that lie ahead??
One idea for this year is to create a DIY Memory Jar! All you need to do is buy a big mason jar, grab a few items that are probably already lying around the house, and decorate your jar. Throughout this year you will fill it with memories made in 2016. Keep a sticky note pad handy! What goes in this jar is limitless. THEN on December 31st 2016, you can sit around with your friends and family and read everything that was complied throughout the 365 days! It’s really fun to see what was put in, laugh and reminisce on the moments created and recorded.

Some ideas on what to¬†fill your new decorated jar with –

– Memories worth saving

– “LOL” ¬†moments

– Daily blessings

– Movie or concert ticket stubs

– Accomplished goals

– Beauty in nature

– New places visited

– Wins and loses

– Small Polaroids

– Party Invitations


– 1 Big Size Mason Jar

– Mod Podge or Glue

– Old Magazines / Photos

– Paint and Paint Brushes

– Scissors

– Post it notes

How to create:
Take your mason jar and decorate it how you please! Use magazine clippings, old photos, paint or even glitter! Use the mod podge or glue and paint brush it on to the front of your photo so you can paste it to the inside of your jar, so it is displayed on the outside. Make this your own! Get creative and have fun! **Don’t forget to include the year: 2016! So you can save your Jars and start a collection if you choose.

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