@carakuulei’s “10 Steps to the Perfect Wrist Shot”

May 2, 2016 — by Griffin Thall



@carakuulei’s “10 Steps to the Perfect Wrist Shot”

May 2, 2016 — by Griffin Thall

Ever wonder how our favorite wrist model @carakuulei takes the perfect wrist photos?? Well she has shared her amazing ways with us and we are beyond stoked to have her as a part of the Pura Vida team! She has just released her very own PV pack that she created herself. She chose bright fun colors and of course included the Gold 3D Bitty Palm Pacific Blue, since palm trees are her thaaaang!



What does Ku’ulei mean??

The Ku’ulei Pack is named after our favorite little Hawaiian wrist model, @carakuulei!

@carakuulei’s Hawaiian middle name (said Koo-oo-lay) means “My Beloved” or “My Sweetheart.” This tropical and colorful pack is the perfect reminder to always live your dream life, add color to peoples’ lives, and value yourself because you are the beloved!
You are loved. Stay sweet my friends!

10 Steps to achieving the perfect wrist shot!

Step 1: Choose your perfect Pura Vida pack (Ku’ulei Pack) 😜

Step 2: Stack them on your wrist and be intentional with which bracelets you place next to each other!


Step 3: Straighten bracelets and hide strings by tucking them under the bracelets.


Step 4: Find a shaded area and a cool background (plus match your clothing to your stack for an even better shot)


Step 5: Turn phone or camera portrait. Place wrist straight across screen and level/parallel with the ground or wall.


Step 6: If using a cellphone, tap the screen on your centered wrist to get crisp focus.

Step 7: SNAP AWAY!

Step 8: Use VSCOcam to edit your photo. C1 and F2 are my favorite filters!


Step 9: Post to IG centering your photo in the square.

Step 10: TAG @puravidabracelets + @carakuulei + @wristoftheworld for your chance to get featured!



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