May 10, 2019 — by Cassie Hooper


We spent some time with our PV moms and asked them some questions about how their wonder women status balancing their work schedules and being role models to their kiddos…and of course their favorite Pura Vida picks!

Sheva – Design Director, Jewelry

1. What’s the most awesome thing about being a mom?

It’s the most challenging and most rewarding job I’ve ever had! I live for the uncoerced moments of affection—hearing “I love you, mommy” or getting a big bear hug out of the blue. All the temper tantrums are worth it for those moments.

2. What’s one thing you want your kids to learn from you?

To be kind and considerate. Of course, I want my kids to grow up to be ambitious and successful, but nothing is more important than instilling a strong sense of kindness and compassion in them. I want them to be the kids that stand up for the underdogs and always do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing.

3. What’s something you learned from your own mom that you want to pass down to your kiddos?

Giving back and being charitable. My mom was always donating to charities and sharing what she could with those less fortunate, even when things were tight for our family. She remains the most generous and compassionate person I know. If I can pass on even a fraction of that to my kids, I’ll know I’ve done my job.  

4. What do your kids think you do at work?

My 3 year old recently told me, “Mommy, you make good jewelry!” I’m pretty sure he thinks my job as a designer just involves playing with beads and crystals all day.

5. How do you balance the working-mom life?

I focus on quality over quantity. Working full time doesn’t leave too much time to connect with my kiddo during the week, but I make sure I am present when I am with him. That means putting away my phone and giving him my undivided attention, even when somedays that’s only for dinner and bath time.

6. What’s the most epic Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

The cards—it’s all about the cards! No gift is as good as knowing my kids (and husband!) appreciate all that I do as a mama.

7. Which PV product would you give to all the amazing moms in your life?

Love anything with gemstones! My faves right now are the new Triangle Chalcedony Ring and the Chalcedony Charm bracelet. Chalcedony is said to increase optimism and energy, which are two things every mama could use more of!

GretchenMerchandising & Development Director

1. What’s the most awesome thing about being a mom?

For me, it’s about learning from my kids. They teach me something every day, whether it be to laugh more, have more patience, be “in the moment” or just slow down. They bring out the best in me (most of the time!).

2. What’s one thing you want your kids to learn from you?

Respect and kindness! I just want to raise thoughtful, caring, loving kids.

3. What’s something you learned from your own mom that you want to pass down to your kiddos?

My mom had to work really hard to support my brother and I. She did a lot for us, all on her own. She definitely showed me the importance of working hard for what you want and need in life. I don’t think we should have to work as hard as she did to support us, but I value that she never quit and did what it took.

4. What do your kids think you do at work?

Pretty sure they think I string beads on bracelets and hand-make all the jewelry. That, and “do math” all day long.

5. How do you balance the working-mom life?

It ain’t easy! I give 110% at work, but when I’m done, I leave it at work and focus my attention on my kids and hubby. That doesn’t mean I don’t resume working when everyone’s asleep! 🙂 I don’t want my kids to ever think that they aren’t my #1 priority.

6. What’s the most epic Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

My kiddo’s preschool class made “potted flowers” using their hand prints and filled them with beans. A couple of years after that, the beans ended up dropping all over our back yard…and guess what grew? Beans!

7. Which PV product would you give to all the amazing moms in your life?

Do I have to pick just one?! OK, well… I would have to say the Jewelry Monthly Club, because it changes each month and has amazing jewelry pieces!

Erin Goodman – Key Accounts Manager

Erin—who’s the sister to PV co-founder Paul Goodman—is one super-busy lady! When she’s not absolutely crushing it in her sales role, she’s taking care of an almost-1 year old (which is a full-time job in itself!). Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get a quick take on her favorite part of #momlife.

1. What’s the most awesome thing about being a mom?

The best part of being a mom is the unconditional love we have for each other—the excitement on her face every time you enter the room and being able to watch her grow and develop every day.

2. Which PV product would you give to all the amazing moms in your life?

Definitely the gemstone bracelets! So special and chic.

CC – Creative Director

1. What’s the most awesome thing about being a mom?

All the kisses! Air kisses, cheek kisses, nose kisses…you name it. Right now, they come frequently and are often accompanied by unsolicited “Mom, I love you” statements that come so genuinely. I know it won’t last forever, so I’m soaking it all up right now. Oh, and seeing my boys hug, play and take care of each other…I know I did something right to make them actually get along!

2. What’s one thing you want your kids to learn from you?

How to be a good human being who people love and respect.

3. What’s something you learned from your own mom that you want to pass down to your kiddos?

I want my kids to learn about their culture. I’m trying to get my parents to only speak to them in Filipino so that they have some connection to their heritage and, in the long run, have a respect for the diversity in the world. Alas, that’s not working out so well aside from the few silly words I’ve taught my kids, but hey, we’ll keep trying. At least they’ve got the Spanish language dialed in!

4. What do your kids think you do at work?

“Do hard work on a computer…and eat cupcakes…and draw all day!”

5. How do you balance the working-mom life?

Still trying to figure that out… I was taught to work hard, so when I do, I get so zoned in and can see nothing but work. Thank goodness for the kids, as they then remind me to step away from the technology and play with the Legos, draw with them, read them a book or have a snack break (they love veggies—#momwin). But honestly, it takes a village. Much love to the husband, the parents and the friends who are a huge support system so that we can work hard to provide a decent life for our kids.

6. What’s the most epic Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

A little paper mache candle that my oldest son made for me in preschool.

7. Which PV product would you give to all the amazing moms
in your life?

I love fine jewelry, classic silhouettes and tiny details, so I’d have to say:


5 Ways to Have a Good Day

February 24, 2019 — by Chelsey Bishoff


We can all have those bad days where we feel unmotivated and a little down on ourselves. Sometimes there are reasons behind it like stress from school, work or everyday life. Other times, we can’t exactly pinpoint the issue we just know we feel a tad off and need a pick-me-up! Well, we have a 5 step list that is sure to help cheer you up and get you back on your feet!

  1. Go grab a yummy coffee at your favorite coffee shop
  2. Eat a nice healthy and delicious meal
  3. Wear your favorite Pura Vida Bracelets stack
  4. Get outside
  5. Do something kind for someone else

First stop: coffee shop!

  1. Grab a coffee: I love iced chai lattes. They always make me feel better and give me that kickstart that I need. I suggest going to your favorite spot too. It’s familiar to you, so it feels homey and cozy.

2.  Eat a nice healthy delicious meal: Eating well will make you feel good! So, pick something that will make your taste buds happy and your body happy! And we all know that having a good meal helps any mood.

3. Wear your fav Pura Vida Bracelets stack: look good, feel good! That’s our life motto.

4. Get outside: Fresh air can cure all. Trust us! Going near the ocean always helps me. All I need is a little vitamin sea! Or take a nice stroll around a local park. Anything to get you moving and outdoors.

5. Do something kind for someone else: Helping someone benefits us more than you think. You can walk away from a situation knowing you helped someone in need, which ultimately makes you feel good. It will change your whole mood around! Sometimes we get so caught up in our own emotions that it’s good to stop and think about others for a second to help give you a little perspective. Plus, you’ll never regret being kind.


3 Ways To Celebrate Love Day

February 14, 2019 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Valentine’s Day is a really special holiday. It’s a day to celebrate love– all kinds of love, and not just the romantic kind. We spent our day giving back to our community, our friends and even ourselves! It is so important to be intentional and to spread kindness whenever we get the chance. It is easy to over look this Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a significant other, but instead take this time to give some love to everyone!

We started our day by stopping by this flower stand at a local business. All the money from it was donated to a non profit organization, A Safe Place, focused on sex trafficking prevention. Giving back to our community is so essential, and what a wonderful and easy way to do so!

What a great way to start our Valentine’s Day! We picked our flowers and created our very own bouquet. We wanted to continue the “spreading kindness” trend, so we decided to give our bundle of flowers to our best friend!

Next on the list: invite all our gal pals over and celebrate friendship! What’s better than Galentine’s Day with all your best friends?! We made treats and and exchanged small gifts. Lots of bracelets were involved. 😉

Last but not least: treat yo-self. This year is all about self love. Taking time out and spending a little quality time with yourself is something we should do more often. Today, we made sure to take a breather and fuel our bodies. Health and wellness are the best things you can do to honor your body. Put a face mask on, make yourself a nutritious smoothie bowl and grab a good book to read! Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

We hope you take these tips and put them to good use this year! Happy Love Day, Pura Vida fam.

Giving BackInspiration

Charity Spotlight: Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation

February 10, 2019 — by Kristy Ryan


You’ve seen Colton Underwood all over ABC, you may even know he founded a charity, but what exactly is the Legacy Foundation?

This week, we’re excited to spotlight our charity partner, the Legacy Foundation. Read on to learn more about their commitment to helping people living with Cystic Fibrosis, and how you can help!

“The Legacy Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created by former NFL player, Colton Underwood to empower people with cystic fibrosis to live fully, dream big, and support each other.”


FIrst of all, What is Cystic Fibrosis?

The Legacy Foundation website describes Cystic Fibrosis (CF) as a life-threatening genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system. An estimated 30,000 children and adults in the United States (70,000 worldwide) have CF, with roughly 1,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

Cystic Fibrosis causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. People living with CF undergo a daily treatment and medication regimen in order to clear their lungs and maintain their health. These treatments can greatly improve the life span, and quality of life, for CF patients, but unfortunately, they can be time consuming and expensive.


How does Colton Underwood’s Legacy Foundation help?

The Legacy Foundation’s mission is to minimize the challenges that come with accessing the optimal treatment, and empower people with CF to “live fully, dream big, and support each other.”

Founded in 2015 by former NFL Linebacker (and current Bachelor!), Colton Underwood, the Legacy Foundation raises funds for research, and provides equipment and resources for people of all ages living with Cystic Fibrosis. Since its founding, the Legacy Foundation has given nearly $100,000 in cash and equipment donations to CF patients, clinics, and research organizations focused on treating people living with CF. This includes:

  • $60,000 raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation during three football camps to support clinical studies and research.
  • $10,000 raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at a Children’s Hospital to purchase aerodynamic bikes and medical equipment for patients
  • Visits to children’s hospitals with NFL players to brighten the day of patients.
  • Partnered with International Biophysics, the makers of AffloVest, to provide 50 AffloVests to CF patients across the United States through the Legacy Project.

Pretty amazing, right?! The best part is YOU can help too!

Click here to donate directly to the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, or shop the Colton Underwood for Cystic Fibrosis bracelet and Legacy Pack on our website! For each purchase, we’ll donate 25% of net profits to the Legacy Foundation.

Thank you for helping us support the Legacy Foundation!


8 Tips For Self Care

January 28, 2019 — by Kayla Holmes


With the holidays long behind us, getting out of that vacay mode and back into a school/work routine can add to some unwanted stress and anxiety. So we encourage you to focus a little more on you (and treat yourself!) because sometimes you just need to be selfish and indulge in some self care. Read on to discover some of our favorite self care tips to help you unwind, relax, and let go of any stress.


1. Get Moving!

With that new gym membership you just got for the New Year, reap some benefits other than getting that summer bod! Exercising makes you happy through the release of endorphins, while reducing the likelihood of depression. If the gym isn’t for you, we suggest getting outside and paddle boarding, going on a walk, or going for a scenic bike ride. And for those days when exercising is definitely not happening, have a mini dance party in your room! Invite your friends over, blast your favorite songs, and dance the day away!


2. Indulge in Some Scent Therapy

Nothing beats coming home after an exhausting day, lighting a candle, and lying down. Really, is there anything better? Okay, maybe indulging in some ice cream, but scent therapy can have some amazing benefits! Lavender is known for calming the body, reducing stress, and easing that pesky anxiety. You can never go wrong with a stress reducing candle, but we always love a good DIY to mix with our store bought candles! If you’re feeling up for it, try out our lavender and rosemary air-freshener DIY to keep your room smelling fresh and help put your mind at ease.


3. Technology Detox

Consider destressing with a little technology detox every day. Now we don’t mean to throw out your phone and give it up completely, but try setting aside 30 minutes right when you wake up, after work, or before bed to enjoy life screen free. You’ll likely find yourself releasing some anxiety; you may even become more productive or find yourself connecting more with others.


4. Talk About It!

Sometimes the best way to let out all those anxious feelings is simply by opening up and sharing what’s on your mind. Whether you talk with a good friend, a family member, or join an online support group (like the one on the ADAA’s website), it’s so important to vent about your feelings and release all the stress you’ve been piling up. Don’t think your problems don’t matter. You are important and deserve to be heard, so scream it from the rooftops if you need to! Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better.


5. Create an at home Spa Day

When it comes to self care, don’t forget to treat yourself! Because let’s be real, it’s been a long week, you need to destress, and the spa sounds like the perfect solution. The only issue is that spas can be expensive, so here’s our solution: invite your girls over and bring the spa to you! Try out some fun DIYs, like our DIY pore strips or DIY sugar scrub (it smells incredible, you’ll want to use it every day). Make sure to set the mood and create a calming environment with your favorite scent, some relaxing spa music, and let your mind unwind and destress with your new spa DIYs.


6. Meditate

One of the simplest things you can do to help yourself reduce stress and anxiety is meditation! We understand how crazy life can get, between balancing work, a social life, and exercising (seriously, there’s not enough hours in the day), but we promise you’ll benefit from taking 10 minutes out of your day just to sit and meditate. We suggest using Headspace, an app built for meditation anytime and anywhere – so feel free to destress in the morning, during work, or even before bed.


7. Write it Down

Remember being little and writing down every little thing that happened in your diary? Writing and journaling can be a great way to destress and unwind from an anxiety filled day and allow your mind to ease. Whether serious writing or doodling is your forte, letting your mind wander and getting creative can be a great way to let go of built up stress! Even something as simple as writing down a list of to-dos or writing down things that didn’t completely go wrong during your hectic day can help. Draw, doodle, write a novel. Whatever way your mind sways creatively will be perfect for throwing that anxiety away.


8. Try Something New

We get so sucked into routines – wake up, go to work, work out, go to bed – sound familiar? Don’t forget to try something new! There’s something enticing about finding a new hobby, reading a brand new book, or discovering a new trail. Finding something that can break up your normal routine can be a new outlet to relieve your stress from the day and be a great coping mechanism from anxiety. You may meet new people or discover a new skill, so go try something new that will allow you to relax and unwind – you never know what may come from it!



Regardless of how you choose to practice self care remember to check in with yourself throughout the day and practice the self love you may be needing. Shop our brand new Anxiety Awareness Style Pack (below)! For every purchase, we’ll donate 10% back to the ADAA.

Do you have any other ways you like to destress? Comment your favorite ways to relax and unwind below.


NEW Daisy Jewels

January 24, 2019 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Spring can’t come soon enough. We’re so excited that we went ahead and put together some fun spring looks for you with the new daisy charms! From the bracelets, to the dainty necklace, we are loving the flower child vibes that these new pieces bring. Take a peek at some of the stacks and get inspired! What will you be pairing with your daisy jewelry?

The Yellow Daisy charm

The Winterfresh Daisy charm

The Daisy Choker

The Black Daisy charm

Wear them all together!

The Blush Daisy charm

And of course, the Daisy studs


Summer Jewels

July 3, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff


New season, new jewelry! We have added a whole new look to your summer essentials. Never go a beach day without them! From our cactus set, to the new rings collection we have ya covered. You can never wear too many, so you may as well suit up! Take a peek at how we have styled them this summer. How will you wear yours?

Shop all the jewelry here!

We couldn’t help but wear them all… but who’s counting.

Festival ready with the Cactus earrings!

Have you seen the NEW Rose Gold Wave Ring?!

Cactus necklace!



Here’s to summer!

May 31, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Surf’s up! Summer is finally here and we are SO excited! Time to book those trips and explore new places. Where is your dream destination? Currently dreaming of the Hawaiian coast. Pack a bag, grab your friends and get going! SO many places to see, and much to experience. Take Pura Vida Bracelets everywhere! Don’t forget to share your adventures and tag us: #puravidabracelets #livefree

Aloha, ocean!

Most importantly, stay hydrated!

Can you do anything but cheese in the summer sun?

Palm tree paradise!! All the heart eyes for these guys.

Can’t travel without your favorite outfits. Essential, amiright?

Lastly, bracelet game on point!! #armcandy is most important. What is your summer stack?

Never quit being curious. Always explore and learn new things!


Wave Cuff

March 16, 2018 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Introducing our newest arm candy! We are so excited to finally get these wave cuffs available to you. With summer just around the corner, we know you are sure to make this a go-to accessory! Find it in silver or gold. With it’s adjustable fit, lightweight and daintiness you can wear it with anything and everything. And trust us– we have been! Both colors are available on the website:

Which one will you choose?

Simplicity is never a bad idea– less is more!

OR, stack them with your other island charms!

How cute are all these charms looking combined with the gold wave cuff?

You can even wear them together!

Order one today. Happy shopping!


Rings on Rings on Rings

August 23, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


I’m sure by now you have had to hear about all the brand new rings.  If there is one thing we can’t get enough of, this is it! You have so many to pick from, there is bound to be one that is just your style. Choose one, choose all! From the brand new rose gold wave, to the delicate touches of turquoise and geometric patterns. You can even buy them together with your bestie to match! Which ones will you be rocking this up coming school year? We can’t wait to see how you style yours! Take a look at some of our stacks:

Sweet summer moments accompanied by only the cutest rings.

Style guide and a bit out outfit inspo:

Simplify it by just adding a few here and there. Keep in mind that sometimes, minimal is better!

Don’t forget to pair them with your favorite PV bracelet arm candy as well!

Mix and match!

SO may ways to pair these rings. The options are endless. Have fun, be creative and more importantly always be you.

So have we made you obsessed yet?!

Find all of these on the website and more:


Summer Clutches

July 27, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


So, I’m sure you’ve heard all the rave about our NEW Summer Clutches. These are one of my all time favorite Pura Vida products. Not only do they style well with all my summer PV bracelet stacks, they go with everything! I have been on the search all summer long trying to find the perfect bag to easily carry around with me… and BOOM Pura Vida Bracelets obviously answered my prayers! With the perfect size and shape, I can fit everything important in there plus more! If you haven’t gotten yours yet… what are you waiting for? After this blog, Im sure youll be making your way over to the site to grab a few of your own. 😉

Featuring two out of a few of my favorite summer clutches. One being: Havana Clutch!

And the next being: Aloha Beaches Clutch!

Aloha Beaches Clutch! Find it on the website.

Havana Clutch! Find it on the website.


Paradise Beach Tote

July 11, 2017 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Who else is flipping over the new beach tote?! I have been searching for the perfect beach bag to throw all my things in when I’m on the go. Let me tell ya, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The beautiful shade of coral, accompanied with navy really made for such a cute beachy look. This has totally become my new go-to bag!

Take a closer look below!

I mean c’mon, There’s no denying how adorable this is. The fringe that flows down along the front of the bag is my absolute favorite part!

What do you like to bring along with you on your island adventuring?

It’s also plenty spacious enough for even the bulkier items you may have.

Make sure to pair it with your favorite Pura Vida bracelets as well!

Have you shopped yours yet? Find it on the website NOW! Your new perfect Paradise Beach Tote is waiting for you!