Aloha Weekend!

July 8, 2016 — by Chelsey Bishoff


Who’s ready to get this weekend started? Headed anywhere wild? We are itching to sink our toes in the sand and feel the sunshine on our skin! There’s no other way to feel the bliss of summer time other than chillin’ out by the shore. Come along and take part on our island adventure!

Can we all take a moment and pause because this is palm paradise!

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Dock side hangs and takin’ it easy.




Summer adventures call for hammocks, sunnies and your favorite Pura Vida bracelets, duh!






Nothing but smiles and sunshine


Ended our day the best way we knew how- cruising on a yacht!

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So long beach bums! We want to hear about your sea days. Tag your favorite vacay spots featuring your bracelets to #puravidabracelets on instagram.

Stay salty!

Photographer : @shana__banana


5 Best International Destinations for Music Lovers

June 10, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


If you’re a true music lover, you know that you can’t stick to just one genre to truly appreciate the art. In fact, you probably have dabbled in several genres and love them each for their own uniqueness. It’s possible you even play an instrument or two yourself, were in a band (or desperately wanted to be), have obsessed over a drummer or two and definitely are a big concert-goer. Like big. So you’ve checked out all the best venues around, have done a few stops at Lollapalooza or Coachella, and dropped by a good open mic night for some local talent. So where to next? Here are five of the best (trust me there are loads) international destinations for music lovers.

Vienna, Austria

As a music lover, you know that Vienna is the City of Music. And if you didn’t, well it might be time to go “Bach” to the classics and be “Schubert” to trek on over to this stunning city. Vienna is home to some of the biggest giants of classical music, from Beethoven to Brahms, Mozart, Strauss, and Haydn. Vienna celebrates each of their legacies annually with a performance season that starts in September and ends in June.

There are also nine different festivals each year along with the famous Vienna Philharmonic. Some music lovers would consider seeing them perform in the Wiener Konzerthaus a definite bucket-list item.

Kingston, Jamaica

For not only some bumping music but also some bumping culture, Jamaica is a sure showstopper. The Caribbean is known as a beautiful travel destination, but don’t make that the main reason why you pick it as your next vacay. Known as the musical heartbeat of the Caribbean, Jamaica’s Reggae is one of the most internationally recognized music genres. Built from Jamaican folk music and calypso with American jazz and blues, Reggae’s rhythm and flows have made it a top pick for many music connoisseurs.

Along with this, Reggae is popular for artists to express their thoughts on political and social conditions and even is used as a mighty tool for “change.” While you’re there, be sure to stop by the Bob Marley Museum. So “get up, stand up” and “lively up yourself” with a little bit of the pioneer of Reggae’s top hits.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The United States is home to a plethora of rockin’ music festivals, but we breezed over the likes of Cleveland and Seattle and Nashville (because, well, it’s country) for New Orleans for its exquisite history and lively music scene. Known as the birthplace of American jazz, New Orleans is famous for the annual New World Rhythms Festival and exploding Mardi Gras festival.

These aside, Congo Square features local music around the clock and be sure to swing by Preservation Hall. Known as the best jazz venue (and a French Quarter institution), this venue isn’t just for its smooth and silky sounds but is also a gallery and photo studio.

So if you want a little bit (okay a lotta bit) of culture with your music, New Orleans is a great destination.


It’s a stunner, that’s for sure, but probably not for what you’re thinking of. Japan has the second largest music market in the world and music has played a huge part in its history and culture. In the Samurai culture, they would listen to Buddhist chanting or orchestral court music during training to become more enlightened. But today, Japan isn’t just the perfect stop for their orchestras. Japanese Pop and even Jazz have boomed and dance groups seem to really find a home in Japan.

Don’t be surprised too, if while on a Japan tour you stop by a few good karaoke bars. Japan is home to the first karaoke machine and travelers the world around never miss an opportunity to drop by a few while on vacation. Oh and guess what? Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray even filmed in one for Lost in Translation. So if you venture that way, take the time to check out Karaoke Kan for some good fun and film worship.

Berlin, Germany


With music comes great flavor, and you better believe that Berlin is on our stop for flavorful music cities. From classically trained musicians to punk rockers and more, Berlin’s Kreuzberg district is known as the historic home of Berlin’s punk rock movement. Today, the city still continues to draw music lovers the world around. Even if you don’t love punk rock or classical music, the SO36 music club in Berlin was a favorite destination for David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

If you’re a house music lover Berlin is also a great destination. With its pulsating beats, the experimental Echtzeitmusik found its home among house lovers all over Berlin. Check out Madame CLAUDE, an underground bar that features live Echtzeitmusik. Berlin is definitely a fun crazed spot for anyone wanting to find something new and exciting.

By: Vincent Strokes


Top Five Desert Destinations

May 23, 2016 — by Griffin Thall

Having grown up in Oregon, I’m used to…let’s just say…a bit of rain (aka A TON). So naturally, being that the grass is always greener on the other side, I find myself drawn to the exact opposite of what I grew up in: Deserts! Coincidentally, here at the PV headquarters we’ve been obsessed with all things desert lately so I’ve been feeling all kinds of inspired. So in honor of our desert daze, here is a list of my top 5 desert destinations–enjoy PV fans!

Representative manager

1. Jardín Etnobotánico de Oxaca: People from all over the world flock to this botanical garden to check out the unique fusion of exotic plants & local culture.


2. Arizona- Sonora Desert:

Cactus lovers unite at this rad spot but beware, the Arizona-Sonora Desert hits crazy high temperatures in the Spring & Summer!


3. White Sands National Monument: New Mexico is home to this gorgeous spread of gypsum crystals that will leave you wondering how mother nature pulled this one off.

4. Joshua Tree National Park: Contrary to its name, Joshua Tree National Park isn’t home to JUST Joshua Trees- you’ll also find beautiful cactii, pretty wildflowers and gorgeous rock formations that’ll make you want to stay for more than just the day!

5. Namib Desert: Spread across 1,200 miles in Southern Africa, the Namib Desert is unique in that it is a coastal desert AND is widely considered the oldest desert on Earth.



Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa (Costa Rica Destination)

May 10, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


What up Pura Vida Fans! Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman here, founders of Pura Vida Bracelets. A few weeks ago we decided to take a little trip back to Costa Rica and visit our team of 100+ talented bracelet artisans. On our journey there, we made a little stop at the beautiful Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa. Let me tell you something… from the second we walked into the lobby we were blown away by everything. From the fresh aroma of the check-in area, to the complimentary organic papaya and pineapple smoothie, our first impression was like “WOW, we are in for a treat!”


Shortly after that, we checked into our room and to our surprise there were Costa Rican chocolates waiting on our pillows with a fruit basket by the flat screen TV. This definitely isn’t the Costa Rica we are used to! We got to stay in one of the resorts newly-renovated Orchid Rooms! After that, we put our stuff down and opened up our curtains to a direct view of the Arenal Volcano. Being so close to such an amazing landmark truly captures the essence of “Pura Vida” and just the whole Costa Rican lifestyle.


After we checked in and got settled in our room, we took a little tour around the Tabacón Resort. Never in my life have I seen such beautiful, natural plant life. The rich colors of the flowers and greenery surrounding us felt like we were in the set of a Hollywood movie. The sounds of the birds, frogs, and wildlife around us was truly something else.


As we made our way towards the resort’s natural hot springs, we could not believe what we saw. It was amazing to know that the water actual runs from the base of the Arenal Volcano, all the way through the resort! The resorts “in-river” pools that make up the hot springs are naturally heated with the volcanos magma! WOW. The temperature of the hot springs goes as you move closer to the volcano, making the Shangri-La pools the hottest! It felt like we were hanging out in the most exotic place in the entire world. We made our way to the top of where the water was flowing to find ourselves in the Shangri-La Gardens. We could not believe this exclusive, high-end area of the resort (it’s adults only too!). There were a dozen private bungalows to just lay down in and relax to the sounds of the nature all around us. With a mix of the running water and wildlife, we were in total relaxation heaven. The staff around us was beyond helpful as they instantly served us some guacamole and chips followed by a special local drinks.



The next morning was adventure day. We had zip-lining planned at 10am, horseback riding at noon, and a massage at 2:30pm. Doesn’t that just sound like the dream plan? Let me start with zip-lining real quick. We started by climbing up this pretty steep ladder tower to get to the highest point of the course. Once up there, the real fun began. I strapped a GoPro Hero 4 to my helmet and recording the entire thing. The guy helping me out with the gear connected me to the first wire, told me to lift my feet up, and gave me a little push on the back. ZOOOOOOOOM!!! I went flying down this wire and what felt like 100mph to land safely onto the next platform. My favorite zip-line was #6 (The Tarzan Swing) which was one of the longest ones in the course and shot you through a forest of trees over looking a massive canyon with a waterfall just pouring out water right in the middle. It was nothing short of amazing.

IMG_4636 IMG_4644

About an hour or so after that, we grabbed ourselves a few horses. What an experience this was OMG! I am not one to ride a horse, so this was totally new to me. Paul, myself, and the tour guide rode these horses all the way to the base of the Arenal Volcano where we took some amazing photos of the forest sounding the volcano. After about 30 mins or so into the tour, we found this insane neon green lake! It was 1″ of bright green moss sitting on top of a natural lake at the base of the volcano. How cool is that? Shortly after that, we made our way back towards base camp to get ready for the final adventure of our day… THE SPA!! 🙂

IMG_4674 IMG_4700 IMG_4709 IMG_4736 IMG_4783 IMG_4789 IMG_4792 IMG_4808 IMG_4831 IMG_4836 IMG_4837 IMG_4849 IMG_4854 IMG_4862 IMG_4866 IMG_4875 IMG_4881 IMG_4926 IMG_4941 IMG_4955 IMG_4979 IMG_4991 IMG_4998 IMG_5005 IMG_5009

So we got back to the hotel, grabbed a quick bite, and made our way towards The Spa at Tabacon. Okay, let me just start by saying that I have never in my life been in a place that is so tranquil, relaxing, and so well designed in my entire life! The soft sounds of the wildlife, the dim lit tea lamps everywhere, the beautiful locker rooms, and the hot tub just steaming as you walk is was just all so amazing. So we check in with our masseuse and get ready for the deep tissue treatment. They walk you to these private open open-air rainforest bungalows hidden among the trees, and give you a few minutes to change and get settled in the massage table. As the treatment begins, the masseuse offers you 3 different types of oils all with different relaxation purposes to fit your needs. She then asks if you would like music, or to just enjoy the natural sounds of Tabacón Resort. After 60 minutes of this amazing experience, she walked me back to the spa lobby with a tropical smoothie waiting for my arrival. I relaxed there for about 30 mins, let my muscles just melt into the lounge chair, then made my way back to the hotel room to get ready for an early dinner. If that is not the best 24 hours in my entire life, I do not know what is. #PuraVida

IMG_5010 IMG_5011 IMG_5013 IMG_5022 IMG_5025 IMG_5030 IMG_5045 IMG_5046 IMG_5049 IMG_5052 IMG_5053 IMG_5056

Tabacon Resort wants to hook you guys up with a sweet deal too, so check it out!

The resort’s Nature’s Playground (Green Season) Package includes:

  • 1 night of accommodations
  • buffet breakfast at Los Tucanes restaurant
  • one dinner at Ave del Paraiso restaurant
  • unlimited access to thermal springs and Shangri-La Gardens
  • Wi-fi & valet parking
Rates start at $430/night. Pura Vida customers who want to book can call 1-855-TABACON and request the package by name. The website,, has 24/7 live chat where you can book as well.






LA Wall Crawl

April 26, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


The city of Los Angeles! There are so many cool things to go do and explore. Blogger @arielraee ad IG wrist model @carakuulei joined by their friends Kali and Miranda (@kaliiraeee and @babyymirrr)  went exploring to some of the most Instagram Famous LA walls. They called it #LAwallcrawl.

If you are ever in LA, be sure to check out some of these walls! There are many more walls to visit in LA, but they picked their top favorites. Colorful heart wall, Polka dot wall, Collet Miller Wing Wall, and the famous PINK wall. Below you will find photos from their day in the city, and where to find each location.

Wall #1 Heart Wall | Atwater Village
Intersection of Los Feliz Blvd & Brunswick Ave


Wall # 2 Polka Dot Wall by @TheMostFamousArtist | The Springs
608 Mateo Street

Pink Wall | Paul Smith
8221 Melrose Ave.



Destination Joshua Tree (PV Photoshoot)

April 14, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Hey PV Fans! It’s Brittany Young bringing you today’s blog post.  I was the stylist for our last Pura Vida desert shoot!

Styling a photo shoot for Pura Vida has always been a dream of mine, so I was stoked when our Art Director, Cassie, asked me to come along this weekend as a stylist! Once I found out that it was in Joshua Tree I was like a little kid in a candy store. The Joshua Trees & giant boulders, & cacti which are spread throughout Joshua Tree National Park, make for the perfect backdrop for our bracelets & accessories.

We left San Diego in the early afternoon to get to Joshua Tree in time for sunset. Of course had to stop before heading out to get some french fries and burgers before we made the almost three hour drive to the desert. Once our stomachs were happy we all set off to the desert and arrived just in time for some prime time dusk lighting. There were all around good vibes during the shoot.

Our model Tori, was totally sweet & everyone was joking around & genuinely excited to get some great photos. We drove to 3 different spots in the park to shoot and we were beyond excited for the grand finale-the smoke bomb photo!

I was given the responsibility of setting off the smoke bomb & to be honest, I was pretty terrified as I’m pretty klutzy. Luckily the smoke bombs are made from corn starch & food coloring so it was a pretty safe & worry free process setting them off (and they’re totally environmentally friendly which was huge for us!). Once we wrapped up the final shots with the smoke bombs we were all so excited to look through the photos & everyone was going nuts over how they turned out. We called it a wrap and headed over to a local pizza spot in Yucca Valley to share some pies. We all talked about how inspired we were from the trip.

It was such a great day but now we’re all suffering from a serious case of wanderlust—

Any thoughts on a location for our next destination shoot?! Leave us a comment below!!

blog-photos_01 blog-photos_02 blog-photos_03 blog-photos_04

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Photographer: @ovethmartinez

Stylist: @brittany.youngg

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Blog photos: @griffinthall


10 things you must do on a Hawaii Vacation

February 15, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Aloha life is the best life. With its care free atmosphere, fun adventures, constant sunshine…no wonder people call it paradise. We believe everyone should visit Hawaii at least once in their lifetime! In this blog post, we are giving you a list of 10 awesome things you must do on a Hawaii vacation. The islands have so much to offer, from beautiful blue waters, amazing hikes, great food, and sights to see. We hope if you get a chance to visit, you take advantage of the great things that make the island life what it is.

1) Enjoy Hawaii’s trademark frozen treat: Shaved Ice

2) Go on a hike. There are so many amazing hikes in Hawaii. Usually you get a mix of jungle, river, climbing up water falls, and jumping off cliffs. And most of the time…MUD!  Island Hikes are nothing short of an adventure.

3) Snorkel, Paddle board, do something fun in the crystal clear water other than wade in the waves (which is also amazing fun)

4) Visit a local farmers market. Hawaiian produce is always so fresh and amazing. You won’t regret stopping through and experiencing some of the Hawaiian flavors.

5) Find a waterfall. People post about them all the time, and how to get to them. Whatever island you are on, find one that fits your personality best. Some are moderate and easy to access. Others are more difficult to get to, but worth the work. It is the best feeling to arrive at one, and take a swim right in the waterfall itself.

6) Take a Catamaran ride. This is a great way to soar over the waves off the coast. Be sure to choose a “Swim and Sail” tour, so you can have the chance to jump off the boat. Hopefully you get to experience sea life, like dolphins or turtles! If you happen to visit OAHU, Hawaii…Check out our friends over at @sailmanukai  They sail right out of the famous Waikiki beach! Website HERE

7) Experience a Luau. Fire, grass skits, great food. It’s a Hawaii must.

8) Get your squad together, have a beach day, swim in the waves, grab a smoothie, and get tan.

9) Swim with SHARKS. NO CAGE DIVING. We DARE you.

10) Find some”Mermaid” tide pools. Most of the Hawaii islands have tide pools you can swim in. A lot of people share online where to find them! Go explore and float in the pools!

Photos by @arielraee & @carakuulei


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Leave us a comment below what you would do first on your Hawaii visit!! 


Panama Dreamin’

February 1, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Our Friends took a surf trip to Central America to visit beautiful Panama!
Panama is world famous for it’s 48 mile canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. With its beautiful beaches, amazing surf spots, international festivals…It is definitly one place to try and visit at some point in your life.

Thank you Morgan Oliver Allen (@moliverallen) for sharing your adventure with us, and taking our bracelets along too! We are now Day Dreaming of this stunning place.




Hawaiian Lemonade!

January 21, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


When life gives you lemons….save them for another day!! And GO TO @WOWWOWLEMONADE instead. They do all the work for you. When in Hawaii, this lemonade stand is a MUST to put on your list of places to visit.

If you are visiting either Maui or Oahu: You are in luck! They have a few locations you can visit on your trip. Check out the locations here.

These Lemonade stands definitely give off the “Aloha Feel” the moment you step in. WowWowLemonade prepares handcrafted lemonade from fresh local ingredients! They use produce from local farmers to create the most unique and freshest lemonade around!


Don’t forget to get the ALOHA mason jar to take home with you!

They have so many yummy flavors to choose from! Over 15!! We had a very tough time deciding. Strawberry mint, Lilikoi Strawberry, and Pineapple were some of our favorites!

Find all these colorful bracelets on our website and have your own Hawaiian lemonade wrist party next time you visit Hawaii!


Comment below which lemonade flavor you would want to try! 


Bucket List Journal Inspiration

January 21, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


Oh the possibilities of 2016! Do you have a list of places to see, adventures to be made, and goals to be accomplished? Compiling a list of things to do in this life is a great way to help us achieve them. When we write stuff down and constantly re-visit our list, it reminds us of the goals we have set for ourselves!

If you have never made a bucket list before, I encourage you….START NOW! You can buy a bucket list journal online or in some bookstores. You can even create one out of a blank journal! Get creative and start making your list!

This Bucket List journal was purchased at World Market.

When you travel, and accomplish something you have written down on your list, don’t forget to collect the artifacts! Plane tickets, Photos, Post Cards,and wrist bands are all great keep sakes to stick inside your journal.

Get to compiling your list! Stuck on ideas? Pinterest is a good source for that! You can find ideas on their “Travel Pins” or even search “Bucket List”
*Hint: STICKERS are a good thing to collect and stick onto your pages. Everywhere you go: festivals, restaurants, landmarks —ask if they have stickers!

DSC00006 DSC00041 DSC00035DSC00017
Don’t forget to take Pura Vida along for your Adventures!

Post by @arielraee

Leave us a comment below a few things that are on YOUR Bucket List!!! 


Salt Wander Lust

January 19, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


One of our Pura Vida Babes Eryn Krouse (@eryakrous) took flight to go explore the Island of Oahu! She met with photographer Aaron Nakamura (@aaron_nakamura)  at one of Oahu’s sought out beaches, Waimanalo. It it a beautiful beach known for its three miles of soft white sand, ironwood trees, and beautiful turquoise waters. It was rainy when Eryn and the photographer met up at the beach to shoot. Luckily, Aaron (photographer) had an underwater housing unit for his camera, so they decided to go out for a salty water swim. Despite the unusually cold temperature that day in Hawaii, Eryn didn’t mind getting right in, because the ocean is one of her favorites places to be at. We love seeing where our PV reps get to travel to, and take us along for the adventure!
If you ever get a chance to visit Oahu, Check out this beach! We promise you will not regret it! Thank you Eryn for sharing a glimpse of your time on the island with us!


Eryn Wearing: Pura Vida bracelets:
gold-hammered-charms-gold-hammered-flat-bar-cream-1_1024x1024_32b9b0d6-ccd9-4fe2-9036-3dc2fd394bae_1024x1024Gold Hammered Flat Bar Cream

Gold Hammered Flat Bar Seafoam
studded-seafoam-studded-1_1024x1024Seafoam Studded 

Also Wearing: Ibiza Passion ring, Peony Swimwear top, Midori bikinis olive bottoms

Photos by Aaron Nakamura

Leave us a comment which tropical place YOU would like to travel to! 


5 Places You Must See Before Going to College

January 17, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


A lot of people have a bucket list and usually on that list are places to visit before dying. Well, why not visit those places before even going to college? It is one of the best times to visit somewhere exotic and different. There’s nothing better than flying off after being burnt out from finals, standardized tests, etc., and coming back home with a whole new lease on life, ready to take on college. So here are five places to see before heading off to college, and if one of them is particularly wonderful, then stay for a while!

Athens, Greece

Athens is the birthplace of Western civilization and a must see destination. History books may paint Athens as only a place of culture, but Athens is definitely more than just culture. Yes, this is one of the best times to visit the Parthenon since it can now be seen without its scaffolding. And of course there must be a visit to the Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Hephaestus. Yet there is much more than just sight seeing, there are amazing beaches in Athens. There is nothing else like relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Athens and enjoying the wonderfully blue Aegean Sea. That relaxation after a day of touring all those cultural places is quite satisfying.

Sydney, Australia


The harbor city of Sydney, Australia is one of the most beautiful and vibrant in the world. Its iconic Opera House is definitely a must see even if it’s not to see a concert or symphony. The location of the Opera House near the Royal Botanic Gardens just means it’ll be an easy walk to see culture and nature. One of the best things about visiting isn’t actually the sights and sounds, but the ability to easily receive a holiday work visa. The visa allows those between the age of 18 and 30 to see Australia without worrying about running of money. It gives time to see more than just the Opera House and the Royal Botanical Gardens, it allows a true immersion into the culture of Sydney, Australia.

Galapagos Islands


 the Galapagos Islands are known for the animals and Charles Darwin. Maybe thinking about biology and evolution on a trip after high school is not something that would be considered fun, but the Galapagos Islands are an eden. The various islands of the Galapagos contain everything from vast volcanoes to idyllic beaches, not to mention the diverse and friendly wildlife. So who cares about the biology and evolution, the Galapagos Islands are too lovely to miss, and well, hands on learning is always the best anyway.

Marrakech, Morocco


Exploring Marrakech is exploring the living history and culture of a people. One of the best ways of learning a culture is diving into its market places and Marrakech has a huge market place. The commercial district of Marrakech is warren of small stores. Wandering the area is like wandering into Wonderland, every corner has some interesting new discovery of lush carpets and breathtaking carpentry. Spending money there would not be a hardship either since the dollar is much stronger than the Moroccan Dirham. Just beware that most of the stores are on a haggling system.

Osaka, Japan


Osaka is the place to visit in Japan after high school, Tokyo is the place to visit after college. Whereas Tokyo is a reserved city, Osaka is a youthful, extravagant city. The extravagance of Osaka is exemplified in Dotonbori with its large LED screens and several restaurants of local and street food. Osaka also hosts Universal Studios Japan and Umeda Joypolis Sega, which has two floors of video games. After all the games though, there’s still Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple. And if you find yourself falling in love with the culture and sights, might as well take a tour. Japan has one of the best transportation systems in the world. The Shinkansen system allows fast travel between cities and travelers can really take advantage of this with the rail pass. With unlimited rides, might as well see the temples of Kyoto and the vastness of Hokkaido along with the extravagance of Osaka. Any of these places would be wonderful to see and experience, just make sure to remember to register for those fall classes.

Blog Post Written By: Vincent Strokes

Comment below which of these 5 places you would travel to!

Take along a beaded black bracelet, that can go along with all your travel attire!