Headphone organizer

January 30, 2019 — by Chelsey Bishoff



Headphone organizer

January 30, 2019 — by Chelsey Bishoff

Whether you are traveling or packing your backpack for school, headphones are usually number one in our bag. Nothing is more annoying than a tangled pair wrapped up in all our other items. Today, we will teach you a quick DIY on how to keep them organized and neat when packing them away. Follow along!

Here is what you will need:

  1. two clothes pins
  2. adhesive glue
  3. washi tape
  4. gold sharpie

Start by measuring out the washi tape to fit the top and bottom of the clothes pin. You may have to trim the tape’s edges to fit perfectly.

Next, color the sides gold with your sharpie.

Now time to glue the two clothes pins together.

Face them together on opposite sides.

Clip the earbuds in between the clamp and wrap the headphones in a figure 8 motion between the two pins.

Once you have them all wrapped up, pack them away!

And there you have it. Ready to go!

One comment

  • ofhsoupkitchen

    August 5, 2020 at 4:47 am

    Wow, very simple yet efficient! I never would’ve thought of this as a way of keeping and organizing headphones away from the unorganized and tangled mess. Thank you for being thoughtful about sharing this helpful idea!


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