Learn How to Paddle like a Surf Pro

July 17, 2015 — by Griffin Thall



Learn How to Paddle like a Surf Pro

July 17, 2015 — by Griffin Thall

When in doubt, paddle out! We spent some time out of the water with Barefoot Surf Travel‘s expert surf guide, Franco Rivas (@pepes_world), so he could give us some tips on how to improve our paddling and become a better surfer. Check it out!




1) Lay down on your board and make sure your body is centered. The nose of your board shouldn’t be too far out of the water or below the water either. Being in the right position on your board is important for paddling faster and more efficiently. 


2) Keep your chest and head up while looking out towards the waves. You always want to be aware of what’s going on around you and keep an eye out for other surfers.


3) Cup your hands like a spoon while you’re paddling, so you can really move through the water. 


4) Starting from the nose of your board, pull one arm back towards your legs in a smooth, fluid motion through the water using your arm, shoulder and back muscles. Your arms should stay as close to the board as you possible to get the full range of motion and most power. Alternate this movement between each arm.


Thanks to Franco Rivas(@pepes_world) and Barefoot Surf Travel for the photos and an unforgettable surf trip in Nicaragua.




If you want learn more than just how to surf, but also how to read waves, get passed the break and to become an actual surfer, a week with Barefoot Surf Travel should be in your very near future!

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