MER-Makeup Inspiration

April 18, 2016 — by Griffin Thall



MER-Makeup Inspiration

April 18, 2016 — by Griffin Thall

Everyone loves mermaids! Want to achieve the mermaid look? Hair, make up, nails. With summer right around the corner, these mystical sea creatures have us inspired for that beautiful mysterious look. Below you will find instructions to achieve lovely mermaid face make up. Keep your eyes peeled for future mermaid inspired blog posts!!

Big thanks to Alexis (@ladyystardust ) who taught us how to do this make up tutorial. Check out her feed and give her some LOVE!


What you will need:

-Your daily face make up products
-Fake Lashes
-Pigment make up
-Eyeshadow brushes
-Fishnets* (for the scale effect)

You will start off with your regular make up routine. Adding a little extra eye shadow that you might usually do, and fake lashes.

Instructions for regular face make up:
(The base before mermaid scales.)


1) Brows. Start off by using some form of brow filler. Begin to create the shape you want and then filling them in. Use a concealer that is about two colors lighter than your foundation color and underline the bottom of your brow for highlight and it will make your brow look cleaner and more distinct.

2) Use some type of eye primer all over eye under your concealer.

3) Eyes. Do your eyeshadow as desired. Pick colors thats stand out and remind you of the ocean/ mermaid feel. We used golds and purple.

4)  Lashes. Put on glue to fake lashes, wait till the glue gets tacky and place on lid.

5) Use your favorite face primer and put foundation on.

6) Conceal under eyes.

8) Highlight and contour face. Add blush.

9) Add a dark lip.

10) Compliment make-up with  “fishtail” braid.


How to add mermaid scales:

Use bright colored pigment make up. We used a brand from Mac make up.
Three colors we used because they reminded us of a mermaid: Orange, Hot Pink, and Purple. Mac terms:  “Kittenish, Rose, and Copper Pigment”
Use your fishnet that can be found at target or walmart, and spread the fabric to how large you want your mermaid scales to be. Wet your makeup brush with setting spray or water, and fill in hole with desired color. Grab a friend to help you apply!


Make Up Artist: Alexis @ladyystardust
Model: Miranda @babyymirrr
Photographer: @arielraee

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