Greetings from Alberta!

January 8, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Hey guys! Anna Lengstrand sent us these amazing shots from Northern Alberta, Canada where she spent her holidays.  Anna told us that when they were outside adventuring, it was so cold that the camera would shut down, but she was luckily able to catch some truly awesome snow scenes as she embarked on a snowshoe adventure down Bear Creek.  Check them out below!

In Anna’s own words: “2014 was a though year for me with many challenges; I learned so much about myself and what I value in life and what makes me truly happy. To quote MindBodyGreen, the choice to embrace life fully must come from the inside. Once you find it, your world is forever changed. Choosing to accept yourself as you are in this moment is real freedom.”

Photographer: Anna Lengstrand
Location: Grand Prairie, Northern Alberta, Canada


Open Road, Open Water

December 18, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Hey guys! Anna Lengstrand sent us these amazing shots from Northern Alberta, Canada where she spent her holidays.  Anna told us that when they were outside adventuring, it was so cold that the camera would shut down, but she was luckily able to catch some truly awesome snow scenes as she embarked on a snowshoe adventure down Bear Creek.  Check them out below!

Freedom, sunrises, spontaneity, Redwood, craft beer, beach walks, love, simplicity, adventure, rain, sunsets, nights in the van, smiles, paddling, sea lions, stars, picnics, cuddles, new places. Love and adventure. Departure into unknown land. I’m very thankful that we got to do this road trip from Canada to Northern California before winter hit us. I’ve felt very trapped the last few years. Stuck in one place fighting with immigrant issues and visas. So driving down South meant a lot this time: the right to freedom.It’s tough to go from a lifestyle full of world travels and adventures, to a place where you put all your time and energy into something completely different: the right to STAY where you are. I’ve learn so much about myself during these years of fighting, and I appreciate the small things in life even more now. This trip is the first time I allow myself to just breathe. Completely relax again. I’m almost there now. I just have to keep trusting the process. Enjoy the journey. Grow. Let myself be lost in new places together with my favorite person who gives me so much happiness, inspiration and strength. I’m back on the road exploring places far away again and I couldn’t be happier!

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. 


Travel Often, Travel Far

December 2, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Hey PV fans! Our girl, photographer Anna Lengstrand, recently drove her way through Oregon and Northern California on an amazing week-long road trip and we were stoked when she sent us some pictures from the road. Check them out below!

“The world’s big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”

Van life. Simple life. Just enough space for all our toys (paddle boards, mountain bikes, camera gear, etc) a bed, food, cooking equipment and us two. Pure happiness. We don’t need much more. The unknown in front of us. All the worries are left behind. What matters are the simple things in life. Like what to eat, where to park for the night, and what to explore. This is how we are meant to live.  Free. 

I don’t believe that humans are supposed to live in on place their whole lives. We are explorers. We are supposed to wander. I love to try new things, see new places, meet new people, and be fully present. Traveling makes me modest. Traveling makes me get to know myself, explore all the different sides of my being. Be more aware. It makes us appreciate the little things in life even more.

Travel. As often as you can. As far as you can. Put down the map and let yourself get lost.
Photographer and Model: Anna Lengstrand @annalengstrand


Cloudy Skies and Grey Days

November 12, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Sometimes life is rushing too fast. I often need to press pause. Take a step back. Make sure that I’m balanced and live life in a way that  makes me truly happy. Last weekend I spent a few hours at Porteau Cove, a beautiful little beach outside Vancouver BC that is full of driftwood. I needed to find my inner balance again. Recharge.

What is it with the aquatic life that makes us feel at peace? The constant movement? The energy? The vastness? The relaxing sound? We are all born and still live in a natural world. We are made of the same molecules as nature. Connection with nature helps us to heal and find the natural balance. The ocean healed me this day. I found balance. Many of us live a life disconnected to nature, and I believe that this makes us very unhappy and stressed.

Photographer and Model: Anna Lengstrand @annalengstrand

Porteau Cove, British Columbia, Canada


Paddling Out on Lillooet Lake

November 3, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


“As you live you learn. I have learned to seize the day and take chances. To focus on what makes me truly happy. That the best things in life usually happens outside your comfort zone. It’s important to believe in yourself when other people don’t. It’s important to say yes when others might say no. I have learned that change is nothing to fear. Rather, it is something that we need, something that we can’t avoid.”

“I try to do things with my whole heart, listen to my inner voice, be present, live free, and live simple. I don’t need to be constantly surrounded by people, but I make sure that the people I have in my life are real and true friends and people who inspire and make me smile. I do things that makes me feel alive, and things that I have never done before. Every day is a gift and I’m not going to waste it.” – Anna Lengstrand
Photographer: Eric Beckstead (@ericbeckstead and
Anna Lengstrand (@annalengstrand)
Location: Lillooet Lake, British Columbia, Canada


Into the Mountains with Anna Lengstrand

October 15, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Hey guys! Here is another amazing shoot from Anna Lengstrand.  She took these photos this past weekend on an overnight hike.  Here is what Anna had to say about her experience:

So this was my last overnight hike for this season. It’s getting cold out. We headed up to Semaphore Lakes in the coastal mountains outside Pemberton BC, set camp, and then went on to summit the Locomotive mountain. There was snow in the air and it was very cold, but it cleared up as we reached the top, even though the going was pretty tough and slippery.

I did it as a Thanksgiving hike – as a thanks to nature and to the Earth. I’m thankful to be alive and to be healthy. I’m thankful to live in the mountains and to be one with nature and to focus on a simple live style and to live free. I’m thankful to be able to explore our beautiful world everyday.

I’m thankful to live in the mountains and let them teach me about life. They put things in perspective.

Credit: Anna Lengstrand @annalengstrand


Joffre Lakes and Matier Glacier with Anna Lengstrand

October 13, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Hey PV fans! One of our favorite photographers, Anna Lengstrand, sent us these amazing shots from Joffre Lakes and Matier Glacier! Check out these gorgeous pictures and read what Anna has to say about letting go and getting lost in the wilderness.

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.  Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.” – John Muir

I’m the happiest in wilderness and mountains. In nature. That’s where I belong. Someone once told me that there is too much brain activity and thinking going on in crowds and cities, which disturbs your own energy field. I can see that. I think I’m quite sensitive to these energies. Before this particular hike I hadn’t been up in the alpine for couple of weeks, and I really felt under the weather. A fall cold had hit me, and work had been very stressful with a lot of pressure. I felt out of balance. But as soon I was surrounded by the large powerful coastal mountains, it feel like they absorbed all negative energy and replaced it with calm and peacefulness.

Nature always has this effect on me. And most people I believe. We need to get out there and explore, meditate, activate our bodies, shut off these over-thinking brain of ours, breathe, be present. I believe that living a life close with nature will make us all happier and more balanced.

Follow Anna on Instagram @annalengstrand for more amazing photos!
Location: Joffre Lakes & Matier Glacier; Pemberton, BC