You Know You’re a Beach Bum When…

July 14, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Do you constantly crave salty air, wavy hair, calm seas and swaying palm trees? You know you’re a beach bum when…


1) You plan your day around when the sunsets.
2) The deciding factor of you going to the club/bar is whether you can wear flip flops or not.
3) You always carry a bikini around with you.
4) You can spend the entire day laying in the sand doing absolutely nothing and feel so content with life.


5) Cracking a coconut open is second nature to you.
6) You don’t understand people who don’t like the beach.


7) You have a million hair products that promise to give you “beach waves”, but the final result is nothing like the real thing.

8) You own a shirt that says ‘Beach Bum’.
9) You’ve been pretending to be a mermaid since you can remember being alive.


10) You know to only take photos at ‘Golden Hour’.
11) You get really angry when you see someone litter at the beach, like they’ve just thrown garbage inside of your own home.
12) Your favorite Pura Vida Bracelet is this one.


13) You’re always the first one in and last one out of the water.
14) Dolphins are your spirit animal.
15) You’re not at the beach, you dream of it and when you get there, you never want to leave.


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