Sunflowers + Pura Vida Bracelets

August 22, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Sunflowers + Pura Vida!  Check out these awesome images by photographer Hallie Macpherson.  We love our bracelets paired with this effortless look!

“I was feeling inspired and really wanted to shoot more with Pura Vida Bracelets!  I love test shooting with this girl and these bracelets!  The photos always come out so happy and summery.  I’m trying to take in as much summer as possible, before its over!! – Hallie

Instagram: @halliekathrynphotography

Facebook: Hallie Kathryn Photography



Summer Bliss

July 16, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


“Stay close to what keeps you feeling alive.”
Embrace your inner flower child this summer with Pura Vida.  Summer is all about adventure, exploration, and good vibes.  What inspires you?

Photographer: Monica Justesen 


Style and Fashion blogger Lauren Kawano

July 10, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Check out the latest photoshoot with fashionista Lauren Kawano and photographer Aaron Rodriguez!!

“I am a 21 year old aspiring to be a style and fashion blogger.  I have known for many many years now that fashion and styling was where my heart was and I promised myself I would do whatever I could to accomplish my dream.

When Pura Vida contacted me I couldn’t have been more excited!  The vibe of this company is just so fun and summery!  Aaron and I have worked together on so many shoots at this point, we are able to just turn the world off and get in the zone.  He is fabulous behind the camera and we had too much fun coming up with ideas for the shoot.  In all honesty, we knew it had to be FUN FUN FUN! And we had fun shooting and ended up with some awesome fun looking photos, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Pura Vida has this aura about it that just brings sunshine into your life.  Their product is perfect for summer and is really just well made and high quality.  I couldn’t be happier to be apart of the Pura Vida family, they are too rad.” – LaurenCheck out Lauren Kawano on Instagram for more style and fashion inspiration!

Photographer Aaron Rodriguez