14 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

December 3, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


To give is to receive! Make this season extra special by giving more kindness, love and your time in addition to all the wonderful presents. Here are 14 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays to get you inspired:


1) Ask everyone to donate to your favorite charity instead of buying you a present this holiday season.
2) Organize a toy drive at your school.
3) Grab a group of your friends and volunteer at the local food bank.
4) Remind people on your social media to also give back during the holidays. Every bit counts no matter the size or the contribution.
5) If you live in a snowy state, shovel your neighbours’ driveways after a big snowfall. BONUS, it’s a great workout!
6) If you live in a sunny state, mow your neighbours’ lawns as a surprise for when they get home from work.
7) Bake chocolate chip cookies and bring some hot chocolate to your local fire or police station.
8) Get creative and draw up a coupon book to give to your parents/siblings/roomies etc. for house chores you wouldn’t normally do.
9) Gather up your old coats and donate them to Goodwill or a homeless shelter.
10) In the Starbucks line, pay for the person’s coffee behind you.
11) Write a kind, cheerful note and leave it on someone’s windshield.
12) Bring some blankets, pet food or toys to the animal shelter.
13) Have a holiday bake sale and donate the profits to your local homeless shelter.
14) Shop our Charity Collection and cross some lucky people off of your gift list. Each bracelet donates to a different cause so you can give gifts AND give back at the same time!


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