Live Free With Pura Vida

April 29, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Live free with Pura Vida!  What makes you happy?  Happiness is key to living a healthy lifestyle.  Here are 5 ways to live free and happy this summer-

1. Enjoy the outdoors- Get out and get moving!  Try taking an early morning stroll along the beach.  Or explore your local farmers market.  Anything to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

2. Eat healthy- Eating healthy can be both fun and rewarding.  Fruit is the perfect snack for those hot summer days.  Slice up a watermelon and bring it along on the go.

3. Be creative- Do something creative!!  Try a new DIY project.  Pinterest is a great source and is home to thousands of DIY projects.  Painting is also a great creative outlet.  Try breaking out those watercolors you’ve had stashed away.

4. Become one with your surroundings- Slow down your pace and enjoy the flowers you pass by everyday.  It’s amazing what we miss while in a hurry.

5. Good company- Spend your time in good company.  What’s better then having your good friends by your side?

Happiness is contagious and happy people radiate.  Show us what makes you happy and tag us on Instagram #puravidabracelets



Get Out And About This Summer

April 28, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Get out and about this summer with Pura Vida.  Go somewhere new!  Take a road trip up the coast.  Hop on a plane and explore the unknown.  Everyone should travel at least once per year.  Travel broadens the mind.  It allows us to experience different cultures.  Live unique lifestyles.  Get a bunch of friends together or travel solo.  Meet new people and try new foods.  Live life to the fullest and have a blast this summer!!

Styles shown above: Gold 3 Circle Dark Grey, Silver Bar Seafoam, Solid Pacific Blue, Seafoam Braided, Glacier Freeze, Platinum Ice Blue.  Tag us on Instagram #puravidabracelets wearing your favorite styles!


The Best Coachella Fashion… and the Worst

April 21, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Coachella Weekend Two has officially come to a close. Because last week we highlighted some of our favorite celebrity looks, this week we wanted to appreciate some of the best festival fashion as a collective; so here are a few of the trends we loved.

Photo cred: Tyler Joe
It was all about flowy, feminine, floral prints and edgy cut-outs this festival season… and we couldn’t get enough!

Photo cred: Tyler Joe
This Mikoh swimwear Kahala Kahala top also made quite an appearance at the festival; and paired with tribal inspired prints made it a go-to look.

Photo cred: Tyler Joe
Simple dresses and tunics paired with booties were more popular, chic looks for Coachella. Simple is always better, and these two outfits added in boho accessories like fringe and cowboy hats to make them on trend for festival fashion.

Photo cred: Getty Images 
Anything crochet, we loved. Plus, adding that detail into one of our favorite pieces of clothing (the romper) made this look one of our favorites. In addition to keeping the color palette of the outfit mostly monochromatic, this was definitely one of our faves.

And, the worst…

Photo cred: Christopher Polk/ Getty Images
Coachella is not EDC… so put your furry booties away!

Photo cred: Jason Kempin/Getty Images
No pants, no problem? Wrong.

Photo cred: Jason Kempin/Coachella/Getty Images
And this… this is just all wrong. Flower crown + fringe + cut-outs + crop top = too many trends, not enough time.

Hope everyone who went this year enjoyed it! Until next time, Coachella, we will miss you.   


5 Brands to Know – April Edition

April 16, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


We did this in March, and we are doing it again! Below are five brands that we love and we think you would love, paired perfectly with your Pura Vida Bracelets, of course.

Local Celebrity

Local Celebrity is a t-shirt brand that creates designs and phrases on t-shirts that can be construed as sarcastic, insulting and imply that the wearer is self-obsessed. Which plays on the entire irony of the brand and the brand name “Local Celebrity.” It plays off of the narcissistic twenty-something generation that we are, yet the clothes are fun and funny and when not taken seriously, will get a few good laughs.

Flynn Skye

This is the perfect line for those that want to embody their inner hippie. The clothes are flowy, yet sexy and they reveal, but not too much. Fuel your inner bohemian goddess and take a look at the brand. Your free spirit loving self will be enamored, I promise.

Thug Life T-Shirts

This brand is very similar to Buy Me Brunch in that the shirts are a simple, grey cotton, either tank-tops or t-shirts, and have funny phrases printed on them. They are inexpensive and more so fun to wear than fashion forward. If you are feeling rebellious in any way, than check out this site.

One Teaspoon

One Teaspoon is an Australian brand for the edgier soul. It mixes leather with denim, plays with Cheetah and floral prints and showcases a vintage feel through its ripped denim and monochromatic color schemes.

Buy Me Brunch

Buy Me Brunch is the perfect brand for the semi-sarcastic person that wants to showcase said sarcasm in a stylish way. It is basically a brand tailored to both guys and girls that thrives off of subtle hints of poking fun at something that could definitely be labeled politically incorrect.


We’ve Got The Blues

April 16, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Break away from your weekday blues with this awesome stack.  Perfect for all you mermaids and ocean lovers.  We love this color scheme paired with crop tops, shorts, and boho dresses.  They look stunning stacked with other jewelry and accessories too.  This stack includes; Solid Pacific Blue, Solid Marine Blue, Silver Bar Seafoam, Save The Dolphins, and Seafoam Braided.

Every purchase of a charity bracelet supports a good cause.  We love the Save The Dolphins bracelet and style pack.  The colors were chosen strategically by our team to represent “The Cove” campaign.  The blues represent the ocean the dolphins call home.  The sand tie string represents the shores the ocean washes up on.  The red dot represents the slaughtering of the dolphins in Taiji, Japan.  Get yours today and help save the dolphins!


Fashion Addict

April 9, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


As girls, we tend to be huge fashion addicts.  Deciding what to wear on a daily basis can be a struggle.  We always seem to have too many clothes yet nothing to wear.  It can take a bit of time putting together an outfit.  Lucky for you, Pura Vida Bracelets match with everything.  Our bracelets come in every color of the rainbow.  Making it effortless to stye with all your latest trends.  You can mix them, match them, stack them, and pair them with other accessories.  They are super easy to slip on!  Perfect for those days when you’re flying out the door.  We love this stack paired with shorts and baggy tees; Silver Feather Collection, Gold Bar Strawberry, Flat Braided Salmon, Platinum Salmon.


Wild And Free

April 7, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Living the Pura Vida lifestyle wild and free.  Our bracelets are great for slipping on the wrist in a hurry.  Perfect for those effortless mornings.  Whether its a nice stroll down to the beach or a busy morning.  We love a great stack paired with a boho style outfit.  Get yours today and show us your favorites!  Tag us on Instagram #puravidabracelets



The Ocean Is Calling

March 31, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


The ocean is calling!  Grab your bikinis, boards, and favorite Pura Vida Bracelets this summer.  Our bracelets are 100% water proof.  They will not rust or tarnish, perfect for all you ocean lovers.  We love these colors paired with this bikini by Odina; Gold Bar Burgundy, Platinum Cream, Flat Braided Burgundy, Silver Feather Strawberry, Burgundy Braided, Flat Braided Salmon, Sandstorm. They give that extra spice to your summer styles.

Have you checked out our fan photos?  Join the movement and show off your favorite Pura Vida collections.  Plus, tag us on Instagram #puravidabracelets and show us how you plan on spending your summer!

Swimwear thanks to




March 27, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Spring has sprung! Here are 5 things we are thankful for during spring:
1. Sunshine: The perfect excuse to wear those fashionable sunnies you’ve been hiding all winter long.

2. Spring fashion: Spring time means less clothing more skin.  Shorts, bikinis, kimonos, and crop tops.  All the best fashions come out in March.

3. Flowers in bloom: Colors, beautiful colors everywhere!

4. An extra hour of daylight: Finally!!  Perfect for spending more time at the beach.

5. Driving with the windows down: A nice breeze, what’s better then that?

Original collection shown above.


What’s Your Favorite Spring Color?

March 25, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


What’s your favorite spring color?  Radiate in style with our original collection.  Did you know our original bracelets come in every color of the rainbow.  Every bracelet is 100% waterproof.  They are great for any condition or activity you have going on.  Go surf, snowboard, or even take a shower with them on.  The original style is great for mixing and matching with our charm and platinum styles.  They also go great in contrast with your daily outfits.  Pura Vida is the perfect compliment to any outfit.  Get yours today!  Tag us on Instagram #puravidabracelets wearing your favorite colors.  We cant wait to see what you choose!  Also, don’t forget to check out our fan photos for your chance to be featured!


Summer Is Right Around The Corner

March 24, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Summer is right around the corner.  This means beach parties, bonfires, and spending your days in good company.  Spend your summer days right wearing Pura Vida.  Our Stroke Awareness charity bracelets are perfect for those evenings spent on the beach.  We can’t get enough of them in combination with other summer colors.  Besides being super cute and stylish, each purchase goes to an great cause.  Two dollars are donated to the National Stroke Association with every purchase.