Giving Back

Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii

December 12, 2018 — by Jasmin Manzano


On the most recent Pura Vida Goes Global trip to Hawaii, Vanessa and I spent the afternoon volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii in the spirit of giving back this holiday season.

We kicked off the day talking to the kids about Pura Vida Bracelets and our artisans!! They were stoked to learn what “Pura Vida!” means and receive their matching PV original bracelets and sticker packs!

We were partnered up with two of the sweetest girls!

After a round of Aloha Bingo, three-legged races “Around the World” and some crafts, we hit the playground for some outdoor exercise! The kids were super eager to teach all their mentors how to play Avengers!

Read more about Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii and their initiatives to change the lives of Hawaii’s youth here.


Coco Ho X Pura Vida

December 23, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


We couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with one of surfing’s most talented, driven and youngest female pros, Coco Ho (@xococoho).

As the youngest woman to ever qualify for the World Tour at the age of 17, Coco Ho wants to motivate other girls to break through barriers and pursue their passions. Through her perseverance, hard work and courage, she’s not just an athlete, but a true inspiration.

Check out how Coco rocks her bracelets on the beaches in her hometown of Oahu, Hawaii.

Untitled 1[1]

Untitled 7







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Willie Kessel

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Touring a Hawaiian Pineapple Farm

November 21, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


It’s no secret that we love pineapples. Did you know they grow from the ground? And can take up to a few years to fully mature? Take a behind-the-scenes look at how our favorite fruit is grown on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Don’t forget to keep up with all of our adventures on our Snapchat >> Username: @PURAVIDABRAC

PineappleFarm-1 PineappleFarm-2 PineappleFarm-3

PineappleFarm-8 PineappleFarm-4 PineappleFarm-5
PineappleFarm-9 PineappleFarm-10

Thanks to the Bowden’s for having us and showing us their wonderful farm! If you’re ever in Waikiki, make sure you visit the Hawaiian Crown Plantation Cafe and grab a fresh pineapple juice or a few pineapples to take home.


Featured Bracelets:
Seed Beach Adobe
Solid Peach
Platinum Aqua
Cream Braided
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Destination: Waikiki, Hawaii

May 14, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Revered as the birth place of surfing and Aloha spirit, Waikiki is a tourist hot spot for any and all beach lovers. Located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Waikiki is the perfect spot for people watching, world-class shopping and boasts the best views of the iconic Diamond Head.

What to Do
Rent a SUP or surfboard and paddle out into the middle of this giant shallow bay. You may even see a turtle or 4! Don’t wanna get sandy? Then get spending as you stroll along Kalakaua Avenue. With everything from high-end handbags to bikinis on a budget, it’s a shopaholics dream!

Where to Eat & Drink
Sip on a Mai Tai from the infinity pool at the Sheraton Waikiki which overlooks the entire turquoise bay then eat, drink and spread aloha at an evening luau.

Where to Stay
For the most authentic island experience rich in Hawaiian culture and history, stay at the Moana Surfrider, the very first hotel built on Oahu in 1901.

Where to Party
Hop on a sunset catamaran cruise (drinks and panoramic ocean views included) then head to The Beach Bar at the Moana Surfrider for seaside cocktails and more uninterrupted views of the big blue.

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How to Make the Best Acai Bowl

May 11, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


After a day of sun, salt and sand, whip up the perfect post-surf snack: a healthy and delicious acai bowl. We let Haleiwa Bowls show us how to make the BEST acai bowl on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and maybe even the world!

2 C Total of Frozen Blueberries, Strawberries & Bananas (equal parts of each)
Sambazon Pure Acai Smoothie Pack
Splash of Milk (We love coconut or rice milk!)
Your Toppings of Choice:
Granola, Bee Pollen, Honey, Chia Seeds or Diced Fruit. Get creative!

1) Combine the frozen fruit and Sambazon Acai in your blender. You may need to add a splash of milk to get everything moving. Turn your blender on and take breaks in between blending to stir the frozen mixture.

2) Scoop the yumminess into a bowl. Top with the granola first.

3) Then add some fresh fruit, bee pollen and finish off with a drizzle of honey.

4) Grab a spoon and enjoy on your lanai while the ocean breeze keeps you company!

Gold & Silver Bangles: Owlette Hawaii

Thanks so much to Kylie, Anna and Sam for showing us how it’s done! If you’re ever on the North Shore of Oahu, be sure to head to Haleiwa Bowls (@halewiabowls).

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Summertime Daydreams

January 20, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Hey PV fans! Its a gloomy day here in San Diego and we are missing that summer sun a little bit extra today. To cheer ourselves up, we wanted to share with you this gorgeous photoshoot from Aaron Nakamura and Eryn Krouse.  Check them out and get lost in the Hawaiian sunshine and waves with us!

Photographer: @aaron_nakamura
Model: @erynkrouse


The Hawaiian Lifestyle

June 30, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Got a case of the Mondays?  Wash ashore with Pura Vida this summer!

Hawaii, known for their white sand beaches, clear waters, and perfect year-round weather.  There’s no denying, that anyone who is anyone, is spending vacation time on the beach.  From Hawaii, to California, and all the way to Costa Rica, they look great on any wrist!  Check out these photos done by photographer Aaron Nakamura and model Eryn Krouse.

Show off your wrist in style, with our most popular bracelets!!  Platinum Cream, Seafoam Braided, and Seafoam Solid.


Five Best Swimwear Brands of 2014

March 3, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Yes, it’s winter. Yes, the east coast is going through a debilitating blizzard/snowstorm at the moment, and yes, it is even starting to rain in San Diego, but why not give every one something to look forward to? Because we love the beach and all things that come with those beautiful sunny rays, here are five swimwear brands to know. What better time than now to order a bathing suit for the upcoming summer months? You’ll be ready to go, when every one else will be rushing to find the perfect fit.

Mikoh Swimwear: 
The beauty of Mikoh swimwear is that it is seamless and hardware-free. The suits are soft, inspired by different cultures from around the world, yet the play with prints and cutouts makes them one-of-a-kind.

Triangl Swimwear: 
Triangl swimwear is vibrant and fun, mixing an array of bright oranges, pinks and blues, outlined with a thick black border. They are slimming, well fitting and make you feel good – and their easy to mix nature makes them ready-to-wear.

Acacia Swimwear:
Acacia swimwear combines classic swimwear pieces with the low-cut Italian flare and the sexy, classic Brazilian fit. Mixing sexy string cutouts with high-waisted bottoms and cheeky one-pieces, each swimsuit is seamless perfection.  

Lolli Swim:

Lolli swim is a little more retro than the other three. Inspired by an earlier time, vintage-like bows, girly ruffles, feminine prints and heart-shaped cutouts make this brand one to look out for.


Playing with fringe, bold colors, tribal prints, and of course, the Chloe Wrap Top, what’s not to love about L*Space Swimwear? For the girl who fears nothing and loves everything, this is the brand for you.


The Wanderlust Festival in O’ahu!

February 28, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Pura Vida is in Hawaii this week and we couldn’t be more excited! Here to celebrate the Wanderlust Festival in O’ahu, we wanted to give you a taste of what we will be experiencing. To begin, here is a simple definition of the word, so you are not already completely lost:

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel. And the Wanderlust Festival is a one-of-a-kind weekend long experience bringing together the world’s leading yoga teachers, top musical acts and DJs, renowned speakers and top chefs and winemakers, all in a setting of breathtaking, natural beauty. Below is a short list detailing some of the components to one of these festivals, and maybe, if it sounds like something you would be interested in, you can go to an upcoming festival. A complete schedule of the festivals can be found here.

The Wanderlust Festival Experience:

  1. Yoga: It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced yogi or a beginner just wanting trying something new, the Wanderlust festival has a program that caters to every individual. So lift to the top of the mountain and sit among the clouds, or join an intimate, smaller class based in a studio. The main goal is to get you to benefit from an experience that you may not be used to, surrounded by a community of people all with the same goals in mind.
  1. Music: A wide array of music is also performed at these festivals. Ranging from intimate pop-up shows to main stage events, the eclectic array will feed into your experience and enhance your overall journey. Some of the bands going to be featured at the O’ahu Wanderlust festival include DJ Drez, Kevin Paris and Donavon Frankenreiter.
  1. Outdoor Adventures: One of the great things about these festivals is that they encourage you to get off the mat and out into the surrounding natural setting. Some of the cool outdoor adventures featured at the O’ahu Wanderlust Festival include eco-kayaking through the Kawela Bay, horseback riding, a helicopter tour of O’ahu and an off-road segway tour. 
  1. Food, Wine and Local Craft: Grass-fed, cold-pressed, small-batch, gluten-free, certified-organic – this is the kind of food you are going to get when attending this festival. The whole experience is about cleansing your palette, so what better way than from the inside out?
  1. Speakeasy Lectures: The Speakeasy lecture is unique to the Wanderlust Festival in that subjects who speak always speak about topics that pertain to mindful living. It is a casual experience, where the speakers can literally speak-easily, and it is one of the main draws to attending these festivals.

Find more information about the Wanderlust Festivals here, and hopefully everyone has a happy weekend!


Pura Vida Goes to Hawaii!

February 19, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Pura Vida Bracelets is coming to Hawaii and we couldn’t be more excited! We get the amazing opportunity to showcase some new products, exclusive to the Hawaii region, and we can’t wait to spend some time with our sunny friends in the Pacific! Read below for some general information on the series of Spring Trunk Shows coming up next week and learn more about the new products we have coming out.

The first trunk show is at Sand People Ala Moana Monday, Feb. 24 from 3p.m.- 6 p.m. We will be debuting our new Spring Collections including our Exclusive Hawaii Only Aloha Bracelet as well as new Bag Collection, iPhone cases and of course new bracelets. Link to the site:

The second trunk show is located at Rebecca Beach in the Royal Hawaiian Resort, Waikiki. In addition to our new Spring collections, we will also have a Commemorative Royal Hawaiian Pink Bracelet. We have two shows on Tuesday Feb. 25 – that morning from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and that evening from 5p.m. – 8 p.m. Link to the site:

Our third trunk show is on the eve of the Wanderlust Festival, Wednesday, Feb. 26 from 2p.m. – 4 p.m. at Noelani Designs in Haleiwa. We will be selling bracelets exclusive to this store, so come in and let us help you pick something great to match all of your finest yoga gear. Link to the site:

Lastly, our final destination will be at the Wanderlust Festival Oahu at Turtle Bay from Thursday, Feb. 26 – Sunday, March 2. Link to the site:

We look forward to seeing you there and remember, these bracelets will only be sold in Hawaii! So come on out and enjoy some fresh, new products.