Top Surfer Girls to Follow on Instagram

September 1, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


We love and respect all those female surfers out there who are breaking barriers and crushing barrels all while staying beautiful on the inside and out. Follow our fave Instagram accounts for all the surfer girl inspiration you’ll ever need:

Alessa Quizon – @alessaquizon

beach vibin' ☀️ @billabongwomens #billabongsurfcapsule

A photo posted by Alessa Quizon (@alessaquizon) on

Laura Enever – @lauraenever


11 Inspiring Instagrammers You Should Follow

May 26, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Here’s a round up of our favorite Instagrammers to keep you motivated, inspired and to fill your feed with prettiness!

1) @momentaryhappiness

11311552_457814277720990_1713854702_n_medium 11349328_991221600889101_1150313135_n_medium 11269611_1580706998868607_805110854_n_medium 11385229_109217236079411_36844803_n_medium

2) @taramilktea

11311070_355798277950909_1090904472_n_medium 11326501_1601207523497689_2142931178_n_medium 11328389_767245623373493_1331476889_n_medium 11142284_1590907391164969_103210619_n_medium

3) @mattcrump

11271013_488918407923247_1636936580_n_medium 11260555_1601714470046435_1289385477_n_medium 11257834_356626301208347_663521415_n_medium 11266377_821135167976162_726666529_n_medium

4) @inspire_yourself_

11379150_946913862039670_337864387_n_medium 11252105_1669099106642713_791414074_n_medium 11327848_841806192571674_855455798_n_medium 11311236_403950986478755_2106046709_n_medium

5) @stephanieblaunc

11241555_1128106813871490_2023356004_n_medium 11199649_1065521726809809_1502552518_n_medium 11240431_386425521550857_2049935053_n_medium 11191380_626761217424579_918568186_n_medium

6) @stoked_yogi

11193132_351145781748711_491275201_n_medium 11245057_758182197629964_1270649557_n_medium 11274294_1635404526695851_764524336_n_medium 11137811_445436662289425_1533780301_n_medium

7) @lifebeforework

11142171_1566950663574275_1881371327_n_medium 11351895_109975166002874_1378449072_n_medium 11189988_391090811079194_1874634528_n_medium 11137997_1598864187028904_104116873_n_medium

8) @scottypass

11008329_831481443564555_964619709_n_medium 10964100_1399767783661813_1513046970_n_medium 10727695_1602606073310405_1212215280_n_medium 11189669_1581455908780023_890833631_n_medium

9) @dametraveler

11378884_1665717690314854_382576576_n_medium 11282723_844936585594231_302738681_n_medium 11272902_364346293768748_2483344_n_medium 11325871_385238798337096_92459473_n_medium

10) @barefoot_surf_travel

11252530_582191135216803_1485458125_n_medium 11084616_946906192015596_329705151_n_medium 11189620_930759356975355_1339535729_n_medium 1208319_449381641904760_195162644_n_medium

11) @katgaskin

11247122_823355424422787_687016197_n_medium 11245004_1588872964701415_2028139517_n_medium 11256760_697171493721319_218455135_n_medium 11249663_969533726411865_335502527_n_medium

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She’s a Wanderer

October 22, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


“We shot the photos at Skyline in Corona, CA. We wanted to go with more of a nature feel, but also fun and free feeling. I love what you guys are doing, and the hearts behind it all. I’m blessed and I know Mariah is, as well, to be able to be a part of the Pura Vida movement by supporting the company and its cause.” – Alyssa Estersohn

Photographer: Alyssa Estersohn
Model: Mariah Monroe
Location: Skyline Drive Trails – Corona, CA
Instagram: @alyssaricole


Reasons Why Photos Are Important

March 18, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


From camera phones to digital cameras, our generation takes thousands of photos everyday.  I believe pictures are an important process.  They help us freeze a memory in time.  They take us back to a place we might have forgotten.  Photos are an expressive way of art.  They help us understand the beauty of life.

Not every photo is the same but they’re all worth a thousand words.  It’s all about the individual taking the photo.  The way they view life through the lens.  For Pura Vida, photos help us tell our story.  The story behind the string and the many different lives we are able to change.

As the weather is warming and summer is approaching, it’s essential to capture those everlasting moments.  Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram wearing your favorite Pura Vida Bracelets.  We want to see the way you live your life!




5 Amazing Instagram Accounts to Follow

March 10, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


When more than 50 million users around the world upload more than five million photos to Instagram every hour, it is safe to say the app is quite popular. And because we appreciate good photography, we wanted to share with you some of the top Instagram accounts we like right now, inspired by the scenic simplicity of nature and urbanized photography. The culture these photos express is palpable of a generation moving forward in photographic creativity. Beauty is found every where, so why not give you a glimpse to the beauty that you may have yet to experience. 

  1. Brenton_Clarke:
    His photos are inspired by the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains found in the southern half of Missouri and northern Arkansas. Consisting of sunsets, sunrises and inspired by the geometry of nature, his photos are crisp and captivating. 
  1. Cory Richards:
    As a national geographic photographer, Cory Richard’s photos give you a glimpse of natural beauty from all over the world. Photos range from images of him rock climbing in Ukraine to close-up shots of Walruses and polar bears in Antarctica. His photos give you an amazing glimpse into a life you probably don’t experience every day.
  1. Zak Shelhamer:
    San Francisco based surfer, snowboarder, photographer and filmmaker, Zak’s photos are for the viewer inspired by the ocean. His photos are a mix of beach shots, with underwater, surf photos in addition to snapshots of his pursuits along the coast. His photos give a unique perspective on living in San Francisco and discovering its natural beauty.
  1. Jared Chambers:
    An LA based photographer, Chambers’s Instagram account is by far my favorite of the five. An eclectic, eerie mix of beautiful landscapes with intimate portraits makes each photo feel like something you want to be a part of. His use of color, geometry and precision makes his photography sharp, clean and breathtaking.
  1. Cole Rise:

    With a unique perspective and an emphasis on colors, Rise’s Instagram account will keep you entertained, yet inspired. He is also a pilot so a lot of his photos give you that perspective; it is strangely intimate, and a genuinely interesting account.