The Takeaway: What We Can Learn from the Beach

February 20, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


The beach is my place of solace. It’s always there, welcoming me with open arms, ready to kiss me with the sun and float my worries away. There is so much we can learn from Mother Nature and a sandy shore is my perfect idea of school.

Play in the sand.
Have fun. Be silly. Get dirty. Run around. Build sand castles and dream out loud. We all work so hard at working, but how hard do we work at playing?

Cherish every sunset.
Be present. Let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Be thankful you’re alive. Watch the sunset and hold onto every minute. It doesn’t matter what happened or what will happen. All that matters is what’s happening right now.

When life gives you waves learn how to surf.
The seas get rough and waves come rolling in, which can completely turn our lives upside down. The only thing we can do is gather strength, stand tall and confidently ride it out until we conquer those waves. Everything always works out and all we can do is go with the flow and make the best of it.

The only thing certain in life is the rise and fall of the sun.
Change is constant. We’re thrown curveballs unexpectedly and things are unpredictable. But what we can trust is that a new day is always on the horizon and with every sunrise there’s hope for greatness.

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5 Best Yoga Poses in the Morning

February 16, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Inhale happiness and exhale greatness. Wake up on the bright side every morning with these 5 yoga poses meant to clear your mind, open your heart and set yourself up for a wonderful day.

1) Forward Fold
You’re most likely going to be sitting for the majority of the day so stretch it out now. Slowly bend forward as you exhale towards the ground. Bend your knees if that helps you reach lower. Don’t strain yourself or do anything that feels uncomfortable. This should feel relaxing and natural. Take 5-10 deep breathes. Gradually start to come back to standing by curling up, one vertebrate at a time.

2) Downward Dog
Lengthen and loosen all those important muscles that work to keep your body upright all day. Lay down on your stomach, tuck you toes under and plant each hand directly under your shoulders. Push off your hands and lift your tailbone towards the ceiling. Breathe is very important here. With each exhale, sit deeper into the stretch and relax everything from your head to your toes.

3) Tree Pose
This pose is my favourite because you get to really open up your chest and feel like Rocky Balboa. Stand with feet hip width apart and shift your weight onto one foot. Bring the other foot to the inside of your leg and rest it anywhere from your ankle to your inner thigh (depending on your flexibility). Don’t forget to keep your hips facing forward. If you’re feeling really awesome, reach both arms to the sky in a “Y” shape. Stand tall and feel rooted into the ground, just like a tree.

4) Seated Twist
This position stretches your upper body and awakens your tummy to get it ready for a healthy, nourishing breakfast. In a seated position, cross one leg over the other over with a bent knees. Straighten your back. Then take the arm opposite of your crossed leg and touch the inside of your elbow to the outside of your knee. Really breathe into this stretch as you begin to twist further and deeper into the stretch.

5) Hands to Heart Center
Probably the most important and effective pose of this series, this is the best time to set your intentions for the day. In a seated position with your legs crossed, sit up straight and bring both hands into prayer position right in front of your heart. Close your eyes and really focus on the inhale and exhale of your breathe as you tell yourself how great your day is going to be. Don’t forget to smile! Sit in this position for as long as you need.

Beaded Bracelets: Zuri Love

Thank you to the beautiful and lovely Lesley and Moksha Yoga Pickering.

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Strawberry Sunrise Oatmeal

February 16, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Sometimes the toughest part of our day is actually starting it. Give your body a hug with a bowl of our scrumptious Strawberry Sunrise Oatmeal and turn a good morning into a great day.

1/3 C. Quick Oats
1/2 C. Strawberries
1/4 C. Mango
1/4 C. Pineapple

1/2 C. Milk (I like Almond or Coconut)
Coconut Flakes
Chopped Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, whatever!)

Vanilla Extract

1) GET OUT OF BED. This may be difficult, but trust me, you’re about to have an amazing breakfast. Grab a bowl, some quick oats and the rest of the ingredients.

2) Microwave the oats and milk. Keep watch so it doesn’t boil over.

3) Stir in a dash of vanilla extract and a squeeze of honey for some sweetness.

4) Top with the strawberries, mango, pineapple, coconut flakes and chopped nuts. Don’t you feel brighter already?

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Chocolate Covered Heart Strawberries

February 10, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Trade that boring box of chocolates for this healthier sweet snack. Feeling loved is all about feeling special, so spend some quality time making these with your boyfriend, BFF, girlfriend or Grandma this Valentine’s Day.

Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
Small Knife
Microwave-safe Bowl
Wax Paper

1) Wash and dry the strawberries. Cut a “V” into the top of each strawberry, then cut in half so the strawberry can lay flat.

2) Put a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Set your microwave’s power level to 50%. Microwave for one minute at a time, stirring often. This is an important step to avoid burning the chocolate. The residual heat will continue to melt the chocolate. Stir, stir, stir until smooth!

3) Time to skinny dip!

4) Lay them flat on wax paper and refrigerate for an hour. Then grab a loved one, press play on a mushy chick flick, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy!

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Vegan Quinoa + Avocado Salad

February 2, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Who says you can’t make friends with salad? With creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes and protein-packed quinoa, make our tasty Vegan Quinoa Salad for your next lunch.

2 C. Quinoa, Cooked + Cooled
2 Small Avocados, Chopped
1 pkg. Grape Tomatoes
1/4 C. Red Onion, Diced
1/2 C. Fresh Parsley, Chopped
1 Lemon
Salt + Pepper

1) Prepare all of your ingredients, grab a big bowl, a spoon and your appetite.

2) Combine all ingredients, finishing off with a giant squeeze of lemon. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

3) Gently fold the ingredients together so you don’t mush the delicate avocado.

4) Grab a spoon, be healthy and live free.

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Listen: ‘Take Me to the Beach’ Playlist

January 26, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


If you’re like me, you can’t go to the beach every day, but yet you constantly daydream about that cool breeze, those palm trees and floating away on those calm seas. Cure those ocean blues with my top tracks for a day at the beach, inspired by sand, salt and sun.

Take Me to the Beach from puravidabracelets on 8tracks Radio.

1. Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)
2. Jordan T – Sunset Tonight
3. Magic! – Rude
4. Frank Ocean – Sweet Life
5. Common Kings – Wade In Your Water
6. Sons of Zion – Tell Her
7. SQZE – Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley Cover)
8. Los Blenders – Surf de Amor
9. I Can Chase Dragons! – Mañana
10. Quadron – LFT (Urulu’s Reinterpretation)

Tattoos: Tats4Now


Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

January 21, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Transport yourself to the tropics every morning with the simple touch of a button, your blender button that is. This paradise-inspired green smoothie is packed with the sweet taste of sunshine and all the healthy benefits of greens.

Ingredients: (1 Serving)
1 C Unsweetened Coconut Milk
1 C Baby Spinach
1 Ripe Banana 
1 C Pineapple
Superfood Powder (optional)

1) Combine all ingredients in a blender. Start with the coconut milk first, fruit, then spinach and top off with ice.

2) For an extra dash of healthy green awesomeness, add your favourite superfood powder.

3) Set your blender to it’s highest speed until it you can no longer hear the crunching sound of the ice. Switch off your blender.

4) Pour into a coconut (or glass) and serve.

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