DIY DORM DECOR PART 4 – Succulent Garden

August 21, 2016 — by Courtney Steeves


DIY dorm decor idea number four! This idea, in our opinion, is the perfect way to bring life into your new dorm room! Check out our succulent garden. Succulents require minimal conditions and minimal care. This makes them perfect for any dorm!



What you’ll need:

1) Paint brushes

2) Paint

3) Pencil

4) Terra cotta pots

5) Potting Soil

6) Succulents

Get Started:

Step 1: Draw desired pattern onto terra cotta pot


IMG_6540Step 2: Paint desired pattern onto terra cotta pot


IMG_6549(Use painter’s tape to create desired pattern if needed)






IMG_6598Step 3: Add a small amount of potting soil to terra cotta pot

IMG_6613Step 4: Take succulent out of its original pot and place into terra cotta pot

IMG_6637(We recommend using a washcloth if you are planting prickly succulents)



IMG_6655Step 5: Add a small amount of potting soil around the succulent and pat it down


IMG_6660Step 6: Water your new succulent and place it in the sunlight!



IMG_6683How would you plant your new succulents?!


10 Best Exercises to start

January 14, 2016 — by Griffin Thall


It’s a new year, NEW YOU! Needing some inspiration to get going on your exercise routine? Switch it up! Try something new. Practice good habits. Below is a list of 10 of the best exercises new and old that you can start today. So get outside, develop healthy habits, and Pura Vida!

1) Yoga

There are multiple health befits to practicing Yoga. Physically, it helps strengthen your muscles, boosts your immune system, improves balance, and so much more. It is also really great for your mind, helping improve your memory, focus, and brain function. Practicing yoga can help you emotionally and spiritually, reliving stress and benefiting your overall health.
packs-yoga-girl-pack-1_1024x1024Our “Yoga Girl” Pack created in collaboration with Rachel Brathen, an internationally renowned yoga instructor. Check our more on our website! >>

2) Hiking

Hiking is so good for your body! Getting outdoors, moving your muscles, enjoying nature. Trying a new hiking spot every so often can be a great adventure! Go find one today!

3) Stand Up Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is a fun way to get outdoors as well. You can rent them at a lot of places near the beach or around lakes. SUP works your arms, and your abs as you balance to stay on the board. Switching up your strokes is where the workout comes in. Try paddling on your knees, standing, and with speed. This allows you to have fun, but incorporating a workout into it!

4) Walking

Walk it out! Walking is such a great way to maintain a healthy weight, and stay in shape. Walking can also be a great mood booster! Feeling down? Step outside and walk around!

5) Jump Rope

Jump rope seems a little on the easy side , and may remind you of elementary school. Go pick up a rope from any store that sells exercise equipment, and Youtube a jumprope work out routine, and you will definitely get your butt kicked. It’s an amazing, surprisingly tough work out if you do it right and don’t give up!

6) Swimming

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! A pool, the ocean, a lake. Go hope in! Swimming is an all around full body workout and it the best to do in the warmer months.
charity-california-coastkeeper-alliance-ocean-1$1 of this bracelet will be donated to California Coastkeeper Alliance.

7) Zumba

Zumba! Oh what fun. If you have not tired it yet, please look up local classes at your gym or neighborhood.  It is an aerobic fitness workout with movement created by an instructor that goes along with latin american dance music! If this workout doesn’t make you love moving, I don’t know what will.

8) Biking

Biking is a great workout and there are a lot of benefits to it! You can conquer great distance, and your legs feel so good after. It’s fun to grab a friend along for the ride. You can ride to your local grocery store or farmers market and buy a healthy meal to enjoy after your bike trip!

9) Pilates

Pilates is designed to improve physical strength, poster, flexibility, and enhance metal awareness!

10) Dancing

Get moving! Put on your favorite workout playlist, and create your own moves! You can add in some jumping jacks, ab workouts, arm curls. There are a lot of dance workout videos on Youtube! A fun way to get moving. Dancing it the best!



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