Minimalism 101: Home, Work, School

April 1, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Spring cleaning is upon us! Minimize your material things and maximize your zen space with these tips for your home, office space or school.

1. Follow the rules.
If you haven’t used/worn it in a year, it’s broken, has a hole, is stained or doesn’t fit – GET RID OF IT.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Repurpose old jeans into shorts, recycle your electronics or sew a new button onto your fave sweater instead of throwing it in the trash. If we all made a little bit of effort, we can create a big change together.

3. Do good and donate. There will always be someone out there less fortunate than us, so why not organize a day with your friends to clean out your closets and make a trip to your local clothing drop off or women’s shelter.

4. Clear space, clear mind. Your desk, your bedroom or your kitchen, pick a space you spend a lot of time in and get rid of the clutter. You’ll automatically feel more zen once your surroundings are free from clutter.



5. Just let go. Stuff weighs us down both mentally and physically. Just like a detox for your body, we should regularly cleanse our lives of the material things we bring into it and be mindful of the impact we have on Mother Earth.

So simplify and smile this spring and get ready to feel light and airy!

Deb Neubauer Yoga


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