The Pure Life: Our Simple Guide to Essential Oils

February 27, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Smell is one of our most powerful and underrated senses. It can trigger emotions, memories and feelings of attraction. Not to mention their natural healing benefits. To help you get in the best state of mind and body, here’s our guide to essential oils and their uses:


  • Add a few drops to a warm bath for ultimate relaxation
  • Help aid with sleep by dabbing some oil in your wrists and temples
  • Stop the itching from an insect bite or discomfort of a bee sting
  • Benefits: Calming, relaxation, uplifting to your mood


  • Use to clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Improve circulation by rubbing on skin
  • Brighten up the flavor of your water or desserts
  • Benefits: Detoxifying, rejuvenating, cleansing


  • Use with your humidifier to soothe coughs and congestion
  • Add to hot water and make an upset tummy taming tea
  • Apply sparingly (this stuff is very concentrated!) to back of neck to increase energy
  • Benefits: Cooling, antibacterial, energizing

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Live Free With Pura Vida

April 29, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Live free with Pura Vida!  What makes you happy?  Happiness is key to living a healthy lifestyle.  Here are 5 ways to live free and happy this summer-

1. Enjoy the outdoors- Get out and get moving!  Try taking an early morning stroll along the beach.  Or explore your local farmers market.  Anything to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

2. Eat healthy- Eating healthy can be both fun and rewarding.  Fruit is the perfect snack for those hot summer days.  Slice up a watermelon and bring it along on the go.

3. Be creative- Do something creative!!  Try a new DIY project.  Pinterest is a great source and is home to thousands of DIY projects.  Painting is also a great creative outlet.  Try breaking out those watercolors you’ve had stashed away.

4. Become one with your surroundings- Slow down your pace and enjoy the flowers you pass by everyday.  It’s amazing what we miss while in a hurry.

5. Good company- Spend your time in good company.  What’s better then having your good friends by your side?

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5 Natural Products That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

March 21, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


With all beauty and skincare products, natural is better. Harsh alcohols and chemicals found in store-bought skincare products strip the skin of natural oils and nutrients. We all want clear, beautiful skin, well-conditioned hair and a generally clean, healthy beauty routine to follow. Here are five natural, every day products that will (hopefully) change your beauty routine, and open your eyes to the variety of benefits natural products have.

  1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is the best of the best; with more than 100 uses, it will heal ailments, help fight disease and enhance your over all well-being. Used for much more than just cooking, it acts as a staple in my daily routine. Dab a little bit on a cutip and use it as a makeup remover. Rub it on your lips and use it as a natural chap stick. Layer it over a scar and watch that scar disappear (over time). Rub it on your face as your daily moisturizer. Mix a tablespoon with a tablespoon of Chia seeds for an all day energy boost or even blend a teaspoon into hot tea for a speedy recovery from the flu. Buy coconut oil and start using it today- you will not regret it. 
  1. Raw Honey: Raw honey has been around for centuries but I think we forget why. It has antibacterial properties that, when applied topically, can help soothe ailments and prevent infection. If you get sunburnt, you can apply a thin layer of honey to help heal the skin. And applying raw honey directly to your face will help out with acne. Wash your face every morning with raw honey and you will see a reduction in redness, irritation and pimples. 
  1. Lemon: The natural acidity in lemon has proved to be great for your skin. By applying lemon directly to the skin before bed and washing it off in the morning, it can fade age spots, brighten up your skin and even gets rid of blackheads. It can also be used to make an anti-wrinkle mask: mix a teaspoon of honey, a few drops of lemon juice and a drop of sweet almond oil, apply this mixture to your face and wash it off after 20 minutes.
  1. Activated Charcoal: As crazy as this may sound, activated charcoal can be used as a teeth whitener and face mask. Because it is a carbon treated with oxygen, it is very porous and absorptive, drawing substances to itself. When applied to your skin, the absorptive quality helps cleanse your skin of toxins. I personally haven’t tried it on my skin but I have used it as a teeth whitener. All you do is break open a charcoal capsule, mix your toothbrush with toothpaste in the mixture, and brush. It will turn your mouth black but don’t be alarmed – it will rinse off. The carbon in the charcoal will remove acidic plaque, which whitens and brightens.
  1. Olive oil: Olive oil, much like coconut oil, has many uses. It is filled with healthy antioxidants and vitamins that help moisturize and protect your skin. The squalene in olive oil increases your skin’s elasticity, leaving it firmly toned, ultimately helping to prevent saggy skin. It can act as a natural vitamin supplement – two tablespoons can replace your daily dose of Vitamin E. It can minimize cellulite when mixed with used coffee grounds and applied topically to the site. The same process can also be used to condition your hair. Just make sure to rub it in well before you shampoo it. It can also work to condition cuticles – just apply directly before bed each night and you will begin to see a difference.


The Yoga Girl

March 20, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Created with you in mind, the Yoga Girl Pack is the perfect pack for all you yoga lovers.  Show off your wrist in style with our custom style pack.  Wear them all together or mix and match with your favorite colors.  The pack includes; the Gold Feather Strawberry, the Flat Braided Pacific Blue, the Seafoam Braided, and the Beach Life from the original collection. This pack is the perfect compliment to your everyday yoga style.