10 Reasons Why You’re Awesome

May 21, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


We could all use a little pick me up, so here are 10 friendly reminders about why YOU are awesome:

1) Out of over 7,000,000,000 people in the world, there is no one that looks exactly like you.

2) You know the words to at least one Taylor Swift song.

3) You somehow grew from one microscopic cell to the person you are today. #mindblown

4) Your smile can brighten anyone’s day.

5) You are someone’s soulmate.

6) No matter what anyone says, your taste in music is the best.

7) You are great at something.

8) As Drake said, you look beautiful wearing sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on.

9) You are loved and give love.

10) Your imperfections are perfect.

Chloe Smith Photography

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