Reasons Why Photos Are Important

March 18, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


From camera phones to digital cameras, our generation takes thousands of photos everyday.  I believe pictures are an important process.  They help us freeze a memory in time.  They take us back to a place we might have forgotten.  Photos are an expressive way of art.  They help us understand the beauty of life.

Not every photo is the same but they’re all worth a thousand words.  It’s all about the individual taking the photo.  The way they view life through the lens.  For Pura Vida, photos help us tell our story.  The story behind the string and the many different lives we are able to change.

As the weather is warming and summer is approaching, it’s essential to capture those everlasting moments.  Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram wearing your favorite Pura Vida Bracelets.  We want to see the way you live your life!




10 Fun Things to do This Month – March Edition

March 14, 2014 — by Griffin Thall

  1. Go to a dessert place for dinner. In San Diego, we have a lot of great places like this and they are fun and different. One of the best places to go in San Diego is Extraordinary Deserts. Why not indulge yourself with chocolate and cheesecake and more chocolate and more cheesecake… 
  1. Go volunteer. Whether you want to paricipate in a beach cleanup, park cleanup or help out at an animal shelter, there are so many great opportunities to help out in your local community and Volunteer Match is the perfect site to do so.
  1. Go to a local museum. Or visit a historical part of town. Increase your knowledge of the city in which you live to not only appreciate it more, but to learn a thing or too about how it became the place it is today.
  1. Spend the day exploring. I guarantee you will find a place you’ve never been before. Just the other day I did this and I now have a new appreciation for where I live. It’s easy to get caught up in our daily routines, but sometimes, it’s nice to break up those routines and discover the natural beauty that exists around you.
  1. Go to brunch. Going to brunch is highly underrated. Nothing is better than waking up on a Sunday morning and going to brunch with your friends at 11am. Order mimosas or bloody Mary’s or even just orange juice and go enjoy the company of your friends, discuss your weekends, and relish the time remaining before Monday morning rolls around. 
  1. Celebrate a random holiday. Whether it be as inconsequential as going out for Taco Tuesday, or is actually a recognized holiday, it is fun to have an excuse to go out with friends. Some random March holidays coming up, for your viewing pleasure: March 14 is National Potato Chip Day, March 20 is International Earth Day and March 25 is Waffle Day, according to this site.
  1. Plan to watch the sunset. Plan a beach picnic with your friends or if you don’t live near a beach, every city has that one spot known as the place to go to watch sunsets.There is nothing more relaxing or beautiful.
  1. Find a friend with a fire pit and have a bonfire. It’s perfect for this cold winter weather and you get to snuggle with your closest friends. Roast some s’mores, drink a few beers and enjoy a good time, sitting around a fire with good company.
  1. Plan a “family” dinner with friends. Set a date. Set a time. Figure out what you want to eat. Create a list of ingredients. Divvy it up amongst you and your friends. And cook. It is fun to cook with people and the feeling of accomplishment after a big “family” dinner is great.
  2. Go to an exercise class with a friend. Whether that class be Zumba, Spin, Body Challenge, a Barre class or even a hot yoga class, it is fun to exercise with your friends. And it is nice to have someone to complain with the whole time, obviously.


10 Fun Things to do This Month February Edition

February 14, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


No more sitting around your house, doing nothing for an entire day. No more laying in bed until 1p.m. on the weekends and no more logging 2+ hours on Facebook every three hours– as hard as that may seem. February is the shortest month of the year, so we can’t let any more time go to waste.

As our dear friend Drake once said, YOLO. I apologize for that, but it’s true. We must take his advice and live to our fullest potential. The wonderful month of February is halfway done, but what better way to continue it than by turning over a new, more productive leaf.

Here is a list of fun things to do for the remainder of the month, wherever you are. You have 360 hours left to try and fit all 10 of these things into your busy schedules, so hopefully, you find the rest of your February to be everything you hoped it would be.

  1. Find a new restaurant to eat at. This site (where the f*ck should I eat) is actually quite prime and, as in-your-face as the site name is, it’s actually extremely user-friendly. If you don’t mind vile extremities, than this site should be used. And if you do, than try out Thrillist, a hip go-to guide on restaurants, nightlife and events featured in a major city near you.
  1. Visit a local farmers market or street fair and start a new DIY project. Not only are you organically powering your local economy, but you are discovering hidden gems just waiting to be recreated into something better.
  1. Go to a concert. Check out the more low-key venues in your city and go see that Indie band you’ve been listening to non-stop for the past year. Ticketmaster is a great resource and if in fact you do find a concert you would love to go to, but tickets are way too expensive, than go to said venue and sit outside the gates and listen… I kid, I kid.
  1. Run a 5K/10K this month or at least sign up for one. Utilize this site to scope out local runs in your city. What better way to work out than by forcing yourself to train for an upcoming marathon… nobody wants to come in last in a race, or at least, I don’t.
  1. Plan a weekend getaway. Whether this entails spending a weekend away with your significant other or planning a trip to Vegas with your friends, plan something. It is fun to A) plan a trip out and B) have something to look forward to at the end of the day.
  1. Go see one of these movies. Pick one you are highly anticipating and round up a group of people to go view them with. And, sometimes, before a movie is out, you can use this site and sign up to see the movie for free. Such a win-win.
  1. Go on a hike. If you are outdoorsy, than dedicate a special Saturday and actually do it. Maybe even skip going out the night before to ensure your lasting success on a hike that’s duration should total more than three hours… And if you are not as inclined to hike up a mountain, go for a bike ride throughout your city. Dedicate the same amount of time you would to the hike, and maybe just stop for lunch in between.
  1. Go to the beach if the weather and location permit. Whether you go early in the morning to watch the sunrise, or you bundle up and enjoy a bonfire at night, just bring a blanket and sit in the sand and watch the waves.
  1. Go to a random bar you’ve never been to and order a drink you’ve never ordered before. Do this for no other reason than to spice things up a bit. And yes, the bar may be weird, the drink may be terrible, but why not just try it? You’ll never know how much you could potentially like something unless you do.
  2. Host a game night with your friends. Or, if your apartment doesn’t allow for rowdy board/card games like Cards Against Humanity, gather a group of people and go to Dave and Busters. Yes, it is basically an adult Chuck E Cheese but if you have never been, there is literally no harm in getting semi-intoxicated and trying it out.