How to Pack Light for your Next Beach Vacation

June 10, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


With such a serious case of wanderlust, we’re always thinking of ways to save money, time and minimize the stress of journeying across the world. So here is our most valuable tip: Stop checking your bags. We’ve compiled some of our best tips to turn you into the king or queen of the carry-on:


1) Baggage
Pack one large backpack (your local outdoor gear shop should have some great options) and a medium-sized tote (something that will fit under your seat). Make sure both bags fall under the measurement guidelines of your airline.

2) Clothing
Lay your clothes on top of one another then do the good ol’ tuck and roll. Want to get next level? Put that neat little roll into one of those heaven-sent space saver bags, zip up the top and compress the air out.

3) Footwear
All you really need are a good pair of flip flops (especially for you dudes) and maybe one pair of flat dressy sandals. Wear closed-toed shoes on the plane and you’re set. Mermaids don’t even wear shoes, so we can certainly survive with only a pair or two.


4) Toiletries
If you’re staying on a resort, they’ll most likely provide you with everything you need except sunscreen. If you do decide to bring liquids, remember to pack 100mL containers only and they must all be in a clear plastic bag. Keep the bag easily accessible because you’ll need to scan it through during security check.


5) Electronics
Stick to the essentials: a camera (GoPros are compact, waterproof and portable), an e-reader or tablet and your phone is all you should really need. Don’t forget an outlet converter and all the necessary charging cables. You’re on vacation, so also take time to unplug and spend quality time with yourself or your travel buddy.


7) Accessories
Your jewelry is the perfect pairing to a not-so-exciting outfit, so pack as many accessories as you can! A chunky statement necklace goes great with a basic tee, a nice watch completes any #ootd and of course, don’t forget your Pura Vida Bracelets. They’re waterproof, mix ’n matchable, super portable and can be worn for a laid-back day at the beach then dressed up for a sunset dinner.



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