Travel Tuesday: Buenos Aires

October 14, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


For this week’s Travel Tuesday, I wanted to take you guys south of the equator to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nestled on the border between Argentina and Uruguay, Buenos Aires sports South American flair with European charm that can be seen in its winding streets, amazing architecture, and rich culture.  Here are some of the top places to sightsee!

1. La Boca 

La Boca’s rich culture is seen in not only its colorful houses, but also its famous soccer team that calls the neighborhood home as well as street vendors who peddle their wares and tango dancers who use the roads as their dancefloor. La Boca was known as a very popular immigrant destination in the late 1800s and local lore says that the immigrants painted their houses such bright colors from the leftover paints from ships at the nearby docks. One of the best ways to explore the barrio is via bicycle during the day.

2. La Recoleta Cemetery

Credit: Patrick Mreyen

Regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cemeteries, La Recoleta is the resting place of Eva Peron, as well as other Argentinian presidents and notable figures. The last renovation on the cemetery was completed in 1881 and boasts roughly 5,000 vaults – all above ground – and many of the elaborate mausoleums are decorated with statues.  The cemetery itself is designed like many city blocks, with wide avenues and then smaller “streets” branching off. Free tours are available daily.

3. San Telmo


Like many other barrios in Buenos Aires, San Telmo has cobblestone streets lined with street performers, artists, and dancers, but the energy of this neighborhood is unlike any other. It is the oldest neighborhood in the city and is the perfect mix of historic and contemporary, artsy and classy. Tourists can get lost on any of the streets, duck into a local cafe for amazing food, or be dazzled by live music and tango everywhere you look.


Travel Tuesday: Prague, Czech Republic

September 30, 2014 — by Griffin Thall


Credit: Scott Shephard

In honor of the fall equinox last week, we are totally dreaming about the best spots in the world to watch the leaves change and Prague is definitely one of those places! Here are some of the sights around this gorgeous city that boasts modern cafes and gothic cathedrals.

1. Charles Bridge

Credit: Getty Images

Commissioned in 1357 by King Charles IV, the bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the city and it is dotted along its path with many sculptures depicting saints and patron saints who were respected during the 17th and 18th centuries. Get to the bridge either before sunrise or after sunset to beat the massive crowds that walk the bridge each day.  If you do happen to cross the bridge during the peak hours, you may catch a glimpse of various street performers and artists who keep the visitors entertained.

2. Prague Castle

Credit: Boom Beats

Prague Castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world and casts an imposing shadow over the city. The castle complex is huge, including palaces, a church, a monastery, museums and art galleries, viewing towers and the supreme St. Vitus Cathedral. Get lost in the many buildings and learn about the history of the the castle and the kings who used to rule.

3. Dancing House

Credit: Pedro Szekely

In stark contrast to the classical architecture of the buildings surrounding it, the Dancing House incorporates “deconstructivist” architecture from architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry, who wanted the building to represent both static and dynamic movement. The top floor of the building is the only part of it open to the public, but you can head up there to enjoy an amazing meal at the Fred & Ginger Restaurant and take in the fantastic views of the rest of the city.