Ciao from Italy!

August 20, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


If anyone knows how to live free, it’s our founder Griffin Thall (@griffinthall). He took a little break from the office life to explore the coastline of Italy and experience la dolce vita. Thanks for the beautiful photos Griff, now get back to work! 😀



















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Love from Sweden with Anna Lengstrand

August 14, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Grey days call for cozy sweaters, strolls along the coast, reading a good book and watching the clouds roll in over the lake. Spend the day with Anna (@annalengstrand) in Sweden as she lives free with the beautiful backdrop of Scandinavia.











Thanks Anna for showing us around Sweden for the day! Check out her Instagram and website for more beautiful photography.

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Sailing the Seas in Greece

August 5, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


We spent a day sailing around the Aegean Sea exploring the islands on Life Before Work’s Yacht Life Tour (@lbwyachtlife) of Turkey and Greece. Time to get salty ocean lovers!

Life Before Work Travel offers backpacking tours in the most amazing destinations on earth! Join them on a tour and discover what ‘Life Before Work‘ is all about. Instagram: @lifebeforework







Thanks to the beautiful Kelsey Roberts (@k_rob9) and Melissa Troia (@melroseplace22) for the fun photoshoot! 

Kat Gaskin




Destination: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

July 12, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Cool breeze, palm trees and waves for days. If you ever wanted to visit a surfer’s paradise, then book your next trip to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.



This laid back Central American town is full of vibrant culture, delicious local cuisine and tropical sunsets you’ll definitely want to share on Instagram. As a popular tourist spot, there’s always something to do: shop at the local markets, play beach volleyball under the sun, catch some waves at the nearby breaks OR just take a nap in a hammock all day.




If you’re looking for a more relaxing evening, you can always watch the sunset over the bay as you sip on an ice cold Toña from one of the many restaurants that line the entire beach.



Just outside San Juan Del Sur sit beautiful, almost deserted beaches with cute oceanside eateries where you can grab fresh fish tacos and papaya pineapple smoothies while you watch the waves. Don’t forget to roam the shore for beach treasures!


Need some help planning your next Nica vacay?

Spend a week with Barefoot Surf Travel surfing some of the best breaks with local guides. Their trips include accommodations, breakfast, surf theory classes, transportation to/from only the best beaches around Nicaragua and most importantly, daily instruction from the raddest surf guides EVER. If you want learn more than just how to surf, but also how to read waves, get passed the break and to become an actual surfer, a week with Barefoot Surf Travel should be in your very near future!

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How to Pack Light for your Next Beach Vacation

June 10, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


With such a serious case of wanderlust, we’re always thinking of ways to save money, time and minimize the stress of journeying across the world. So here is our most valuable tip: Stop checking your bags. We’ve compiled some of our best tips to turn you into the king or queen of the carry-on:


1) Baggage
Pack one large backpack (your local outdoor gear shop should have some great options) and a medium-sized tote (something that will fit under your seat). Make sure both bags fall under the measurement guidelines of your airline.

2) Clothing
Lay your clothes on top of one another then do the good ol’ tuck and roll. Want to get next level? Put that neat little roll into one of those heaven-sent space saver bags, zip up the top and compress the air out.

3) Footwear
All you really need are a good pair of flip flops (especially for you dudes) and maybe one pair of flat dressy sandals. Wear closed-toed shoes on the plane and you’re set. Mermaids don’t even wear shoes, so we can certainly survive with only a pair or two.


4) Toiletries
If you’re staying on a resort, they’ll most likely provide you with everything you need except sunscreen. If you do decide to bring liquids, remember to pack 100mL containers only and they must all be in a clear plastic bag. Keep the bag easily accessible because you’ll need to scan it through during security check.


5) Electronics
Stick to the essentials: a camera (GoPros are compact, waterproof and portable), an e-reader or tablet and your phone is all you should really need. Don’t forget an outlet converter and all the necessary charging cables. You’re on vacation, so also take time to unplug and spend quality time with yourself or your travel buddy.


7) Accessories
Your jewelry is the perfect pairing to a not-so-exciting outfit, so pack as many accessories as you can! A chunky statement necklace goes great with a basic tee, a nice watch completes any #ootd and of course, don’t forget your Pura Vida Bracelets. They’re waterproof, mix ’n matchable, super portable and can be worn for a laid-back day at the beach then dressed up for a sunset dinner.



Erin Monett
Ever Images Photography

Brent Brooks

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How to Find Your Next Cheap Flight

May 27, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Need to get away? Sometimes planning travel can be stressful and even before you’ve left, you need another vacation. Become your own travel agent with our fave websites to search, track and book budget airfares to save you time and money on your next getaway.


1) Kayak Explore –


Punch in your airport and dates then set a price alert that will notify you if your trip fare goes up or down. Price alerts are especially helpful for big ticket trips like flying to Australia where prices can fluctuate by a few hundred dollars. The most interesting thing about Kayak Explore is that it will predict the likelihood of your fare going up or down based on an analysis of historical price changes.

2) Skyscanner –


Skyscanner is our go-to search engine when we know where we’re going and when we want to go. It aggregates fares from a lot of international airports that you wouldn’t normally see on popular travel sites and also offers you airline combinations if time isn’t an issue, but money is tight. Skyscanner is always the first step when booking international travel and great for searching discount flights within Europe.

3) Hopper –


For the flexible traveller, Hopper will keep watch of fares to your favourite destination and send you an e-mail when those prices are on sale. This handy website will also show you the best time to shop, buy and fly to any destination in the world. Because Hawaii is always a good idea and a cheap flight to those dream islands is always on our radar.

4) Google Flights –


Don’t know exactly where you want to go, but have some dates in mind? Google Flights will show you a world map of all the airports and their prices from your airport between two dates.

Our favourite feature though is the ‘Lowest Fares’ graph. Once you input your destination airport, Google Flights will chart fares day-by-day from month-to-month and you can toggle between different trip lengths to see how your flight prices fluctuate. This came in handy when we booked a last-minute trip to Costa Rica because we knew we were getting a great price compared to fares for the next 6 months.

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11 Inspiring Instagrammers You Should Follow

May 26, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Here’s a round up of our favorite Instagrammers to keep you motivated, inspired and to fill your feed with prettiness!

1) @momentaryhappiness

11311552_457814277720990_1713854702_n_medium 11349328_991221600889101_1150313135_n_medium 11269611_1580706998868607_805110854_n_medium 11385229_109217236079411_36844803_n_medium

2) @taramilktea

11311070_355798277950909_1090904472_n_medium 11326501_1601207523497689_2142931178_n_medium 11328389_767245623373493_1331476889_n_medium 11142284_1590907391164969_103210619_n_medium

3) @mattcrump

11271013_488918407923247_1636936580_n_medium 11260555_1601714470046435_1289385477_n_medium 11257834_356626301208347_663521415_n_medium 11266377_821135167976162_726666529_n_medium

4) @inspire_yourself_

11379150_946913862039670_337864387_n_medium 11252105_1669099106642713_791414074_n_medium 11327848_841806192571674_855455798_n_medium 11311236_403950986478755_2106046709_n_medium

5) @stephanieblaunc

11241555_1128106813871490_2023356004_n_medium 11199649_1065521726809809_1502552518_n_medium 11240431_386425521550857_2049935053_n_medium 11191380_626761217424579_918568186_n_medium

6) @stoked_yogi

11193132_351145781748711_491275201_n_medium 11245057_758182197629964_1270649557_n_medium 11274294_1635404526695851_764524336_n_medium 11137811_445436662289425_1533780301_n_medium

7) @lifebeforework

11142171_1566950663574275_1881371327_n_medium 11351895_109975166002874_1378449072_n_medium 11189988_391090811079194_1874634528_n_medium 11137997_1598864187028904_104116873_n_medium

8) @scottypass

11008329_831481443564555_964619709_n_medium 10964100_1399767783661813_1513046970_n_medium 10727695_1602606073310405_1212215280_n_medium 11189669_1581455908780023_890833631_n_medium

9) @dametraveler

11378884_1665717690314854_382576576_n_medium 11282723_844936585594231_302738681_n_medium 11272902_364346293768748_2483344_n_medium 11325871_385238798337096_92459473_n_medium

10) @barefoot_surf_travel

11252530_582191135216803_1485458125_n_medium 11084616_946906192015596_329705151_n_medium 11189620_930759356975355_1339535729_n_medium 1208319_449381641904760_195162644_n_medium

11) @katgaskin

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Destination: Eleuthera, Bahamas

May 20, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Just 50 miles east of Nassau lies a tiny island paradise where the deep blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean and bright turquoise calmness of the Caribbean Sea meet. Tickled pink colored sand, endless beaches and those laid-back Caribbean vibes are in no short supply. Here are the top beaches in Eleuthera:

1) Double Bay Beach
Two words: PINK SAND. Once you step foot onto the sandy shorelines of Double Bay Beach (pictured above), you seriously feel like you’re floating on air. The soft, fine sand is a light hue of rose pink and contrasts beautifully with the turquoise of the Atlantic.

2) Alabaster Bay – Coco Di Mama Hotel & Restaurant

Snorkel all day in the shallow, calm waters then grab dinner on the balcony of Coco Di Mama’s restaurant while watching the sunset. Get away from it all and still enjoy the amenities of an on-site hotel and bar.

3) Sky Beach Club
Spend a day at Sky Beach Club. Lay by the infinity pool, sip on an ice cold Kalik, the local beer, from the swim up bar and enjoy all the perks of the beach while staying sand-free. This poolside paradise is the perfect balance of ocean vibes with a touch of luxury.


4) Ten Bay
Grab a beach chair, your umbrella and a cooler full of cold drinks and you can literally set yourself up in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The shallow waters of Ten Bay are so calm and clear that you feel as if you’re in a big, warm beach bathtub.


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7 Benefits of Traveling Alone

May 18, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Just like high school English, it should be mandatory for all young adults to take an extended trip by themselves. Coming into your own as an adult without the structure of scheduled classes and teachers telling you what to do and how to act can be daunting. Here are the benefits of travelling alone:

1) Learn to love being by yourself. Always connecting with friends and family can make us forget how to spend time with the one person who matters most: ourselves. When you travel alone, you’re essentially going on dates with yourself and have time to appreciate what a kind and happy person you are all on your own.

2) You are 100% accountable for your decisions and their outcomes. If you lose the map, it’s your fault. If you partied way too much last night, it’s also your fault. Being completely responsible for your actions is a huge life lesson that many of us seem to stumble through. When you travel alone, you’re allowed to make mistakes and also learn from them.

3) Develop your people skills. You’re bound to meet new people along your solo travels. This is your chance to interact with unique personalities, new cultures and people from completely different upbringings.

4) Practice problem solving. You ran out of money, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and your phone is dead. What do you do? If this were a question in your textbook, you’d take the time and effort to craft the perfect response, but when you’re actually in this situation your true problem solving skills get put to the test.

5) Acquire life skills and apply them to the real world. The best way to learn is by doing. Feeding yourself, managing your finances, being on time, setting a goal and putting a plan into place in order to achieve it are all life skills that you gain and master once you travel alone.

6) Do what you want to do. Wake up to watch the sunrise? Or stay in bed all day and order room service? When you travel on your own, you can do whatever the heck you want and don’t have to be considerate of anyone else’s preferences but your own.

7) Discover who you are and think about who you want to become. The most important and valuable aspect of travelling alone is how much you get to know yourself. You don’t have to play up to your parents’ expectations or adapt your behaviour to that of your friends’ to fit in. You really get to be YOU.

You also have endless amounts of time to think when you’re flying solo. While you’re in such a calm and quiet state of mind, you have the opportunity to reflect on what sort of life you want to lead and this sort of reflection is important to leading a life filled with happiness and good vibes.

Remember to be safe, aware of your surroundings and always let other people know where you’re going to be staying on your solo adventures!

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Destination: Waikiki, Hawaii

May 14, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


Revered as the birth place of surfing and Aloha spirit, Waikiki is a tourist hot spot for any and all beach lovers. Located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Waikiki is the perfect spot for people watching, world-class shopping and boasts the best views of the iconic Diamond Head.

What to Do
Rent a SUP or surfboard and paddle out into the middle of this giant shallow bay. You may even see a turtle or 4! Don’t wanna get sandy? Then get spending as you stroll along Kalakaua Avenue. With everything from high-end handbags to bikinis on a budget, it’s a shopaholics dream!

Where to Eat & Drink
Sip on a Mai Tai from the infinity pool at the Sheraton Waikiki which overlooks the entire turquoise bay then eat, drink and spread aloha at an evening luau.

Where to Stay
For the most authentic island experience rich in Hawaiian culture and history, stay at the Moana Surfrider, the very first hotel built on Oahu in 1901.

Where to Party
Hop on a sunset catamaran cruise (drinks and panoramic ocean views included) then head to The Beach Bar at the Moana Surfrider for seaside cocktails and more uninterrupted views of the big blue.

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14 Struggles Only a Wanderluster Will Understand

May 8, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


We believe that travel is life. We can’t stop thinking about our next adventure or dreaming of everything from exotic beaches to snow-capped mountains. We are wanderlusters. And here are 14 struggles that only we can relate to:

1) Spending your entire day at work looking at flights and getting nothing done.
2) Post-surf trip blues.
3) Losing your flip flops.
4) Drinking from a cup and not a coconut.
5) Sand. In. Everything.
6) Differentiating between foreign currencies in your wallet.
7) Jetlag.
8) Ridiculous tan lines.
9) Finding the love of your life then realizing you have to go home.
10) Being fully clothed.
11) Your tan fades and so does your happiness.
12) Washing out your beach hair.
13) Extreme FOMO from seeing other people’s vacation photos on Instagram.
14) The never ending urge to travel, explore and seek out new adventure.

Wanderlust Bar Ring: By Jasmin

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Must-Have: Travel & Beach-Inspired Pencil Sets

April 2, 2015 — by Griffin Thall


I never thought I would relate so well to a bunch of pencils, but how freakin’ cute are these beach and travel-inspired pencil sets from Modern Palm Boutique? Great as presents or to add some bright color to your office space. In love!

A Day at the Beach Pencil Set ($9)
Wanderlust Pencil Set ($9)

Follow Modern Palm:

Wave Kai Ring: VAYA

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